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The Rescuer in State of Decay

The Rescuer99 (25)

Unlock All Heroes.

  • Unlocked by 952 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 3.95) 4,008  

Achievement Guide for The Rescuer

Wicked Jei
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Wicked Jei
Achievement won on 12 Mar 14
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Posted on 07 December 13 at 04:17, Edited on 30 December 13 at 17:52
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Keep in mind that you can only take 7 people with you INCLUDING Lily to the next level (There is an exploit to have more than 7, see Useful Tips section below). Be sure that once you repair the RV, you select the people you want to take with you by either talking to them directly or going to the journal, highlighting them, and pressing Y. The character you currently are playing as will automatically go on the RV.
When you complete a challenge, Lily will almost immediately radio in and give you their location. However, if you have friendly survivors that want to join you, you might have to recruit them before you get the hero escort mission. This happened if I had more than one group that wanted to join me.
I would suggest doing "The Killer" challenge first as it involves the death of a random survivor.
You do not need to collect all heroes in one playthrough.

Useful tips

-When you enter a new level in breakdown, you start off with 0 influence. Before leaving in the RV, load your survivors with gear so you can put it in the locker at the beginning of the next level for influence.

-Diane Montressor and Erik Tan can be collected early on and they both have the Death From Above ability. Call in artillery but don't use the marker. Store it in your locker for the later levels. Do this whenever you have a lot of influence to spend.

-Excess ammo past 60 rounds will disappear when you exit the game. Load survivors up with ammo before you get off so you don't lose any.

-Snacks will disappear when you exit the game. Use them or lose them.

-Make plenty of suppressors in the first level of breakdown when the going is easier.

-If you're good on medicine, break the resources down and collect the bottles for the harder levels.

-Construction materials drain fast. I would only collect them when you need them.

-Library research carries over between levels.

-Get fighting and cardio maxed out for your survivors. Use those snacks! Those are the skills that affect how much stamina and health you have.

-There is a useful exploit to put more than 7 people on the RV. It's not necessary for the achievement, but it can make things easier for you. Once you've repaired the RV and chosen your 5 survivors to go on the RV (+Lily and the character you're playing as), Lily will radio in saying the RV is full. However, if you have any survivors away from your home base, you can radio in to find them by highlighting their portrait in the menu and pressing Y. Lily will give you their location. Go to them, and one of your dialogue options should be to get on the RV. Pick it, and they will be put on the RV even if the RV is at full capacity. If a survivor you want to take is not away from home, select them to play as and run down the street, then switch to another character. The one you were previously playing as should now be away from home.

These next few tips suggested by Punisher
- Your store/supply closet items are maintained when you advance the breakdown level, but advancing the breakdown level counts as exiting the game. Ammo counts above 60 will disappear, snacks will disappear, etc.

- Random members of your population will take good weapons from your supplies - make sure to get them back before you advance the breakdown level if you aren't taking them with.

- Stripping inventory items from survivors is a decent way to gain influence, and you can potentially exploit this if you take their weapons. They'll frequently grab new weapons from the supply store without costing you influence.

- If you have influence to burn and are a hoarder, clean out the trash from your supply store. Otherwise you'll be struggling to fit new items into your store in the later breakdown levels. (Almighty Jei adds: Give your trash to enclaves to retain some influence. If you have way too many melee weapons, I would suggest keeping Wrenches (blunt), Cutting Machine Blades (edge), and Axes (heavy), because they are durable, light, and fairly common. As for firearms, get rid of most revolvers and shotguns. If you don't use them and you've completed their respective challenges, just get rid of them. Keep your .22 weapons, as .22 ammo is very common. My personal favorite is the Fifty-Seven, a pistol that holds 20 bullets.)

Breakdown Level 1

The Bruiser
-Kill 100 zombies with blunt weapons
Unlocks Eli Wilkerson

The Cop
-Kill 50 zombies with Pistols
Unlocks Owen Lykins
Pistols are fairly common in loot and you can get ammo from other enclaves.

The Believer
-Earn 500 Fame
Unlocks Pastor Williams
You will get this over time doing missions.

The Father
-Max out Every Facility
Unlocks: Thomas Ritter
Built in facilities do not count.
You need to research the garden upgrade with a library.
You also need a library for the last infirmary upgrade.
You need a workshop for the storage area.
Watch tower => Shooting Platform
Garden => Greenhouse
Medical Area => Infirmary => Medical Lab
Sleeping Area => Bunkhouse
Storage Area => Food Storage => Refrigerated Storage
Training Area => Dojo
Basic Workshop => Workshop => Machine Shop
Basic Workshop => Workshop => Munitions Shop
Dining Area
I would do this at Snyder Trucking Warehouse.This will require a lot of construction materials. There is an exploit you can use to acquire more resources. When you discover construction materials, loot every other resource in the building except for one crate of construction. Highlight that crate and press Y to radio in for scavengers. Then pick up the crate. The scavengers will arrive and gather construction materials even though you already picked it up. This can actually be done for any resource. Be careful though, as scavengers can die on their way to your location, so it's best to only call them in to locations close to your base.

The Dealer
-Kill 400 zombies with a car door
Unlocks Ray Santos
Press X while driving to open the door. This will take a while and damage your cars. Look for hordes as it is an easy way to get 5+ zombies. When your car door breaks off, it's time to find another car (or repair it if you have the means.)

The Scholar
-Complete all research projects
Unlocks Charley Marshall
This will take a while. You will need a library facility, a garden, a munitions shop, and a storage facility. It will take less time if you have a survivor with the research skill.

The Tragedy
-Get torn apart by zombies
Unlocks Jacob Ritter
Run into zombie territory with a survivor you don't care to lose, make some noise, and let yourself die.

The Killer
-Kill a dying community member
Unlocks Alan Gunderson
I would go for this challenge first, because it is difficult to control who lives and dies. Do not build a medical facility and do not collect medicine. Eventually your people will get sick. Without an infirmary, it will spread. Some members will become gravely ill and someone may request to be mercy killed. This may take a while, so be patient.
Bloater gas has a chance to make you contract the incurable Black Fever.
I've also read online of seriously injured survivors triggering the mercy shot mission. Try taking someone you don't care for and blowing them up with a propane tank until they get an injury.
Finally, there are rumors that playable survivors (marked as 'friend') cannot be mercy killed. Try using Lily to call in survivors. When they join they will not immediately be your friend.
ERROR SUCCESS' solution:
Easiest way to get the killer: start a new game at level 1. As above, build no medical area and loot no medicine. Have Lilly reach out to survivors early and often. You will either get two in the wild or three in an enclave, one of which will be your friend no matter what you do. When driving them home, let them get out of the car as far from the compound as you can, then proceed to run them over. They will dodge out of the way, but will sustain injuries and lose trust. After you have a decent number and a sick person or two, exit the game, disconnect from Live, and set your system date forward a couple of weeks. Load the game back up and someone should be gravely ill. You may have to check in and send them back to base. Give it a little time and you will receive the Mercy Shot mission. Reconnect to live, take them out and shoot them. Setting your system date forward can also help you clear the Gardener challenge quickly.

The Sacrifice
-Go out in a blaze of glory
Unlocks Erik Tan (Be sure to take his assault rifle)
Similar to the Tragedy but equip a grenade. When you get downed and the zombies drain your health, spam the RB button until your character blows themself up.

The Taskmaster
-Play for 10 hours
Unlocks Diane Montressor
You will get this over time.

Breakdown Level 2

The Friend
-Reach breakdown level 2
Unlocks Ed Jones

The Phoenix
-Kill 100 zombies with fire
Unlocks Becca COllins
Petrol bombs, firebombs, and incendiaries all work. Oddly enough, flame fougasses do not.

The Enthusiast
-Kill 100 zombies with Blades
Unlocks Lyanna Carter

The Dead Man
-Kill 5 bloaters
Unlocks Andy Pimms
Shoot them or else the gas could make you sick.

The Hunter
-Kill 50 zombies with rifles
Unlocks Lincoln Voss
Ammo can be found at some enclaves or in the fairgrounds.

The Mother
-Cook a feast
Unlocks Heather LaRue
You need a cooking area and someone who can cook. There's a high chance you'll need to acquire a special ingredient.

Breakdown Level 3

The Convict
-Start a scenario at breakdown level 3
Unlocks Sam Hoffman
You'll get this as you play.

The Judge
-Perform 50 executions
Unlocks Judge COnstance Lawton
Executions can be done on downed zombies by pressing LB+Y.

The Mentor
-Kill 50 zombies with revolvers
Unlocks Carl Parsons
Revolvers are loud, so take care. Ammo can usually be found at enclaves.
If you still have Ray Santos, he is maxed out in revolvers.

The Fighter
-Kill 5 ferals
Unlocks Amelia Crassman
Try finding ferals by surveying the area. These are dangerous to take out on foot with an underleveled character, especially if you're alone. Try to bring some survivors with you to take these freaks on. Running them over does not count!

The Healer
-create stims or painkillers in the infirmary 5 times
Unlocks Doc Hanson
You need to upgrade your infirmary to a medical lab to produce medication. I would just make mild stims, since they only cost 1 medicine.

The Biker
-create weapons in the workshop 5 times
Unlocks Joel Macon
Flame fougasses can be made without upgrading and only takes 1 Fuel.

The Gardener
-Grow 10 food in the garden
Unlocks Calliope Morris
After building a garden or greenhouse, it will take 3 in-game days to grow 10 food (6 hours real time).

Breakdown Level 4

The Gunner
-start a scenario in level 4
Unlocks K.C. Winters

The Survivor
-scavenge 150 resources
Unlocks Job Wilkerson

The Hero
-kill 100 zombies with heavy weapons
Unlocks Marcus Campbell

The Rebel
-Kill 50 zombies with assault rifles
Unlocks Zeika Rivera
Ammo is uncommon and not usually at enclaves. Again, check the fairgrounds.

The Sniper
-Earn 25 headshot streaks (5 headshots in a row)
Unlocks Mickey Wilkerson
With Shooting level 7, you can choose the Focus Aim ability that makes this a little easier. Grab an accurate rifle, alert a horde on flat ground and go for headshots. Don't wait too long between headshots.

The Grenadier
-kill 50 zombies with explosives
Unlocks Evan Woodrow
You can make some pipe bombs in a munitions shop, or use grenades and mine you scavenge. Use them on hordes for many kills.

Breakdown Level 5

The Veteran
-start a scenario in level 5
Unlocks Maya Torres

The Moustache
-Kill 50 zombies with shotguns
Unlocks Dan Hovenden
Shotguns are dangerously loud and may attract freaks, so be careful. Ammo is pretty rare, not many enclaves have shells. Try the military tents at the fairgrounds.

The Mercenary
-Kill 5 Juggernauts
Unlocks Leon Montague
This is where those artillery markers would come in handy...Otherwise grab some mines or flame fougasses and place them between you and the juggernaut before he charges. Don't use cars, you'll pop the tires.

The Ninja
-perform 50 stealth kills
Unlocks Shark Hoodie Guy
LB+Y while sneaking to do a stealth kill. Approach from behind. Stealth kills actually generate noise, so I would do this on lone zombies.

Breakdown Level 6

The Scientist
-start a scenario in level 6
Unlocks Walter Degrasse
This guy has a hazmat suit and is immune to screamer attacks and bloater gas, so have fun!
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