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Bringing the 'A' Game

Achieve an Elite rating in 45 Career Mode events.

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Achievement Guide for Bringing the 'A' Game

  • Goots 88Goots 88352,644
    04 Dec 2013 04 Dec 2013 11 Dec 2013
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    Not necessarily a guide, but some tips to help achieve Elite (golds) for some of the events...

    First off, the character I used that I found was the best was Frank with all of his custom clubs equipped. He had the furthest power attribute and it gave him an accuracy boost, plus a tree/rough boost. The caddie I used was Astrid, whose putt preview works wonders, especially putting being a very hard aspect of this game and a key part.

    Secondly, tips for the hardest event in the game, Eruption Cup at the Burning Sands course. It is a compilation of all the Par 3 holes at the Burning Sands course, with ridiculous wind and pin placements. It took me about 1,000 tries / close to 12 hours (No Joke). In order to win the event you must score -3 or above. If you score -3 you will tie for the lead and in this game, tying for the lead counts as a win. Therefore in order to win, you must birdie 3 of the 4 toughest par 3's in the game.
    For this event, I used Dominique (all custom clubs equipped) and Astrid.
    First Hole - 4 Iron, Backspin and aim it just short of the middle of the front sand arch. Hit the shot about 4/5 in the last power bar. As the ball is on its way towards the pin, employ Dominique's spin ability back left toward the hole, this should leave you with a 5 foot putt up-hill to the left. Sink putt, 1 out of 3 Birdies complete
    Second Hole - DO NOT TOUCH THE SETUP AT ALL. Only thing you need to do is add backspin. Should leave you an easy uphill putt, but be careful, if you miss ball will run off green. ***NOTE*** I did not Birdie this hole
    Third Hole - 3 Wood, put ball cursor on the left to fade the ball into the hole. Aim for the back right tree and hit about 1/3 in the last power bar. This should leave you with an easy uphill putt. 2 out of 3 Birdies.
    Forth Hole - 6 Iron, Put cursor on the left side of the ball to fade the ball around the big rock column in front of you and add backspin. Aim as far to the right you can without hitting the rock column in front of you. Check to see if your yellow ball line is safe. This should leave you with an uphill and to the left putt. Use Astrid's putt preview to make sure your lined up perfectly. Sink it for the win. 3rd and Final Birdie and a score of -3, you will end up tied, but in this game the tie goes to the player.
    ***NOTES*** I was all out of Golfer and Caddie boost add ons. I used, Accuracy, Strike, and Putting. It will be much easier if you have extra Golfer and Caddie skills to use, but it is doable without.

    For challenges where you need to 1 putt each green and can't land on the green from more than 10 yards away, overall score par or better. Best thing to do is to land your approach just slightly off missing the green. Meaning tee shot on par 3's, 2nd shot on par 4's, 3rd shot on par 5's. This way when you hit your approach shot to the green it will only be a short chip shot and you can land it very close to not worry about missing the one putt.

    Another tough event is the Woods and Putter event only, I believe its the 2nd to last event. Best thing to do here is make sure you don't hit it into the rough, stay on the fairway. Also, make sure you score well on Par 5's, it a huge opportunity so make sure you take advantage. If you end up short of the green in the rough or the sand trap, add back spin to the shot and miss right outside the strike meter. This makes the ball flub out on the green. Another good tool to use is your 90 foot putter when on the fairway or fringe.

    I am doing this off the top of my head right now, but if anybody needs clarification or help on other events, please feel free to message me. Good luck and it is doable
  • VirusTk GaMBitVirusTk GaMBit700,647
    10 Nov 2014 10 Nov 2014 10 Nov 2014
    23 2 29
    Hi guys,

    first of all Goots 88 solution is great if you want to do this achievement more legitimately his guide is yours to choose! But if your virtual golf skills are pretty close to mine it means they are almost not existent and even his great solution will not help you much.

    The way I got this achievement was first described by hisnameisfrank on but so far people there could not really confirm that this method still works so I tried my luck and got rewarded. As of 11/10/2014 this method does still work

    I advice you to do this early on in the game to avoid some problems with your regular progression but you can do this basically at any point in the game.

    Here is what I did:

    I got this achievement by only playing the second level in City Park. When you get your gold medal there (or on any other stage) you will see your achievement tracker go up by 2%. So after that I deleted my local save game (just the local one, not the one in the cloud) and cut off my internet connection. The game will reset the gold medal on this easy event but will not delete the progress in the achievement tracker. Which will give you the opportunity to play the same stage again and get gold on it again. When you have done this simply rinse and repeat as many times as you need to do this to get your achievement.

    I was just at the start of the game so I had to do this around 45 times.
    The reason I chose this stage, even though it is rather long is just because I found it the easiest to complete with the starting gear. I tried the first level "warm-up" a couple of times but I failed more often than I nailed it. So I just stayed on the second stage. But if you are further in the game and have a better gear I guess you can gold whatever stage is shorter and easier for you personally (BUT make sure never to connect to the internet, otherwise you could delete your progress by accident).

    Just a tipp for the second stage: it seems you are good to gold this stage with a -1 score at the end. Since you have 9 stages in total there shouldn't be to much of a problem to get this score on the holes. Most of them are pretty straight forward. And you will probably play them so often that you can play them blindly by the end of the day. Personally I had to restart the stage a couple of times when I started this grind but eventually I finished the stage almost always with a -3 or better.

    So here are the steps again:

    1. choose a stage you find easy and can get gold on in realatively short time (I strongly advice the 2nd stage of City Park)
    2. get gold on this stage and dashboard out
    3. go to the game icon push "start" and go to manage game
    4. Delete your LOCAL save game
    5. make sure you disconnect your X1 from the internet
    6. go back to the game and play the stage again and repeat the previous stages
    7. Check in the achievement progress from time to time just to make sure it still counts
    8. Be happy you saved yourself some hassle with some of the harder stages after you got your achievement this way ;-)

    Again this method still takes some time (at least if you do not find a stage with less holes on it) but for me this was the best and quickest way to get it. Chances are you are way deeper into the game and only struggle on specific stages, than this method can really help you out without having to play the same stage like 40+ more times.

    I really hope this method helps some of you guys, it clearly did the trick for me.

    please let me know in the comments, if this helped you guys, if there have been problems with this method or if this gets patched in the future ;-)
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