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Zoo Believer

Unlock all animal-themed characters (Single Player)

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    For this achievement you need to unlock all Animal Themed Characters, though it appears that the Lizard doesn't count (according to a few friends anyway)

    The Animal themed characters are unlocked as follows:

    Ant-Man - Token: found north of the Diamond Staff icon in the Industrial District. (Use Wolverine to dig up the 3 dirt piles)
    Beast - Unlocked after completing Story Level 8 (Juggernauts and Crosses).
    Beetle - Token: Found East of Central Park down a back alley. Bounce on the webs and collect all the studs that appear. Once you've gotten them all, the Beetle token will appear
    Black Cat - You can use code: P9OWL0 in the HeliCarrier, or find the token near the Taking Liberties mission icon on the map.
    Also unlocks the Achievement:

    LEGO Marvel Super HeroesBad Luck?The Bad Luck? achievement in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes worth 30 pointsUnlock Black Cat (Single Player)

    Black Panther - Complete the three Black Panther events in the Manhattan Hub
    NOTE - (Credit to Luku38)
    This quest is NOT glitched.
    If you started the final quest for this character (the one with the cat), and the cat is sitting on the road and won't budge not even after shooting rockets at it, don't panic and restart the game as some of the ''solutions'' on the internet suggest.
    Instead, go into the alley on the left of the spot where the cat is standing (screenshot below for a better directional guidance) and the quest will continue.
    External image

    Black Widow - Unlocked after completing Story Level 1 (Sand Central Station).
    Doctor Octopus - Unlocked after completing Story Level 2 (Times Square Off).
    Doctor Octopus Ultimate - Bonus Token: Found in Free Play on the mission "Tabloid Tidy Up"
    Howard The Duck - You can use code: J58RSS in the HeliCarrier, or unlocked via completing the bonus level "Nuff Said".
    Will also unlock the achievement:

    LEGO Marvel Super HeroesReally?The Really? achievement in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes worth 15 pointsCollect Howard the Duck (Single Player)

    Phoenix - Unlocked after completing the Bonus Level: "Put Up Your Dukes".
    Rhino - Unlocked after completing Story Level 12 (Rapturous Rise).
    Rocket Raccoon - After completing the game, find him in the Manhattan Hub and complete his 3 missions to unlock
    Sabretooth - Unlocked after completing Story Level 4 (Rock Up at the Lock Up).
    Spider Man - Unlocked after completing Story Level 1 (Sand Central Station).
    Spider Man F.F. - Unlocked after completing the first Ghost Rider event. (Unlocked after beating the Circus bonus Level)
    Superior Spider Man - Token. Go to the top of the Empire State building and find the right location to jump off
    (NOTE: Use a character who deploys parachutes). There is a falling sequence much like the one from the HeliCarrier drop, with the Superior Spider Man token inside the last ring of Studs

    Spider Woman - Token found in the south of Manhattan
    Squirrel Girl - Token: found on the docks NorthWest of the Put Up Your Dukes mission icon on the map.
    Toad - Find him and beat his three missions in the Manhattan Hub.
    Viper - Token, found along the road that runs through Central Park.
    Vulture - unlocked after completing the Bonus Level "Nuff Said".
    Wasp - Found outside the Oscorp Building.
    Wolverine - Unlocked after completing Story Level 4 (Rock Up at the Lock Up).
    Wolverine (Cowl) - You can enter the code: OAW2LB at the HeliCarrier, or find him in the Bonus Level "Put Up Your Dukes" in Free Play.
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