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Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Listen to 10000 songs

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough0
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  • SSmasterONESSmasterONE270,675
    26 Nov 2013 03 Dec 2013 20 Apr 2014
    46 7 10
    Just start any radio station, plug the controller via micro USB so it doesn't shut off, and cycle through about 20,000 songs by putting a rubber band on the right trigger and you will get the achievement. After about 20 songs it starts back at the beginning but they all count. Trust me, look at who got the achievement first on TA (actually now it shows I was second, but I was first when I uploaded this guide). For some reason each song that you play on the radio using this method only counts as about half a song towards songs played.
  • DF I PhoenixDF I Phoenix313,811
    18 Jul 2014 18 Jul 2014
    17 1 2

    What could be an easy way to earn this, is to use my current method (while I'm writing, my playlist is running). You just need to have your computer (works for Win7/Win8, others I don't know) connected on the same network of your Xbox One.

    Download Audacity (free) for your computer, then record half a second of sound in this software, then export it as a .wav file, and then copy/paste it in the folder to be sure it will not bug later (you may even copy/paste it more times just to be VERY sure of this ! ^^)

    And now, the only last thing to do (depends on your configuration) is to select those files, click right and select Play to : Xbox-SystemOS or whatever you called your Xbox One.

    Now, go doing whatever you have to do, you can go sleeping, shopping (no school because it's holidays !), working or whatever you want ! (I'm going to the mall right after writing this :P)

    Hope it works for you because it works for me and my best friend ;)
  • Johnny BroflexJohnny Broflex496,497
    19 Apr 2015 19 Apr 2015 19 Apr 2015
    8 0 0
    This is similar to using ELLRIC's solution. I followed his first steps by looking up the "You Suffer" song by Napalm Death and noticed that I couldn't play it, only preview it, probably because I don't have a subscription. But when you look up the song, you can preview it and its only 1 second long, cut down from 4. Again, this is probably because I don't have a subscription so it probably won't work for people who do. Let me know in the comments if this works for others! This achievement should take between 6-8 hours. I've gone up about 15% on my progress bar after about an hour so far.
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity492,596
    09 Jun 2014 27 May 2014 27 May 2014
    8 2 1
    This is just an alternative and less aggressive way to getting this achievement. It is not faster, but does not require any work, and is for music pass holders.

    Just search for a band with a lot of songs that you like. I listen to like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Thousand Foot Krutch, Shinedown, Disturbed, Linkin Park.

    I started off by listening to many bands during the day while playing games (snapped the music app), and at night, I would fall asleep to Linkin Park, and their playlist was big enough to last until I woke.

    Later on, I created a playlist of all the bands I named above, of almost every song they had, so it was just a huge playlist of a large number of songs.

    I would just let the playlist play through to the end. My current playlist ends after 9 days of non stop running it from start to end. My internet friends tell me that they max out at 100 songs, but I do not know why that is. I pay for a 1 year Xbox Music Pass ($100 for 1 year of unlimited music). I make my playlists on my computer, and I have not run into a max size yet.

    But yea, doing this, you can literally just leave the app snapped, and it will play music. I get any where from 300 - 1000 songs a day doing this (I might be playing a game during the day and the music might not match the mood, so I skip some songs sometimes). This method speeds up the process of getting the achievement, but does not require additional effort after the first time of making a playlist, as you are just playing music through games and to fall asleep, etc...

    Also: If you run into a cut scene in a game or something, just unsnap the app using Smart glass if you hate Kinect, or if you are like me, just say, "Xbox Unsnap" and it will pause it where it was. When you are ready to play music again, just snap it again.

    The controller can be turned off. It will not affect anything. You can also control music through the Xbox One Smart glass.
    22 Jun 2014
    11 7 4
    repeat this song, i just found this today. credit goes to warfarc on youtube. just follow the instructions. should be simple i think. nicely done.
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