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It's Me Time!

Read a comic in Deadpool's room on the Helicarrier

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    This is a complete walkthrough guide I've written to help locate and collect all 10 Minikits during the first mission - "Sand Central Station". Be sure to select FREE PLAY at the mission select screen.

    You need to have unlocked and purchased Sandman for use in this level. You will also need Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Spiderman, Jean Grey, and Iceman (Or their ability-using equivalents). Lots of characters, I know! I will use these characters for reference, but you may use whomever you prefer.

    *First Area*

    #1 - Slightly up the main path, look towards the left building to see a glowing cracked billboard panel. Using Hulk, pick up a nearby Taxi with "B", aim at the billboard until it locks on, and throw it. Fly up to the resulting hole with Iron Man to collect Minikit #1.

    #2 - Smash 3 blue mailboxes to get Minikit #2:
    1. On the left , near the front.
    2. On the left, at the far end of the block.
    3. On the right, in front of the pizzeria.

    #3 - Using Thor, hold down "B" to fully charge, then use "X" to direct a beam of electricity into the panel by the NYC Comics store on the right, then use Spider-Man to pull and rip open the door to reveal Minikit #3.

    #4 - Use Wolverine to dig up the delivery bike on the right, near the front. Jump in and drive it, following the trail of studs, to the pizzeria at the other end of the street. Minikit #4 will appear.

    *Second Area*

    #5 - Use Iron Man's laser to heat up and destroy the gold counterweight near the first golden chandelier on the left second level balcony, which will drop down Minikit #5.

    - If you are going for 100%, or just want an extra gold brick, you may as well take the 15 seconds needed to free him. Stan Lee is trapped under a vending machine on the second level balcony right below where Minikit #5 appeared. Destroy the vending machine to free him.

    #6 - To the right of the large, round information booth, use Spiderman's spidey-sense to locate a weak spot in the pipe. Then use Iron Man's laser to heat up the gold weak spot, causing a leak. The leak will uncover a Sandbox. Using Sandman, stand above the spot and press (not hold) "B" to dig up Minikit #6.

    #7 - Use Iron Man's laser on the gold wall at the left. Build the remaining pieces into a box, then destroy it. Select Wolverine and activate the claw switch behind it. This will open the metal door to the left, and reveal the minikit next to a weak-minded (with a "?" above his head) character. Use Jean Grey's telekinesis near him and take control. Use him to walk to and claim the minikit.

    * Third Area*

    #8 - Use Jean Grey's telekinesis on the clock at the front of the building to chime the hour. After it finishes chiming, you will recieve Minikit #8.

    #9 - Destroy 5 gold vents using Iron Man's laser to obtain Minikit #9:

    1. On the left, in front of the silver fence surrounding the generator.
    2. On the right, at the top of the climbing wall next to the generator.
    3. Just behind where the giant "A" piece of the Stark tower was.
    4. To the left of Sandman (fly up and stand on the vent beside it).
    5. At the bottom of the tower, to the right of Sandman.

    #10 - After destroying the water tank at the top of the tower to the right of Sandman, freeze the resulting puddle with Iceman's freezing beam to form an ice slide. Slide down it to collect the final minikit, #10.

    - To save time, you can simply "Save & Quit" the level from the Start Menu (Do not select "Exit Level" or you will lose all new progress) after you've gathered all the collectibles for the level.

    - You will be returned to the top of the elevator aboard the Helicarrier. Use the console to lower the elevator. In the Control Room, head forward and to the left, and walk through the doorway on the upper level. Walk down the hall, skipping the room on the left, and by viewing your minimap, go into the first entrance on your right, "Deadpool's Room".

    - Head over to white circle on the floor at the far right of the room, stand on it and press "X". Assuming this is the first mission you've finished completely, just select the only option available and open the comic. You don't have to actually read all the pages, as the achievement will pop as soon as it's opened.

    Congrats! If you found this guide helpful, please vote and offer feedback. Check out my many other achievement guides and solutions for "Lego: Marvel Superheroes" on Xbox One, and I'll help you to get that awesome 100% completion like I have! Thanks,

    - Dan
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    Once you've got all 10 minikit pieces for one level you will unlock a comic. Head to deadpools room on the carrier. (Go down the elevator , through the door on the left and it's the first door on the right in the hallway) head over to the bookshelve choose you're comic and pop goes the achievement
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