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Complete all session challenges for one workout.

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How to unlock the Aced! achievement

  • SpazpolSpazpol1,119,872
    05 Jan 2014 08 Jan 2014
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    Ok, I wanted to provide more clarity around what you actually need to do to get this achievement since it took a while to figure it out, it is not about doing all the challenges in one session at one time (instead it is about doing them over time).

    Every fitness session has 12 challenges. They usually give you 3 at a time to work on (like get x amount of FP in x number of drills, etc). The easiest ones to do are the 10 minute solutions. I personally liked Low Impact Fat Blaster since it didn't have ground exercises (which XB1 Kinect is better than 360 at picking up, but it still sucks).

    If you want to see your progress for the achievement in game, go to you fitness profile from the main page, then go into progress. If you scroll to the right you see session challenges. They are grouped by the program type, but drill into whatever session you seem to do a lot of and you can see how many of 12 you have completed.

    As mentioned, I personally used Low Impact Fat Blaster, nothing was too bad. The longest one was get 25 total session stars, which forces you to do the session 5 times at 5 stars at a minimum (7 times at 4 stars, etc). Cardio Max is pretty easy as well it looks like, but I haven't finished all 12 challenges to verify what the last few are.

    Hope this helps clear it up to people how this is done.

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    PebsterGood Advice, thanks
    Posted by Pebster on 09 Jan 14 at 23:56
    TheIrishBeastHave the added challenges now so all events have 16 instead of 12?
    Posted by TheIrishBeast on 19 Apr 16 at 14:28
    keoskeyFor a short easy workout just do the Xbox fitness workout Demo
    Posted by keoskey on 01 Aug 16 at 17:47
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  • jimmyclutchmanjimmyclutchman263,205
    15 Dec 2013 13 Dec 2013
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    Its pretty clear now thats the easiest workout for most of these achievements is the cardio max workout. The reason for this is you dont need to go with the rhythm exactly to get a multiplier. Just always be moving and following as best you can and you will keep the highest multiplier netting you five star sessions pretty much every time. The first set you should get all of them if you go hard on your first workout. The third and second require you to just get task that are honestly pretty easy to do with this workout. If your ever afraid you are gonna not get five stars on a drill then just do jumping jacks until you get it there and rest if you want well waiting for the drill to end.
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    Oil1983Cardio max is definetly the best workout to do. Just hop around like a crazy person and you'll easily get it.
    Posted by Oil1983 on 05 Feb 14 at 05:49
  • ChickenbeanChickenbean618,292
    29 Mar 2015 30 Mar 2015
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    This was not a hard achievement to get. The workout I used was Gatorade sports per moaned basketball training camp: recovery. It is a short workout at only 6 minutes. Also, the drills are all stretches making them very easy. As in all workouts, there are a total of 12 challenges to complete.the challenges are as followed:

    First row: 1. Earn 5 session stars- This should be relatively easy and self explanatory. You should be able to get five stars in one attempt.

    2. Earn 10 workout stars- much like the last challenge, this is self explanatory. You will have to do the workout twice with a 5 star rating as the stars from he previous challenge do not carry over.

    3. Complete 3 workouts- Since each workout is 6 minutes, this will take just about 20 minutes. You do not actually have to be doing anything, you just have to complete the workout 3 times.

    4. Work out for 20 minutes- This one will take longer than you think. It only counts the time where you are actually doing a stretch or drill, not the breaks or anything in between. I'm also pretty sure you can't just sit there, because when I tried that, mine was not increasing.

    Second row: 1. Score 1,000 FP in one session- This is very easy as you will get 1,000 from only a few drills.

    2. Get a 4-star session rating- Getting 4 stars in this workout is incredibly easy, as you just have to hold the given stretch for the allotted time. You should have no problem getting 4 stars.

    3. Get a perfect drill rating 7 times in one session- I could not exactly pinpoint what is classified as a perfect workout, but as long as you are getting 5 stars in each of the drills, you should unlock it easily.

    4. Get a 5-star rating in the next 3 workouts- for this challenge you have to get 5 stars on this workout 3 times in a row. Make sure to get 5 stars because if you get 4 or lower, the progress will reset and you will have to do it 3 more time. Other than that, it should be pretty easy.

    Third row (the most annoying): 1. Score 500 FP I. Any drill 30 times- This should come naturally as you are doing the other challenges, but most of he drills are extremely easy to reach 500 FP on. You should be able to get this in 3 to 4 of the workout.

    2. Get a 5-star rating in the squat to the middle in 10 sessions- For me, this was the worst of all the challenges. The squat to the middle drill is located about midway through the workout, so once you complete it, I would recommend quitting and restarting so you can get this quicker. It is easy to get 5 stars on this drill, just remember to push your knees apart with your elbows.

    3. Score 650 FP in the cobra drill 5 times- Although the challenge does not say it, from my experience they have to be done in different sessions. I tried completing the cobra with 650 FP then rewinding and doing it again, but it only counted once. To get 650 FP in the cobra, make sure you are already in the position when it starts, so get in the position during the break before the stretch. If you do this and hold the stretch the whole time, it should be easy to get 650 FP.

    4. Get a 5-star rating in the triangle drills in 10 sessions- this challenge is also very annoying. However, the triangle drills are at the beginning of the workout, so you can do them and quit out early. The triangle drills are easy to get five stars on, but make sure you get five stars on BOTH sides. It will count as 1 out of the ten for getting five stars on both sides. Right after both sides are done quit out of the workout and start it again.

    Once you complete all of these challenges, the achievement should pop.

    Tip: make sure to quit out of the workout and go in to it again. If you simply pause the workout and restart it, it will not save the progress on the challenges.
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    PointySpredAs a side note, for anyone actually working out with the other programs or strength exercises, the recovery sessions are amazing way to finish your work out. They definitely keep you from being sore the next day. Follow recovery with a protein blast ( few hard boiled eggs and a protein shake), for optimum results!
    Posted by PointySpred on 30 Apr 15 at 18:43
    DeviSlatorThere is a fourth row of challenges on this workout. Currently doing the one for 50 minutes of drills
    Posted by DeviSlator on 13 Jun 17 at 19:38
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