Time Trial Gold achievement in Pocketbike Racer

Time Trial Gold

Achieve a lap time of less than 1:30 on all tracks in Time Trial

Time Trial Gold0
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How to unlock the Time Trial Gold achievement

  • The Chuck ChuckThe Chuck Chuck465,716
    27 Feb 2009 14 Apr 2009
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    There are 5 tracks in the game. You need to complete a lap in under 1:30 on each track. Go to Ultimate Time Trial. Preferably use a 150cc bike, as they are the fastest. If you have control problems, it can be done with a 100cc bike. Use your boost (B button) on any straight sections you can, but be aware that the race will end when your boost bar (on the right side of the screen) is empty. Driving between cones will refill your boost incrementally. Once you've gotten a lap under the 1:30 time, boost away the meter to end the race. Repeat for each track.

    The construction zone will probably be the hardest one to do, as there are many tight turns. Use the power slide (A button) to set up corners and use the boost when you can.

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    Caboose54Great post, though I would add that if you are attempting to get this on construction, after you pass the hill with the backhoe's bucket on it (you go under the outstretched arm), you will come upon a hole in the ground that you can drop down and continue on the path, while cutting out a lot of time. I was struggling until I hit this hole and found it cut a considerable amount of time off. Great solution!
    Posted by Caboose54 on 21 Feb 12 at 06:41
    Fire Hawk DIf anyone reading this is worried about that high-ish ratio, I easily got this with a 50cc bike.
    Posted by Fire Hawk D on 21 Feb 13 at 21:38
    gamester2112this is a really great guide
    Posted by gamester2112 on 15 Mar 13 at 18:00
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  • AlreadyPickedAlreadyPicked65,187
    23 Apr 2010 23 Apr 2010 23 Apr 2010
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    To help on the construction site, please follow JD Buck's shortcut (taken from the Xbox forums http://forums.xbox.com/8423891/ShowPost.aspx). It help me a lot :

    "After the 2nd long jump, there's an open area that veers to the right with a large backhoe and a pile of dirt. Just past this is a wooden path that a sharp 90 degree turn to the left. After you clear the turn there is a drop off almost right in front of you. The path normally takes you around it. Drop down. You'll see a 'wrong way' warning for just a second. You'll see arrows telling you to go right. There you are, you're back on the main course and got to skip a big step. With a 50cc and very little boost, you can clear this in about 1:24."
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    DEMON LEMONIs there a video? The forum link is broken. I'm looking for where to drop down to finish out this game. :) Thought I'd ask before I go 'Tube it. LOL
    Posted by DEMON LEMON on 10 Nov 11 at 13:26
    AlreadyPickedSorry, no video. The description that is written here is exactly the same as the one on the old xbox forums. I just put it there so that people will know the source.

    I can't find it in the new forums :(

    Anyway, if I remember well, the "drop" is kinda hard to find because it's a little darker. It's a long hole on the floor a little after a quick left turn and a underpass.
    Posted by AlreadyPicked on 11 Nov 11 at 12:59
    AxGryndrThe area with the cargo containers has a wood ramp in it. If you hit this with boost on a 150cc bike you skip most of that area saving a huge amount of time also.
    Posted by AxGryndr on 20 Jun 12 at 05:31
  • OOGOOG688,945
    07 Feb 2021 07 Feb 2021 07 Feb 2021
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    To get to Ultimate Time Trial
    Single Player > Free Play >Map Selection (Level) > Event: Ultimate Time Trial
    I struggled to find it. So decided it might help someone else.

    Parking Lot
    Backyard Track
    The King's Garden
    Under Construction
    Fantasy Ranch

    Achieve 1 (single) lap under 1:30:00. Added extra emphasis here because I thought it was total time and kept retrying Parking Lot in a 3 lap trial. Same with Backyard Track. Kept retrying the race redface
    Now for the reason you're here.

    Under Contruction:
    I used 150cc bike (Little Dipper) an achieved a time 1:20:00. With falls 1:25:00 at the most. There is a secret hole other people have commented on. There is one. Guide over. Jk. After taking 2 90's left turn you enter a wide open platform. LANDMARK: RED TOWER. Take the long jump over to get to the wooden under construction platform. Upon leaving this wooden corner, drive straight down to the open hole ahead of you. You'll drop down and see, a backhoe and a dirt mound. If you are driving down a dirt mound and see a backhoe in which you can drive underneath. You've driven too far. Furthermore, if you are still having trouble finding it. Go to standard race with 10 laps to explore. Tried following these other guides, still took me 20 minutes to find exactly what they were trying to describe. All in all, shortcut is around 0:50:00-0:55:00 [50-55 seconds into the level] Another hint, Press(A) to power slide 180 turns.
    Achievement Unlocked upon crossing the finish line. Very wordy guide, other guides were too vague for me to follow. Hope this helps.
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