Friendly Competition achievement in Xbox Fitness

Friendly Competition

Win 10 drill challenges against friends.

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How to unlock the Friendly Competition achievement

  • MathGuy42MathGuy42639,079
    28 Dec 2013 28 Dec 2013 22 Jan 2017
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    Edit for 2017:
    Now that most workouts are gone, I suggest using the Demo against a 2nd account. Get very low scores with your 2nd account, so it will be easy to beat. If you keep matching with real friends who are too hard to beat, you'll need to temporarily delete them until you start matching with your 2nd account. The game seems to match you with the same GT over and over.

    To get this done as quickly as possible, you can rewind a drill until you get a yellow Challenge. Hopefully it's a Friend Challenge. Once you get a Challenge for a drill, you won't get another one for that drill until you finish the workout, go back to the main menu, and start again. It also seems that the first one or two drills rarely have Challenges. When using the Demo, I would fast forward past Tony Horton, then rewind Jillian Michaels until I got a Challenge, then move on Anderson, etc. I also never got a challenge at the end for Yoga, so I suggest skipping that too.

    Original solution:

    Previously glitched, but apparently working now. More comments about the glitch after the solution.

    You only need to follow a gamer for their Friend Challenges to appear. They do not need to follow you back. Use the Friends app or X1 SmartGlass to Add Friend. You will automatically become a Follower.

    XbAndy360 was successful using a 2nd account as his friend. Keep in mind that 2nd accounts have Gold privileges as long as your main account is Gold.

    When your friend does a workout, an announcement will appear in the Messages feed (bottom center of the main menu). Do the same workout and hope to get some Friend Challenges. (You don't need to use the Messages feed. This is just a way to know what your friends have done.)

    Challenges are random, so you may or may not get any, especially with a 10 minute workout. I've had as many as 2 on a 10 minute workout and 5 on a 20 minute workout, but I've also had 0.

    You will either need to beat their best Fitness Points, average Fitness Points, or best Star level during a drill. Since the Stars max out at 5, these are the easiest challenges to win and you only need to tie.

    Achievement will unlock as soon as the 10th Friend Challenge has been won. All 10 challenges can be against the same friend or a variety of friends.

    Feel free to follow me, but please don't send Friend Requests over or 360 so that my 360 Friends List does not get full. I have intentionally done poorly on:
    10-minute Solutions - 5 Day Get Fit Mix:
    Belly Fat Burner
    Cardio Kickboxing
    Fat Blasting Intervals
    I will probably need to really do these workouts eventually for Fit-Ness Monster, but I will avoid them for awhile.

    Regarding the previous glitch:
    Please comment if your progress is still stuck at 10% in the Achievement app. I was reset from 10% back down to 0%. Xbox Fitness also refused to start any workouts, crashing back to Home. I had to do a deep shutdown of the console (hold Power for several seconds) to do workouts again. After this, my progress worked as it should. The deep shutdown may be unrelated, but I put it out there in case it helps others.

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    LSK FatalLegendI'm starting to play more of this and usually have been playing just the free content if anyone wants to add my gamertag.
    LSK FatalLegend
    Posted by LSK FatalLegend on 03 Mar 16 at 00:12
    ICE Faux PirateDoes anyone know if using a 2nd account on the same console still works or if it was patched? I've used two alt accounts to complete a few courses and I can't seem to get them to pop up as challenges for my main account no matter how many time I try.
    Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 03 Mar 16 at 04:10
    MathGuy42Using a second account still worked for me last month during the Fast Feet challenge. I've noticed that you'll only be paired with one friend during a particular runthrough of a workout. It seems that you'll be paired with whomever has the highest overall score. You may need to temporarily delete some real friends if you want to compete against a low scoring second account.

    When using a second account, I always scored at least one star. Perhaps that is necessary for the second account to pop up.

    Because of Fast Feet, I learned that if you don't get a yellow drill challenge, you can keep rewinding until one pops up. But it seems that once you get one (whether friend or other) on a particular drill, rewinding won't make another come up.

    It also seems that drill challenges won't appear for the first few or last few drills.

    If others are seeing similar behavior, I can add these comments to the Solution. Thanks.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 04 Mar 16 at 21:27
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  • t smugzt smugz224,000
    08 Feb 2014 17 Feb 2014
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    Hello everyone, I found a way to make this achievement extremely easy, requiring hardly any effort. Can be achieved in 45 mins to an hour.

    First step: Add or Follow atleast 6-10 people who have worked out on Xbox Fitness.

    Second Step: Pick a workout that you see your friends have scored on. You can beat the same friend 10 times on 10 drills and still be awarded the achievement.

    Third Step: Once you begin the workout press pause. When the game is paused click the fast foward button. When you do it will put you to the next drill, then hit play. If a challenge does not pop up, press pause and click the fast foward button again until a challenge does pop up. Once a challenge pops up try to beat your friend.

    Final Step: Rinse and Repeat on what workouts you feel confident on beating your friends.

    Hope this helps!
  • Solid Ice19Solid Ice19135,546
    08 Jun 2015 09 Jun 2015 15 Jun 2015
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    To get this achievement easier:
    - Go through Xbox Fitness thread on this site and look for players posting/commenting on solutions for achievements for Xbox Fitness. Or pick them from here
    - Add them as friends (use Xbox One Smart Glass App on Android or Apple phone).
    - Choose a workout and do it as usual - challenges with a gamer pic will pop up during a session (~ 3 times per 10 minutes workout).

    I added around 20 players, so doing the same you will have more chances to challenge someone doing your workouts.

    It seems the game picks one friend to challenge per workout randomly from the list who did that workout.

    If you found it is hard to beat that particular guy - just remove him from a friends list.
    (Sometime I have problem to beat my own drills laugh)
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