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Post-Credit Party

Complete House Party Protocol

Post-Credit Party+0.6
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  • DanokittyDanokitty127,150
    12 Feb 2014 19 Feb 2014 13 Apr 2014
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    (For those of you wanting a more detailed solution, this is a walkthrough guide for completing the side-mission: House Party Protocol.)

    - House Party Protocol is a side mission that is unlocked at no cost upon completion of the final story mission. (Thanks to MagnetixXQL for reminding me!)

    - When inside the city, use a flying character to reach "Stark Tower" (check the map for a black circle with a white "A" in the center). Fly up near the top, just above the large main balcony, to a smaller walkway with a blue and pink neon sign above it. Walk in through the entrance below the sign.

    - Begin by destroying the objects in the middle of the room and building the remaining pieces into turntables for Nick Fury (the DJ) to spin.

    - Next, use Iron Man’s laser on the gold plate above the elevator, which will then bring up some boxes. Smash the boxes and use the remaining pieces to build the sound system.

    - Destroy the silver lock on the far side of the room with Iron Man's missiles to reveal a console. Use it to solve the color-coded puzzle on the screen behind Fury’s DJ stand. Doing so will drop a disco ball from the ceiling above the dance floor on the right.

    - Finally, go over to the dance floor and watch to see the order that the tiles light up in. Jump around the colored tiles in the same order that they first appear. Completing all 3 dance moves successfully will complete the mission.

    If you found this guide helpful, please vote and share any feedback. Check my many other guides and solutions for this game's achievements! Please let me know if I need to add or edit anything. Thanks!

    - Dan
  • skepta11skepta11439,545
    29 Dec 2013 29 Dec 2013
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    I had a bit of trouble finding the mission - when at the stark tower fly up using iron man and there is a platform you land on - get the iron man chip whilst on the first plat form - fly up to the second and complete the level - hit the balloons there are x3 this will get you another iron man chip here is a link I used for help

    I take no credit for the attached video
  • Mariner MikeMariner Mike293,810
    21 Dec 2013 20 Dec 2013
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    Complete House Party Protocol

    This level unlocks after you beat the final story mission, it will be found in Stark Tower. It's a pretty simple mission consisting of all puzzles.

    Credit for solution goes to XD Dante Ssp for providing this solution on the Xbox 360 version of this game.
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