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You Win a No-Prize!

Complete game 100% (Single Player)

You Win a No-Prize!0
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  • mak 90mak 90339,775
    13 Jan 2014 13 Jan 2014
    110 3 39
    I take no credit for this solution. All credit goes to Dimrill. This is his guide from the xbox360 version of this game. I used this guide and it was very helpful. Thanks Dimrill!

    According to other sources, the things required to reach 100% completion are:

    Complete all 15 levels in Story and Free Play modes.
    Complete all 11 hub missions in Story and Free Play modes.*
    Achieve “True Believer” for all levels and hub missions.
    Collect all 150 minikits.
    Collect all 250 Gold Bricks.
    Collect and purchase all 11 Deadpool bricks.
    Save all 50 Stan Lee in Perils
    Unlock and purchase all 153 characters in the game.
    Unlock and purchase all 40 vehicles in the game.

    *A note that I didn't "complete" the levels in free-play, just played through to get all the minikits and Stan and then exited and saved. So that means you only have to beat the entire level in Story mode.

    If you're stuck at 249/250 gold bricks, you've most likely missed the brick for the flying race on the West side of the island. It's high up, almost on the same level as the Shield Heli-carrier, directly West of the central park lake, out in the surrounding ocean. (all directions assume that the X-men mansion is North, and the statue of Liberty is South)

    Stuck at 98.8%? You've most likely done what I did and didn't realise that there are three separate vehicle spawn points. One for road which are at ground level, one for air which can be found on the rooftops, and one for water which is, erm, near water.

    Stuck at 99.9%? You've probably not bought the one boat at the water vehicle spawn.
  • El Diablo QuesoEl Diablo Queso185,075
    06 Jan 2015 06 Jan 2015
    13 1 10
    2 things to add to this

    Flying missions - Reading this website and others I found that IronMan was way to fast and I had ALOT of problems trying to do the flying missions with him. Some suggested Thor, who is slower and Silver Surfer were some good alternatives. I was still having problems when I read on another site, use Wasp. Wasp shrinks like Ant man while flying so you have a lot of room to see because the rings are massive when flying. I was able to finish all the flying missions in about 2 hours using Wasp. So if you are stuck try it.

    99.9% Glitch - I finished everything, 250 GBs, all stans, minikits, vehicles and characters bought. After some quick research I found that fighting galactus again in free play, to completion triggered my 100% pop even though the game is still 99.9%

    Hope this helps
  • CheeevoHunterCheeevoHunter67,885
    11 Jul 2014 11 Jul 2014
    3 1 0
    I firstly want to state this is not a guide but a GLITCH ALERT
    many gamers are experiencing the deadpool character disappearing after being unlocked.this then affects you getting to 100% the game
    If this happens to you rather than spend hours emailing xbox and ttgames just replay a deadpool mission
    I did the requirements that should release the brick and after completing level the achievement popped
  • kegonomicskegonomics498,274
    13 Jul 2014 13 Jul 2014
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