Super Putt achievement in Powerstar Golf

Super Putt

Sink a putt from at least 60 feet away without using any golfer abilities or caddie skills.

Super Putt0
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How to unlock the Super Putt achievement

  • Elem3ntal80Elem3ntal80815,912
    25 Nov 2013 26 Nov 2013 26 Aug 2014
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    ***A lot of people are having an easier time using the Rocky Ridge course recommended by TheBigBB (see end of solution). I would try this course first instead of City Park while using the general strategy outlined below.***

    Here is the setup I used to focus on getting this achievement:

    Free Play
    City Park
    Par 3 Course
    Amateur Difficulty

    On the first hole of this course, aim your tee shot to the back right portion of the green. This will easily give you a putt of at least 60 ft. Will help if your character has decent power and spin attributes to be able to get the ball to stop on the green.

    The putt has some tricky break to it, depending on where you land, but is at least relatively level in elevation change. If you land in just the right spot, there is a ridge you can putt down between the two sloping sections that is pretty straight.

    Quit out and restart if you miss, and eventually you will get a better feel for the break or just get lucky and guess right. Instead of quitting, you could also just putt the ball back to the original 60+ foot spot and try the putt again (credit to sirhcman).

    It is fine to have caddy perks equipped, you just can't activate the caddy skill. Might help to have the "Lucky Drop" perk equipped if you have it.

    If you are having problems on this hole, here is another option given by TheBigBB:
    "I had an easier time on the first par 3 amateur on Rocky Hills. You can hit it to the right and you have only a very minor slope all the way across, and uphill slightly. I actually hit the putt on that course from 90 yards away after missing it from 60-70 ten times. I couldn't get it on the City Park one at all."

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    jojoborneGreat advice and worked for me on City Park smile
    Posted by jojoborne on 05 Apr 16 at 20:30
    Unky KyJust FYI. If I missed on my first Rocky Ridge putt, I would chip it back to where I was at and try again without reloading the game. It doesn't matter which putt you sink it on as long as you sink it from over 60 feet.
    Posted by Unky Ky on 30 Dec 16 at 18:42
    LockieGot it first time on Rocky Ridge! I took a few short putts to get the distance to about 63ft before taking the long putt.
    Posted by Lockie on 24 Apr 18 at 08:12
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  • TheMasterSparkTheMasterSpark149,157
    08 Jul 2017 08 Jul 2017
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    Props to Elem3ntal80 and TheBigBB for doing most of the legwork on this one, their combined solution of Rocky Ridge par 3 on amateur is the starting point for the solution I discovered (but did not see mentioned in the comments).

    The stumbling block for this achievement is that you "can't use caddy skills or golfer abilities".

    Problem is, this isn't strictly true. When I noticed that some putting challenges could be circumvented by chipping while on the green, I figured that the slightly wonky way the game keeps track of things could probably get you this achievement by assuming the rules can be bent somewhat. Specifically, I guessed that it was probably keeping track of ability usage per stroke, not per hole, which it turns out was a correct guess.

    The solution:

    First of all, bring Astrid as your caddy, and in my experience make sure she's equipped with the 75% lucky drop perk and the slow shot bar speed perk (precise putting power is important here).

    The setup is pretty much what Elem3ntal80 and TheBigBB came up with; plop the ball on the right side of the green of the first par 3 on Rocky Ridge. I found that somewhere between 80ft and 86ft worked for me, smack dab in the middle of the right side of the green. If the ball doesn't land in the middle, putt it over towards the middle, such that the putt does not put you materially closer to the hole.

    Once you have the ball positioned, make an eyeball estimate. I usually added about 4 feet from the hole to the distance and adjusted horizontally somewhat to the right (I never had to add more than one grid box, usually small fractions of a grid box). Now, check your work using Astrid's caddy ability. Once you've started to figure out how this general putt breaks, usually you're pretty close and the adjustment necessary is a matter of in game inches to the right or left. Make these projected adjustments and note the final distance and left/right positioning for future reference.

    Now here's the trick: don't take this putt. Or rather, make sure this putt goes nowhere. I found the easiest way to do this was to let the putting shot indicator go all the way out and come back, then just as it's within millimeters where the shot indicator started, click A. This should result in a putt that barely moves. This can take some practice but remember, if you hit the button too late, nothing happens at all and you can try again. Once the "nothingputt" has been taken, you shouldn't be any closer than a foot or so from where you started, and more importantly the NEXT putt will be made without the use of the caddy ability, despite already pretty much knowing almost exactly what you have to do based on having used it for the prior stroke. As such, redo the projected adjustments you got based on Astrid's ability and let it rip. Once you sink the putt following the nothingputt the achievement should pop.

    I found it only took between 15 and 20 tries to get this achievement including the experimentation so this might be a faster way for some to get this.
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