Committed to the Cause achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Committed to the Cause

Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.

Committed to the Cause+0.6
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How to unlock the Committed to the Cause achievement

  • A Flash BangadoA Flash Bangado78,982
    12 Feb 2014 12 Feb 2014 18 Jun 2014
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    If you're anything like me, and you get sick of the multiplayer very easily (if you've played the multiplayer since Brotherhood, you'll know what I mean), I've got a surefire way for you to get this achievement without too much effort!

    Seriously though, it's super simple: play single-player Wolfpack for 30mins each day until you get to lv55. You get a Daily Boost for 20mins each day, which doubles your session score at the end of a game, and the challenges on Wolfpack are extremely easy to get, especially if you're playing by yourself. I found myself getting to lv30 within no time, and after that I was levelling up 2-3 levels each session with the Daily Boost.

    On that note, the reason I played single-player Wolfpack as opposed to multiplayer was because there are some "strange" people that either don't know how to play the gametype properly, or they just don't care. They put your score at risk by revealing themselves to your targets, and pretty much ensure that you don't make it to the end of the game. Also, it's very possible that you can join games halfway through, which means you end up with a lower session score, and you essentially waste precious Daily Boost time. With single-player, no-one can interrupt you while you're destroying those damn simulations, and you're pretty much guaranteed an amazing score each session.

    If you're actually going to follow this guide, try completing every map on Standard difficulty on Wolfpack Unleashed. Doing so will unlock Difficult and Hardcore difficulties, which have an increased number of sequences to complete (i.e. potential for a higher session score). I was pretty laid back on getting this achievement, but if you're dead keen on getting it ASAP, completing the sessions without the Daily Boost still give you a heap of XP, especially with challenges.

    EDIT: I've been asked to write a guide with regards to ability sets. Just note that the ability sets you use are completely dependent on how you play the game - I generally play with caution and patience so that I can rack up a higher score for each kill, but other people might have different tactics (like rushing their targets in order to fit more kills into the session). In other words, you should try make an ability set that fits your gameplay style, but I'll share my main ability set for Wolfpack regardless. I haven't played in months, so i'm going to have to list the set off the top of my head. Also keep in mind that I had levelled up a fair bit by this stage, so i'll put some alternatives in there.

    Wolfpack Ability Set 1
    Ability 1: Poison - This one is (and will probably always be) my favourite ability. You poison your target, wait for the poison to kick in and you get an extra +200 points on top of your kill. This nets you a hell of a lot of points if you get a perfect approach/complete any challenges in the process.

    Ability 2: Money Bomb - The only ability that I really used in Wolfpack was Poison. I rarely used Money Bomb, but on the rare occasions that I did, it definitely helped. If you can't tell which person is your target, you pretty much throw money at the group of people containing your target, and whoever doesn't bend down to pick it up is your guy. Pretty useful if you're unsure who your target is.

    Ranged Weapon: Poison Dart - Pretty self explanatory. It's a stealthy way to kill your target from afar, and is essential if you ever want to get the "Kill your next target with a Ranged Weapon" challenge during Wolfpack.

    Perk 1: Hot Pursuit - In the event that my target managed to get away, this perk was really useful for racking up a somewhat notable amount of points. It slows down the depletion of your Approach meter and increases your speed when you're chasing a target.

    Perk 2: Resistance - If you play Wolfpack enough, you'll know how agonising it is to be stunned. Resistance decreases the amount of time you spend suffering from the stun.

    Kill Streaks and Loss Streaks are more irrelevant in Wolfpack than standard online play. It doesn't really matter what you use, just whatever you think works for you. A lot of perks and abilities aren't viable for use in Wolfpack because many of the elements present in standard play (*cough* dying *cough*) aren't present in Wolfpack, and as many perks and abilities require these elements for efficient use, they're not really warranted.

    Alternative abilities include Firecrackers and Glimmer. Firecrackers are essentially the same as Money Bomb except they blind everyone as opposed to throwing money at their feet. Glimmer makes you "invisible" for a time, giving you a chance to sneak up on your opponent. An alternative perk that I'd use would be Blender, which morphs a civilian into your lookalike when you enter a crowd. This is useful if you're tailing someone in a crowd, but besides that it doesn't do much good. Also, using a Pistol as opposed to a Poison Dart as your Ranged Weapon is just as efficient, but it nets you less points. With the exception of Poison and Poison Dart, most of the perks/abilities that I used can be unlocked relatively early, so once you find a set that you're efficient with, abuse the hell out of it.

    Happy Hunting toast And if you think this achievement is tiresome, you should've tried the one on Brotherhood...

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    SoupiestZeus39Yeah same problem, deleted my data from the console, restarted my series x, but nothing worked, now I’m prestige level 7
    Posted by SoupiestZeus39 On 24 Jun 22 at 11:33
    Brenin WatsonUnlocked at prestige 1 level 55 for those wondering. Looks like you can just randomly glitch too.
    Posted by Brenin Watson On 04 Jul 22 at 21:04
    Geometric CubeHit 55, then prestige 1 level 5. No achievement as well.
    Posted by Geometric Cube On 29 Sep 22 at 20:00
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  • Tulukaruq907Tulukaruq907406,843
    10 Jan 2014 10 Jan 2014 10 Jan 2014
    32 7 11
    For people, like me, that get bored playing wolfpack over and over...Oldschool stun boosting works if you play clan v. clan with 4 players. The xp gained for a single manhunt game is generally lower, overall, than for a single wolfpack game but the games are about twice as fast so in the end you get more xp in less time.

    The reason stun boosting is ineffective for this game is because xp is nerfed in private matches. However, in clan adversarial matches it is treated like a public game.

    Have 2 clans of 2 people each. Each clan needs to be in it's own party to search (it doesn't seem to like searching with 2 clans in 1 party). The clan leaders goes to the clan menu and selects adversarial, clan, manhunt and selects play with clan. The other members of the clan will have to go to the abstergo network tab and select handle invites and choose to play. Once the clan is present, the leader hits the X button (play with party) and the search will start. As long as the other clan is searching at the same time you should get matched up and the game will start. Once the game starts, everybody can join the same party again and it's off to stun boosting.

    1 person on the hunted team stuns 1 player from the hunter team. The other player from the hunter team revives the player just stunned and then the second player on the hunted team stuns the hunter that just picked up their teammate and the first hunter that was stunned picks up the second player. Rinse and repeat. Each tem will get 5 minutes as hunters and 5 minutes as hunted. The game end and you will go back to the lobby to vote on maps and game types. Keep selecting manhunt. You will not need to split parties again, you can just continue to select manhunt games.

    The keys to ranking up quicker are complete challenges (i.e. taunt after you stun another player). Also keep selecting the same character and map until you reach gold level challenge for those combinations. The gold level challenges add a good bit of points when completed. Having a few days of xp boost from the abstergo store doesn't hurt and you can same in game reward credits to get them instead of the microtransactions for real cash.
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    ezhnoEasily the best method. There will be no more DLC so there will never be a better method. Stun boosting always was, and still is, the easiest and fastest way.

    Fair warning though, the experience cap from Revelations makes a return and it is still at 20,000 indeed. If you go over you get nothing. As long as you stop around 19,000 you're set for that game.
    Posted by ezhno On 03 Sep 14 at 07:01
    TVthePunisherTo follow up on what SirEzhno said, it's actually 25K not 20K. Me and others got roughly 22-23K and kept all our points. One time I went over 27K and lost them all.
    Posted by TVthePunisher On 25 Mar 16 at 22:12

    cap is 24999 confirmed courtesy of althea jayson clipping this
    Posted by puseecat692 On 05 Jan at 05:19
  • szogyenyi1993szogyenyi1993543,174
    04 Jan 2019 01 Feb 2019
    13 0 2
    Yes, everybody else already mentioned that you can leveling up by playing Wolfpack only, but for the first time it might seems a bit confusing. Yes, i know, by playing Wolfpack Discovery you will be familiar with the basics pretty fast, but still i would like to give a more detailed tutorial with this solution and explain how to play it, which gameplay elements are important to get the most points in the different waves and situations. You can either play it with friends or solo, it doesn't really matter, but i prefer to play alone because it's much quicker and in this case you don't have to rely on anyone else. Let's get start with the HUD elements:

    - Target Indicator: This circular thing can be found on the bottom of the screen and it shows you where is your target and how far away he is from your position. The more it fills, the closer you get to your target. When the controller starts rumbling, you should stop running, because if you are acting suspiciously near the enemy, your Detection Meter will decrease.

    - Detection Meter: It can be found on the right on the screen, right above the avatar of your target. It has 3 different parts, each provides more points as your meter fills the bar. The slower you walk, the faster it gonna fill up. First part provides 150 points, the second provides 250, the third 350 and when it reaches the maximum, it gives a total of 450 points for the kill. Let's mix it with the Focus bonus.

    - Focus: When you are near your target, an (X) icon will show up above his head. If you wait around 5 seconds, a circular element will show up. As it fills up it provides you 50 points, but if you wait it to fill up fully, it will grant you an extra 150 points. (Along with the Detection Meter points)

    First thing first: you really want to play all of the maps, because completing a Wolfpack game on every maps grants you a bonus. Also, if you're able to play one or two games every day you'll recieve a daily bonus too, which can further boost your level.

    The actual gameplay is not different than the one you could see in AC3. In every round you'll get a different objective. Mostly it's just about to kill a moving or standing target. I suggest you to always try walk next or behind him, and wait until the detection meter reach the maximum. (450 points) if you are able to blend in a crowd during your hunt, you'll get a 2.5x multipler up to your current points. After a few rounds you'll have a chest defense mode. If you're playing on Fort St.Mathieu you'll have an easy job. There are quite a few vantage points and benches near the area. It's a good chance to boost your points with acrobatic, aerial or hidden kills. In infection mode you have to pick up either one of the three medical packages to be able to eliminate the infected targets. It's all about speed. Pick up a package and kill your targets as soon as possible. If you got hit, you have to pick up another package. If you have two or more targets, using the coin throw ability can easily distract the decoys, so you will know for sure who your actual target is. Standing too close next to them can cause you being compromised, so keep your distance and don't make any sudden moves.

    It might take a few games to get used to it, but trust me, it's not that hard as it looks like. Also, consider completing the bonus objectives too, because they also provide additional points. Two of them are active at the time, but since they are always cycling through, you will know how and which point of the map you should complete them.

    Either you play solo or coop with 2-4 players, the key is always patience. Running and fooling around is just a waste of your precious time, and while you can easily reach level 15 or 19 by that way, in the end it won't be enough. Even if you are able to hunt down the extra target which gives you an additional 45 seconds. If you play with patience, you'll end up in more than enough time anyway. (I usually had 6 minutes, but one time I managed to have 8 minutes as well)

    It's not a proper solution, but rather a detailed guide for Wolfpack. If you not willing to join boosting sessions all the time, this is the best way to reach level 55 easily on your own.
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    szogyenyi1993On limited mode it doesn't work. I had issues with the servers as well, but not all the time. I ran into another problem where i wasn't able to connect to the Ubisoft servers and i couldn't find any Social events, but that did not affect the multiplayer section of the game. You should contact with the support i guess.
    Posted by szogyenyi1993 On 04 Feb 19 at 13:00
    Face de CrepeSo you just did it recently, right ? I'm looking forward to complete all multiplayer achievements but I can't even connect to the servers. When I try, I'm always put on limited mode (when Ubisoft services aren't available). Did you play Wolfpack on limited mode and still increased your level ? Anyway, I need to be online to do the others achievements !

    Edit : I tried to launch on limited mode the Wolfpack mode, then try again to connect and it worked..
    Posted by Face de Crepe On 04 Feb 19 at 15:19
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