Overachiever achievement in Crimson Dragon


Acquire all medals for every story mission in the game

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How to unlock the Overachiever achievement

  • Tho RadiaTho Radia186,221
    07 Dec 2013 03 Dec 2013 06 Sep 2014
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    First things first, every level is a story mission (no side missions as of yet...) and you have to be playing in 'Classic' mode to earn medals, you can change the mode any time you like.

    From the looks of things, you cant earn Medals in Multiplayer.

    You do not need to earn all 3 medals at once, its generally much easier to just do the mission 3 times and focus on a separate medal each time.

    You'll also earn these at some point while going for the Medals:

    Crimson DragonDraco Delta-731The Draco Delta-731 achievement in Crimson Dragon worth 295 pointsComplete all story missions on Classic difficulty

    Crimson DragonAct of TruthThe Act of Truth achievement in Crimson Dragon worth 136 pointsComplete all story missions on Casual or Classic difficulty

    Crimson DragonAct of HonorThe Act of Honor achievement in Crimson Dragon worth 125 pointsComplete all missions for Coral Lake East, Coral Lake West and Underground Lake on any difficulty

    Crimson DragonAct of ValorThe Act of Valor achievement in Crimson Dragon worth 132 pointsComplete all missions for Forest, Ancient Ruins, and Lava Lake on any difficulty

    "Take no Damage"

    The best advice I can offer is to level up the Silvertail Radiance (Light) as much as you can (we're talking 3rd Evolution max level ideally), Equip their secondary move as Roar Breeze/Gale/Tempest (gives you high power/fast projectile Light/Air coverage) and to rent yourself a high level Silvertail wingman.

    Keep Moving. All the the time (except for the two Underground Lake missions [An Experiment/Stemming the Tide] as you can hit the walls, so be more careful)

    Save your Wingman skill for sticky spots, like areas where there are a lot of enemies or a lot of projectiles coming your way, you are invulnerable while it is active.

    You'll find the early ones of these quite simple, you just blast everything on screen into dust before it even has a chance to let off a shot.

    It gets much harder as you go on as you lose the ability to eviscerate the enemy as easily, this is where your flying skill comes into it (and the use of the 'Anima Deflector' secondary skill if it fits your style). Remember, you are a leaf on the wind.

    The level 'Orobouros' isn't as bad as it might first seem, the best Dragon is the max level Silvertail, equip his max level attack (Flash Ray), you can destroy every single projectile in this mission. (Correction, everything but the Horizontal energy blasts, but you can easily strafe up/down past them or even Barrel roll through them).

    Hang back on the Free-flight, circle the edge of the area and bomb him from range, using the Barrel Roll to dodge (Towards the White Phantom) the Cube Wall/box. (Thanks to Caayn Dragon for the info)

    The level 'The Odd Job' can frankly go to hell, its full of little enemies who shoot tracking missiles at you and an annoying stretch in a trench where you have to avoid everything, ever. I used the Same dragon set up as above, but had to equip a ATT+++ Ampoule to ensure i killed everything fast enough, I kept making squares around the screen, constantly moving to avoid the projectiles.

    When you get to the trench you need to focus fire on the little buggers up high to stop them dropping the green projectiles on your head (if they let off a volley you need to wait before you move, as they try to predict your movement you;ll end up plowing right into them. Start to move one way, then Barrel Roll the other as they close in.) and make sure you dodge the Rollers. Everything should drop fast with the Vision attack. Make sure you make ample use of the Barrel roll! If all else fails, nuke the buggers (I used all 3 of my Wingman skills in the trench).

    Once you make it to the Boss at the end, I held A to speed up, circled the arena and kept dropping the Flash Ray on them, i dropped them in about 10 seconds. If you managed to save a Wingman nuke, then that should be all you need to drop them right away.

    ALTERNATE STRATAGY - By De4thM4chin3

    Best thing you can do for the first part of Odd Job is to not fire at all and keep your wingman behind you so he doesn't shoot anything either. If you do this, then all you need to do is remember where all the green projectiles come from, pick a corner of the screen, and barrel roll out of the way at the last second. The trench isn't bad either until you get to the part with the rolling enemies. Keep your wingman in front of you throughout the trench and remember that it's impossible to hit either side so barrel roll away. Once you get to the rolling enemies, use a nuke or 2 depending on how shit goes down but definitely try to make it to the boss part with 1 in reserve. Nuke those fucks and you're golden!

    Good Luck seekers, you'll need it for this one.

    The recovery skills do not work with this. If your hit at all you fail the objective. (Thanks to Chucklestyle for that info and tips for 'Odd Job'.)

    "Collect the ______ Seed"

    These can be a bit irritating. You acquire seeds by destroying all the enemies in a group of 'Rare' enemies (Your HUD will alert you, and they display as Gold Stars on your Radar).

    However, they appear randomly and some of these levels have multiple Groups of Rare enemies all you need to do is keep replaying the level making sure you kill all the Rare enemies as they pop up, you'll get the correct seed eventually.

    "Score an _ Rank or Greater on this mission"

    This varies in difficulty. In my opinion, the levels that have Beacons to collect as their only Objectives are the worst, as missing one beacon in a set is all it takes to drop you from an S to an A. You can, however miss about 10% of a set and still get an A.

    The A's are easier to get as you can afford a B in one of the Objectives if you can Manage an S in another (So lets say you score B-A-A-S, overall you'll earn an A)

    The S ranks aren't as hard as they could have been, as a Predominant S score will ignore an A. (For instance, you score S-A-S-S, you'll earn an S)

    "Collect all the Beacons"

    This is a pain later on, you cant afford to miss a single one and in all but 1 case this one pops up on the all beacon objective levels.

    Chose high Agility Dragon (Ampoule's can help here too) and just get used to the course, it may take a few fly-throughs to learn all the tricky turns and where is best to barrel roll and where is best to strafe.

    "Score _______ or higher/Kill Every ______/Earn a kill rate of __% or better"

    These three are all accomplished the same way.

    Kill. Everything.

    A pair of dragons with high velocity attacks are your best bet here, save your Wingman skill for groups or ones who just make it past you.

    The mission "Corrupted Skies" in the "Forest" can be tricky at first. That is until you Evolve a Bloodskin dragon to its final Evolution and get the skill 'Hadron Smoulder', You can then manically laugh as it slaughters the Orkinuss in seconds.

    "Complete the mission without a Wingman"

    This is (Hopefully) already clear.

    For the later missions, skip them and come back after some grinding you'll find you don't need the wingman (even for 'Oroborous', i used a lvl 6 Bloodskin Magma and did it with an A rank only using the Primary skill).

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    ALollzThe beacons are so idiotic. The horrendous camera makes planning your movements in this game an absolute nightmare.
    Posted by ALollz on 15 Apr 16 at 05:58
    Tho RadiaPractice makes perfect, do the run a few times and you'll get it down :)
    Posted by Tho Radia on 21 Apr 16 at 20:34
    The GlobalizerI legit got The Odd Job no hit run on my second attempt (!!!) and much of the credit goes to you and De4thM4chin3 - bravo. Run was total witchcraft and I wouldn't want to try it again, but thankfully I don't have to!

    EDIT: If I can add my tip - run it with a top tier wingman and make liberal use of Anima Deflector as your alt weapon. I didn't shoot anyone in the whole level, I let my wingman do the work. Keep the wingman back for the first section (until the trench run) and then move them forward for the rest of the level. Save your bombs for the final bosses (I had three), and you're golden.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 04 Apr 20 at 20:10
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  • ToAnDaDeStRoYeRToAnDaDeStRoYeR649,093
    09 Aug 2014 09 Aug 2014
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    Since everyone seems to have trouble with take no damage on 'Odd Job' I thought maybe I should help. Let me first say I was terrified of this level after reading how horrible this level was for most people. I thought I was going to have to spend at least an hour perfecting it. Turns out I got this on my very second try. The reason why I failed the first was cause I read some of the solutions above.

    So here is the solution or the best technique strategy. Select the max level silvertail along with a max level hireman. EQUIP THE ANIMA DELFECTOR (I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS). Then Select the Mind and Agility Ampoule. As soon as the level starts move in circles around the screen to dodge all the fireballs. And dont worry so much about shooting the enemies, let your hireman do that for you. After you pass the first section switch over to your deflector. Hold down the deflector once you see ANY threats. Even if the enemy is small and you can kill it with one shot dont even bother. Do this for the next two sections (which is suppose to be the hardest parts) and finally when you reach the boss at the end use your hireman special. One special should do the trick and they should die before you enter in free flight mode, if not hit them with another one. Hope this helps
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    ToAnDaDeStRoYeRTo be honest im not sure where i got the anima deflector. This was one of the last levels that I needed to do and I had 2 anima deflectors.
    Posted by ToAnDaDeStRoYeR on 17 Aug 14 at 00:35
    shelbygt5252I got one while fighting the bloated anomaly
    Posted by shelbygt5252 on 18 Aug 14 at 02:35
    Vr EnglishYeah this is what I did, same thing with some other levels too. Its still tough, I thought about posting it, but you beat me to it. Good tips.
    Posted by Vr English on 20 Aug 14 at 07:46
  • PTGigiPTGigi523,151
    05 Apr 2016 03 Sep 2014
    16 1 0
    I made a checklist for my personal use and saw no reason not to share it. Yes, the game does keep track of this for you, but I find it easier to have all the information on hand rather than having to check every mission to see what I need to accomplish and what those objectives are.

    To use the sheet, download it from here (File>Download):
    This document contains all the missions, the difficulty, medal requirements, and a checklist for you. Instructions are on the sheet but I will take any questions you have here!

    Tho Radia already covered the methods to best gain these medals so I'll just give you a breakdown so you know what to expect. There are 76 medals in the game to earn, with 3 per mission. Medals do not need to be earned all at once, nor is it recommended in some cases. Quite a few of these will be easier the higher level your dragon is, so if you're having trouble early on come back later when your dragons are more powerful.

    17 medals require you to earn a certain mission rank
    ------8 are for B or higher
    ------3 are for A or higher
    ------6 are for S
    ------"The Truth Will Out" has only these, meaning an S rank will earn you all 3 medals
    13 medals require you score a certain kill rate
    ------3 are for 50% or higher
    ------4 are for 70% or higher
    ------6 are for 90% or higher
    ------"Strength in Numbers" has 70% and 90%, meaning getting 90% or higher will earn you 2 medals
    14 medals require you to score a certain amount of points
    ------6 are for 30,000 or higher
    ------4 are for 50,000 or higher
    ------4 are for 90,000 or higher
    12 medals require you to defeat all of a particular enemy type in a level
    ------2 for all Ger-Anoth (jellyfish)
    ------1 for all Glyrin (giant crab)
    ------1 for all Hestrine (short-necked dragon)
    ------1 for all Neonosaur (rainbow sprites)
    ------1 for all Orkinuss (whales)
    ------2 for all Raging Dragon Eel-K (lava eel)
    ------4 for all Vespin (bugs). 2 are for Vespin and 2 are for Raging Vespin
    8 medals require you to take no damage
    6 medals require you to complete the mission without a Wingman
    5 medals require you to collect specific drops

    ------1 is for an Ampoule: LIFE&MIND (the game states + but I earned it with an L&M ++)
    ------4 are for Evolution Seeds. 1 is a Golden Tosca Seed, 1 is an Ultimate Seed, and 2 are Golden Vespin Seeds
    3 medals require you to collect all beacons.
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