All Aboard! achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

All Aboard!

Board a ship without losing any crew members.

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This achievement may unlock after the requirements are met or not at all.

How to unlock the All Aboard! achievement

  • PrimeBigTimePrimeBigTime842,459
    27 Nov 2013 02 Dec 2013 14 Aug 2021
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    Note that this achievement is not available until you have reached Nassau and Ben Hornigold has 'shown you how to take a ship'. (thanks to Da Lukinator for the clarification on this). Anytime after that you can pop this. You can get this by using some key strategies.

    First, use your spyglass to find a Brig (thanks to Done For You for pointing out this doesn't work on a gunboat). These are the second lowest level ships in the game. The reason you want to go for these is that once you disable them (there are no yellow health bars, just red), and you attempt to board them, the target kills are only x/10 for Brigs in order to take control of the ship (it doesn't work on x/5 ships either). If you take the following steps, you will get this in a few tries, if not your first one:

    1. Disable the ship
    2. As you move up to it, make sure you hold the B button to board AS SOON as the option shows up on your screen. This allows you to be far away from the ship when your crew starts throwing grappling hooks.
    3. When you release the ship's wheel, run up to the swivel gun on the side of your ship and press B to use. Start firing as soon as possible - Try to aim at the enemy sailors directly, however, I found that aiming all the way to the other side of the ship (crossing over to the far right or left depending on where you are standing) you can kill more sailors.
    4. Once the game forces you to release the swivel gun, jump up on the railing of your ship and pull out your gun. If a sailor is highlighted just keep tapping the Y button to auto-fire. Depending on how many guns you have, you will need to reload after 1-4 shots, however, don't reload, go to step 5.
    5. If you didn't take over the ship by now, swing over to the enemy ship and try to air assassinate someone.
    6. If you STILL don't have it, hurry up and drop a smoke bomb (click twice left on your D-pad then hit Y quickly) and assassinate anyone around you.

    Another option if you are having difficulty with this is to upgrade your pistols so that you can get more shots off before boarding. In the crafting menu, try upgrading any or all of the following:

    Pistol Holster II which uses Ocelot Pelt x2 (try Andreas Island, Cumberland Bay)
    Pistol Holster III which uses Humpback Whale Skin x2 (check the map for icons)
    Pistol Holster IV Crocodile Leather x2 (try Tulum, Nassau, Long Bay, Isla Providencia, Matanzas - shoot crocodiles with your pistol)

    You can buy the hunting goods but whale and crocodile leather is expensive.

    Upgrading your swivel gun will also help because of increased damage.

    The above steps should almost guarantee this achievement, however, if not, you just need some practice with all the buttons, etc. since you are probably just starting out. No worries, find another Brig and try again. Should come quickly.

    Edit / Update: According to Dread Reaver he was unable to get this on a x/5 ship, which is why I now recommend a Brig. Alternatively you can find a Schooner with x/10 but these are rare. Just stay away from ships that have scouts on the upper platforms.

    If you have questions please let me know.

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    TheNerdClubi went a distance away from a ship (about 1 minute swimming) swam to it killed all the crew then swam back to my ship then as soon as boarded it i got the achievement.
    Posted by TheNerdClub on 06 Jan 17 at 04:38
    PrimeBigTimeYeah that's another way to do it. I'm just posting how the game intended it to be done.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 06 Jan 17 at 05:06
    Apostle92627I got this when I plundered the hunter ship I needed for the optional objective in Raise the Black Flag. I didn't even know about the achievement.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 10 Jun 20 at 18:52
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  • DUTCHY xgxDUTCHY xgx454,260
    01 Jun 2015 01 Jun 2015
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    If you still have troubles with this achievement, you can also shoot a brig (level 17 i think) until it is almost broken, leave the jackdaw at a few meters away so your men are save on the jackdaw, jump in the water, swim to the brig and kill all the sailors on the brig, then go back to the jackdaw and sail to it, you will get the achievement as soon as you board the brig. And remember that if you have little live left while you are fighting them, just jump of the brig, let your live revive again and go back onto the ship. This way everybody can get this achievement without any troubles at all.
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    GhostJohn325This is how I did it. Thanks.
    Posted by GhostJohn325 on 19 Jun at 23:13
  • Plus 7w0Plus 7w089,570
    23 Nov 2013 04 Dec 2013
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    Great info in the other two solutions here. Just wanted to throw in my two cents.

    Later in the game this achievement is almost impossible to avoid unless you avoid all of the lower level ships. I don't remember the last time I boarded a lower level ship and actually had to get onto the ship.

    With the ships that require you to only kill 5 crew members you can do that before you even get to get on the ship.
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