All rounder achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

All rounder

Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.

All rounder+0.6
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How to unlock the All rounder achievement

  • KryostegaKryostega300,085
    22 Dec 2013 22 Dec 2013 03 Jul 2015
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    Can be done in both public and private matches. Due to fewer people playing online in public matches these days, especially in the less popular modes, a boosting session or some helpful friends may be your best option to complete the requirements for this achievement.

    You'll need to reach level 48 before all of the abilities and ranged weapons will be available to you for purchase (with in-game credits that can be earned by playing or bought with real money). The exception to this would be if you utilize the Copycat perk, which allows you to take the abilities and ranged weapon being used by the player that previously killed you. Copycat becomes available to you at level 2, but is by no means necessary if you plan on leveling to 55 for the "Committed to the Cause" achievement.

    Here's the list of game modes, abilities, and ranged weapons you'll need to go through:

    Game modes (8)

    Artifact Assault
    Wolfpack: Discovery
    Wolfpack: Unleashed

    Abilities (15)

    Money Bomb
    Time Phase - Level 6
    Decoy - Level 6
    Morph - Level 12
    Firecrackers - Level 12
    Tripwire Bomb - Level 18
    Bodyguard - Level 18
    Booby Trap - Level 26
    Glimmer - Level 26
    Wipe - Level 34
    Animus Shield - Level 34
    Teleport - Level 42
    Poison - Level 42
    Smoke Bomb - Level 48

    Ranged Weapons (5)

    Disruption - Level 4
    Knives - Level 12
    Sabotage - Level 28
    Pistol - Level 38
    Poison Dart - Level 48

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    Wick N MortyCan you use the abilities in a solo wolf pack game, or do you have to use them in an actual online game?
    Posted by Wick N Morty On 22 Sep 22 at 03:21
    CrashingTax43The only ability you can't do solo in wolfpack is bodyguard
    Posted by CrashingTax43 On 27 Sep 22 at 04:12
    FALLENANGELSEMOAnyone want to help each other unlock this ?
    Posted by FALLENANGELSEMO On 01 Jan at 03:48
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  • Kalkane101Kalkane10158,580
    27 Jan 2014 27 Jan 2014 27 Jan 2014
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    The above solution is very good, and helped me keep track of what was needed.
    However it is possible to obtain this achievement as early as level 2 and without spending any Abstergo credits.
    I purchased the copycat perk and while I was playing the 8 game modes, I intentionally got myself killed so that I could steal other players loadouts. Once I respawned I would simply hit LB, RB and Y to use all the stolen actions (these do not have to hit, just be used).
    It may take a little luck finding all the combinations, but all I was missing and had to buy after the 8 games was animus shield as nobody who killed me had it in their loadout. Once purchased, I went into a game, hit LB and pop.
    Hope this method works as easy for you and stops anyone who was considering using micro transactions to afford all the abilities.
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    KstanI'm wondering the same. I've looked through the menus but not sure if it's hidden somewhere.
    Posted by Kstan On 11 Feb 18 at 22:25
    WickedWitchWestThat is a good trick.
    Posted by WickedWitchWest On 19 Nov 18 at 19:35
    DadliestGamerCommunity has been active enough to get this without boosting, just grinding wolf pack solo for Levels. Everything but booby trap was used in wolf pack as well.
    Posted by DadliestGamer On 30 May 20 at 16:36
  • pedroxbzpedroxbz297,662
    05 Jul 2021 02 Jul 2021 02 Jul 2021
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    *I'll still test how it looks with the daily boost, as soon as I do that, I update the guide to make it easier*

    Yes, I am writing this guide 8 years after the game's release. But better late than never, as there should always be someone to farm this game.

    The Guide below is for those who are in need of easy and simple money to buy skills and weapons.

    In the Multiplayer Menu, select "Wolfpack" and "Discovery" mode. that done, place Map 1. If you've played Wolfpack Unleashed mode before, you'll notice that discovery mode is kind of a tutorial of this mode.

    When starting the game, if you are playing solo or coop, go where the compass points, stay hidden among the people, lock the target with LT, and wait for the bar in the corner to give 450 x 2, and kill him. If everything goes right, you will pass the sequence 1, 2 and will have 150 points to complete the 3, kill another enemy and that's it, the match is complete.

    Each match should last a maximum of 1 minute, giving 36 Abstergo Credits, now just repeat and good farm. With more players farming, the more money you and your partner earn.

    At the moment I only tested solo and with 2 players, I didn't look with 3 or 4.

    On Solo, I always got 36AC per game.
    Already in pairs, I won between 60-70AC.

    I believe that 3 or 4 Players farming, should give much more AC's.
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