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Stud Magnate

Collect 2 billion studs before the 31st of January 2014

13 Dec 2013 until 31 Jan 2014

Stud Magnate
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  • thanassithanassi300,325
    14 Dec 2013 15 Dec 2013
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    A straight forward enough challenge to complete.
    Simply collect as many studs as possible, simple enough?
    Well, this would take till next year without the use of multiplier bricks.

    To ensure a quick and hassle free experience, I recommend acquiring as many of these bricks (the multiplier bonus stacks, so it multiples studs you collect by up to 3840). The attract studs brick is also very useful, as any near by studs are collected as you run around collecting them.

    Once you have them, re-run missions destroying everything, collect studs from around the city or go create smashing in the helicarrier (smash everything in all the rooms then exit helicarrier and enter again, this respawns them, then rinse and repeat).

    Make sure you buy the bricks in Deadpool's room (enter helicarrier, take left door then first right, then unlock on the 2nd screen in the room) and activate them on the extras menu when you pause the game.

    Studs x2
    Requirements: None. Already unlocked.
    Where to find: This brick is already unlocked when you begin the game. Go to Deadpool’s room to buy.
    Cost: 1,000,000 studs

    Studs x4
    Requirements: Finish Story Mode
    Where to find: Go to the Daily Bugle. Use Telekinesis character to arrange the trophies in the office.
    Cost: 2,000,000 studs

    Studs x6
    Requirements: 50 Gold Bricks
    Where to find: Unlock “Feeling Frisky” mission at Fisk Tower. Use Telekinesis and Gold Heat Beam characters. Open golden door and use Telekinesis on Kingpin’s painting.
    Cost: 3,000,000 studs

    Studs x8
    Requirements: 125 Gold Bricks
    Where to find: Unlock “Reptillian Ruckus” at the Repile House in Central park.
    Cost: 4,000,000 studs

    Studs x10
    Requirements: None
    Where to find: Inside Stark Tower. Use Telekinesis character to break the pinata.
    Cost: 5,000,000 studs

    Attract Studs
    Requirements: 100 Gold Bricks
    Where to find: Unlock “Stunt Show Surprise” at the Circus Tent in Central Park. Use Magnetic Powers character to open the metal cage.
    Cost: 600,000 studs
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