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Road Rage

Destroy 100 vehicles in the Manhattan hub

Road Rage0
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  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles866,069
    01 Dec 2013 06 Dec 2013 22 Sep 2014
    34 2 4
    This can be obtained with pretty much any character, though it's easier with a muscle character like The Hulk or The Thing. As muscle, simply run around town and slam into cars, then keep hitting cn_X to destroy them. It's entirely possible to destroy them just by ramming them enough times.

    As anyone else, stand in the middle of a lane and keep doing a ranged attack to destroy incoming cars. If they stop coming, run off in search of more cars.
  • Decoy1982Decoy1982218,535
    22 Jan 2014 22 Jan 2014
    9 1 0
    This can be achieved in Co-Op playing with a friend very quickly. My wife and I ran around the city hub playing as Hulk and Thing, we popped this in about 10 minutes. This does NOT have to be done with just one Player.
  • JazzAssJazzAss177,759
    11 Apr 2016 11 Apr 2016
    6 0 0
    An easy way to get this quickly, is in the 'shooting galleries' on the deck of the Helicarrier. Jump in, blast away, and this will quickly be done.
  • LathanarLathanar438,343
    26 Dec 2013 26 Dec 2013
    4 0 0
    Destroy 100 vehicles in the Manhattan city hub. Vehicles destroyed in the minigames such as the remote control car smasher and the remote control boat shooter while gathering gold bricks count. It is usually an easier grind to smash cars in the street after completing those minigames to get the few left.
  • mongrominetmongrominet527,147
    01 May 2015 05 May 2015 12 Nov 2016
    1 2 0
    for unlocking the achievement - ""road rage"" =
    with HULK : you need destroy 100 cars in the city manhattan

    2 achievements are unlocked in this youtube video link =
    a - puny god == unlocked at 3 ' 15 " of this video youtube
    b - road rage == unlocked at 5 ' 15 " of this youtube video

    good luck to all
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