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Achievement Guide for Oversharer

  • ZavisticZavistic867,352
    27 Feb 2014 27 Feb 2014 04 Mar 2015
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    Thanks to @VegaDark541 for contacting Machinima and getting an answer to this problem. Machinima replied with the following: "Our product team is aware of the issue with Xbox One App and working to resolve it."

    Please message me or comment below when the Achievement is working again and i will remove this message.

    You simply need to register on the Machinima then when watching a video you can hit the share button.
    You can also share the same video 10 times
    NOTE: It does share to your Facebook page so you may want to delete it afterwards.

    This achievement has been glitched due to updates on a few different occasions, so check the comments to see it's status.
  • Ryn0 LRyn0 L499,427
    07 Mar 2014 07 Mar 2014 12 Feb 2016
    10 0 0
    UPDATE: This achievement (as well as the entire app) is now discontinued

    --> Just wanted to add a tip for anybody a little worried about spamming Facebook <--

    Once you have linked Machinima to your Facebook account, go into the privacy settings on Facebook and make it so all Machinima posts are seen by "Only me". That way, all the posts made by this achievement won't be seen by anyone else. Peace of mind :)

    Now, as the other guides have said, just go to any video, and once it's playing, bring up the controls, hit the share button. Rinse. Repeat.

    Boom, Achievement.

    Even though they're hidden from everyone, if you don't want those posts on your page, just head on over to Facebook and delete them. No harm done.
  • VidGamiacVidGamiac1,034,352
    27 Feb 2014 27 Feb 2014
    11 1 0
    **Achievement fixed as of February 26, 2014.**

    To share a video, you need to have your account connected to Facebook.
    Hit A while watching a video to bring up the controls and click the two arrows in a circle icon (the one that looks like replay/rewind) and that will share your video.

    Repeat 9 times and you should get your achievement.
  • KillaQueens515KillaQueens515123,392
    20 Dec 2015
    2 0 4
    According to the walkthrough for this app the Oversharer achievement has been "discontinued" and can no longer be unlocked. I think this to be true since I've shared dozens of videos and have not yet unlocked this achievement.
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