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    06 Mar 2014 01 Mar 2014
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    Another good way is to add around 40-50 short videos on favorites.
    After this you can go in "favorites" section and start the first one. Machinima plays videos in sequence until the last one. This is helpful if you don't like to press A button over and over.
  • SkinstakovicSkinstakovic435,423
    13 Aug 2015 02 Aug 2015
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    ---August 2015 update---

    Hi guys,

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor currently have 30 short wingman videos split over 4 categories.

    From the main menu select "Gameplay"
    Then select "Popular"
    Scroll to the right and choose "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor"
    Select "Choose Collection"
    Add every video from the following categories to favourites:

    Wingman trials of war
    Wingman enemies
    Wingman Shadow of Mordor gameplay
    Wingman Shadow of Mordor challenges

    Now, when you go to work or sleep, play your favourites list. Start with the first video and it will automatically work its way through all the videos on your list. Rinse and repeat as often as required.

    As videos get removed from time to time I would suggest using this method as soon as possible before they are gone.
  • Crescendo 11Crescendo 11124,201
    12 Jan 2014 23 Feb 2014
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    Enter the app. In the main menu, in the list on the left, select "Shows." Now, select "Search." In the search bar, type in "Sonic." The show "Sonic For Hire" should appear. Select it. Select season 6 in the "Seasons" list and episode 10 in the "Episodes" list. The video is called "Sonic For Hire Season 7 Trailer." At 38 seconds long, it is one of the shortest videos in the app. Once the video has ended, simply press the A button to start the video again.

    While playing the video, press the A button to show the video controls and select the star symbol on the right to "favorite" the video. This enables you to access the video from the app's main menu in the "Favorites" tab.

    To see the exact number of videos you have watched, go to the Xbox One dashboard, highlight the Machinima app, and press the menu button on the controller. Select "View app details" from the list. Now scroll to the right to see the "Videos Watched" leaderboard.

    Alternatively, you can simply select any video you want, fast forward it until there are only a few seconds left, and then resume play at normal speed. Fast forwarding through the entire video doesn't count. However, I find that this method requires too much attention. I prefer the Sonic For Hire method, in that once you hear the video stop, you just simply have to press A to start the video again.
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