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Magnetic Personality

Complete Level 13 - Magnetic Personality

Magnetic Personality+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Magnetic Personality

  • liviaroliviaro369,835
    19 Oct 2014 27 Dec 2014
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    This video from HappyThumbsGaming is one of the best i've found that shows you exactly how to complete the level, just follow it and you will get the achievement without any problems. :)
  • DanokittyDanokitty128,094
    11 Feb 2014 19 Feb 2014 19 Feb 2014
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    - Here is a step-by-step guide for completing Mission 13- Magnetic Personality. The achievement will unlock immediately in the post-level cutscene.

    - After the completion of mission 12, follow the ghost stud trail to a dock in Central Park. Once there, use Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense to uncover a console. Use Iron Man to rotate each wheel on the screen so the colors line up and the Stark Jet will be built. Walk out on the bridge to enter it and take off for the next level.

    *First Area*

    - Begin by defeating the swarm of enemies attacking you. Once you are no longer being attacked, select Spider-Man and use his Spider Sense on the pillar on the right of the main room. After, switch to Iron Man and destroy the pillar beneath what you just pulled out, now switch to Thor to charge the switch. Do the same on the left side. Put the loose pieces together and you will create a switch that will open the door to the next area.

    *Second Area*

    - In the second area, Dr. Doom will now send his Doom Bots after you. Defeat the enemies attacking you and jump over the now-destroyed bridge, and up to the top level where Doom has just escaped from. Switch to Spider-Man and use his Spider Sense again, switch to Thor to destroy the glass, then back to Spider-Man to pull the switch. Loose bricks will fall, after putting them together you will need to switch to Thor to charge the battery which will then clear your path. Switch to Spider-Man again and use his Spider Sense by the wall. Climb the wall to the top and defeat the enemies that will then attack you. They will continue to attack until you build a barricade with the loose bricks at the furthest right side of the room.

    - Close to where you built your barricade, there is a spot on the wall that can be destroyed by Iron Man. Destroy it and build something the pieces that were formed. It will create a staircase to a lever you will need to pull. Pull it, then go to the left side and pull that level too. Now switch to Spider-Man and pull down the door.

    - Magneto will again run off and leave you with a few of his minions to fight. Switch to Spider-Man to pull the levers that appear before you. This will bring up a computer for Iron Man to use. Use it to extend your bridge and advance.

    *Third Area*

    Boss Fight- Magneto:

    - Avoid the objects Magneto throws at you until you have enough parts laying on the ground to be able to build something to fight back. Iron Man will need to throw the first item. After throwing your special item back at him, he will be regular sized and you can attack him a few times before he changes back to his giant mode.

    - Return to dodging his attacks until you can build something again. Now it's Thor's turn to throw something at Magneto. Switch to Thor and throw the pumpkin! Attack Magneto once more when he loses his shield.
    Now only one heart left! Avoid Magneto's attack once more and build the object once it becomes available. For this one, you will need Thor to charge the object and Spider-Man to throw it.

    Congrats! If you found this guide helpful, please vote and offer feedback. Be sure to check out all of my other guides and solutions for Lego Marvel Superheroes achievements, and I'll help you reach 100% completion like I have! Let me know if anything needs to be added or edited, thanks!

    - Dan
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