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Sand Central Station

Complete Level 1 - Sand Central Station

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How to unlock the Sand Central Station achievement

  • DanokittyDanokitty128,265
    29 Jan 2014 19 Feb 2014 19 Feb 2014
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    - For those of you who prefer detailed text walkthroughs like myself, here is a guide for completing Mission 1 - Sand Central Station:

    - First Area:

    - You will start on the ramp up to the road that surrounds Grand Central Station. Clear a path up the ramp by smashing the taxis with Hulk. In front of the bus, use Iron Man's explosives to break the caps off of the fire hydrants to erode the sand blocking the bus, then use Hulk to smash the sand out of the way and remove the bus.

    - Clear away some more taxis with Hulk, then destroy the side of the tanker truck with Iron Man's missiles. Check the nearby ground for the leftover bricks from the explosion (they will have blue/purple sparkles around them), stand near them, and hold down "B" to assemble the pieces into handles that Hulk can use to move the truck.

    - Boss Fight - Abomination:

    - Very simple. Attack him with Hulk, and then follow the on-screen button prompts, consisting of tapping "X". When you win, a cutscene will play, and will transport to the next area.

    - Second Area:

    - Use Hulk to pick up and throw the piece of junk on the left at one of the sand hands, then use Iron Man's missiles to destroy the silver turnstiles on the right, revealing another object for Hulk to throw at the other sand hand.

    - A sand train will arrive to block your path. Defeat 25 sand monsters to continue.

    - In order to remove the wall blocking your path, you must first blow up the silver globe on top of the information booth with missiles. Then, use the remaining pieces to build a large water gun. Weaken the wall by blasting it with water with the gun. Once the wall has been weakened, use Hulk to destroy it.

    - To destroy the wall with the sand guns on top of it, use Iron Man's missiles to destroy the scaffolding on the right, then build the remaining pieces into an anvil, which you can then throw at the weak part of the wall with Hulk. Once you do, you will be blown outside, up onto the roof.

    - Third Area:

    - Spiderman will join the party. Use Hulk to clear away the fallen letters, then use Iron Man's missiles to get rid of the silver metal fence on the left. Use Spiderman's "Spidey-Sense" to find a grapple point, then press "B", then tap it, to yank down and destroy the generator. Use "Spidey-Sense" again on the right to find a way to climb up the wall, then find a grapple point and yank to pull down a satellite dish. Build the pieces into a device that will destroy the second generator, once pulled by Hulk. Once both generators are destroyed, use "Spidey-Sense" again to find two grapple points on the giant letter "A", then yank them to pull the "A" over, creating a ramp up to the next section of roof.

    - Boss Fight - Sandman:

    - Head to the right side of the area and shoot a web at the grapple point with Spiderman, then switch to Hulk and hold "Y" to transform into Bruce Banner. Climb up the webbing, then change back into the Hulk to grab the green handles to tear down the water tower. Transform into Bruce again, and rebuild the pieces into a water cannon, shooting a stream at Sandman.

    - Change back into the Hulk and run up to Sandman, attacking his cracked section. Next, head to the left and smash the cracked section of flooring. Build the resulting pieces into a cement mixer and toss it at Sandman. Attack his cracked section again. Switch to Iron Man and head to the right side of the area, blasting the silver panel and pulling the switch behind it. Switch back to Spiderman and pull the grapple point on the left, then pull the switch underneath. Now, use your "Spidey-Sense" to find another grapple point on the water tank in the middle of the area. After soaking Sandman once more, switch back to Hulk and attack the cracked section one final time to defeat Sandman and complete the mission.

    - If you found this guide helpful, please vote, and then continue on to my guide for Mission 2, "Times Square Off"! Look out for more of my guides/ solutions for Lego Marvel Superheroes, and I'll guide you towards 100% completion as well! Thanks,

    - Dan
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  • liviaroliviaro377,372
    17 Oct 2014 27 Dec 2014
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    This video from HappyThumbsGaming is one of the best i've found that shows you exactly how to complete the level, just follow it and you will get the achievement without any problems. :)
  • JackTBTaylorJackTBTaylor208,787
    31 Jan 2014 03 Feb 2014
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    I've just started playing through the story on this on my YouTube channel. The video below should be used as a guide on what you need to do just in case you get stuck!
    Much love, Taylor
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