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All the Cheevos!

Complete 180 Optional Objectives

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How to unlock the All the Cheevos! achievement

  • SeriphaSeripha243,333
    11 Dec 2013 11 Dec 2013 04 May 2015
    134 4 64
    I figured I would give some pointers on how I went about knocking this one out (pun intended). It's important to remember that, when it comes to Peggle, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so I'm sure there will be lots of useful strategies that won't be listed here. Feel free to let me know in the comments, so I can add them to the solution! Remember, Peggle is 20% skill, 20% luck, and 60% teeth-grinding persistence (but I'm sure you already know that). Anyway, here are a few strategies that I found useful...

    Gnorman is your best friend. I found that Gnorman was, by far, the most useful Peggle master. I used him to complete a vast majority of the objectives. There are a few cases where the other masters are more useful (generally in the levels associated with them during the "story"), but I highly suggest using Gnorman as much as possible. Believe it or not, I found many of the "Ace" objectives to be far more taxing than the "Clear All Pegs" objectives (your mileage may vary). That being said, I was able to achieve nearly every "Ace" objective with Gnorman.

    Don't be afraid to repeatedly restart a level before jumping in. Every time you restart a level, the location of the orange and green pegs change randomly. Sometimes I would spend a solid minute hitting restart over and over until I got the green/orange peg setup that I considered most optimal for a given level. Maybe you need a green peg near the top, maybe you need it near the bottom, or maybe you need the orange pegs a little more condensed. In any case, don't hesitate to keep restarting until you get the setup you're looking for.

    Don't waste time on a mediocre run. If you're 3-4 shots into a level, you've already used a green peg or two, and you feel that the run is decent at best, just restart it. This is especially true when dealing with the "Clear All Pegs" objectives. By the time you have used both green pegs, you should feel like you are doing EXCEPTIONALLY well. If you don't feel fantastic at that point, you're probably better off restarting. Just remember, more time is wasted on bad runs that you play out than runs that you restart early.

    Leave a single orange peg as high as you can to hit last. This pointer is only for to the "Clear All Pegs" objective. Sometimes when you're clearing all the pegs, you accidentally hit the last orange peg, effectively ending the level. This is enraging. I can't tell you how many times I have had PLENTY of balls left, only a few pegs left to go, and accidentally bumped the last orange peg to end the level. If you leave yourself an orange peg near the top of the screen, you eliminate the chance of accidentally bumping it while clearing.

    Practice your "Free Ball Skillz." The "Free Ball Skillz" skill shot is when you bounce the ball directly off one peg straight into the bucket. I honestly cannot say enough about this. I saved it for last, because it is seriously the single most important aspect of the "Clear All Pegs" objectives. I would routinely have runs where I had 2-3 balls left and 10-20 pegs remaining. I would just hit each peg, one at a time, bouncing the ball straight into the bucket. I have a few additional pointers for this.

    Firstly, always try to take care of the lower and middle (vertically) pegs in the level right out of the gate (before starting your "Free Ball Skillz" spree). The reason for taking out the lower pegs is because your targeting line only extends so far. It's MUCH easier to aim your shot when you can hold your targeter flush against a peg. The reason for taking out the middle pegs is because you want as much room as possible when lining up your shots. You'll see why here in a minute.

    Rectangular pegs are, by far, the easiest to do. When aiming at a rectangular peg on the right side of the screen, put your targeter directly against its left side (the opposite when aiming at a peg on the left side of the screen). Because the sides are flat (obviously) the margin for error is gigantic. Just wait for the bucket to pass below, and slightly to the left, and fire. After a couple of these shots, I can promise you that you will catch on quickly.

    Circular pegs are more difficult. For these, you always want to bounce the ball across the screen in the biggest arc possible. What I mean by this is if a peg is on the left portion of the screen, you want to bounce it such that the resulting arc makes a rainbow all the way across to the other side and (hopefully) into the bucket when it's directly against the wall. The reason why I prefer this method is that it increases your margin for error significantly. This is due to the fact that, if you over shoot your target (the bucket), it will bounce off the wall and straight in anyway. As such, when aiming your shot, always err on the side of too far, since you have the wall as a buffer. Using this strategy, I am able to make a solid 90-95% of the shots. This is a big deal when you have a bunch of pegs to take out and only a few balls to do it with.

    Lastly, note that when you hit 5 of these skill shots in a row, you will get the "Mad Skillz" skill shot, which is worth 25,000 points. Furthermore, if you hit 10 of these in a row, you will get the "Crazy Mad Skillz" skill shot which is worth 100,000 points! This is super useful when trying to get those "Ace" scores on certain levels.

    There really isn't a hard and fast way to get this achievement. As I said before, persistence is the key (along with lots of "Free Ball Skillz" practice). I realize that many of you may be stuck on a very specific objective/trial; as such, these generalized pointers might not be very helpful to you. If this is the case, tell me what objective/trial is ailing you, and I will try my very best to give you any additional help I can on that level. I will attach any such help directly to this solution.

    If you guys have any other questions or comments at all, please say so in the comments section! I will be happy to assist in any way I can!

    Good luck! :-)

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    xMoBBzY"Peggle is 20% skill, 20% luck, and 60% teeth-grinding persistence"

    Man I was hoping you were going to go all fort minor and shit on me... was disappointed cry
    Posted by xMoBBzY on 01 Feb 15 at 11:48
    SeriphaHahaha! Missed opportunity! It didn't even occur to me at the time.
    Posted by Seripha on 06 Feb 15 at 16:02
    Elite1111111111Just thought I'd point out (as I'm surprised no one has yet), Mad Skillz and Crazy Maz Skillz are not for consecutive skill shots. They are for getting the ball in the bucket after hitting at least one peg (consecutively).
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 30 Apr 15 at 15:36
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  • AP E JCAP E JC885,464
    02 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014 14 Aug 2014
    101 15 91
    Update: Patch 08/13/14 doesn't void the exploit (Thanks MathGuy42 again), so you can still unlock the achievement with the patch.

    Well, there are awesome guides here with tips on how to complete levels, but I want here to give an alternative, avoiding the hard levels.

    You can complete the same objective over and over and have it counts toward the achievement. The trick is that the objective must be completed before ending the level.

    If you meet the requirements of the level and exit it (by choosing menu > exit). You'll see it completed in the level choice screen. Now, if you dashboard, quit peggle (menu > quit app) and restart you see it is not completed anymore, but it counted for the achievement (you can check on the achievement progress app). Then you can complete it again, exit, dashboard, etc.. several times.

    As a matter of fact, you could complete the same objective 180 times and unlock the achievement, although I wouldn't recommend it.

    So, my advice is to save an easy objective for later and when you feel the objectives are too hard, simply complete it over and over using this guide.

    That's why people are reporting to unlock the achievement before 180 objectives, they must have exited in the middle of some level after completing an objective.
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    FF7 BryanStill works May 2017. I used the Unicorn on Lunas first level to get an extreme slide - pretty easy if you need something later on in the game like me.
    Posted by FF7 Bryan on 04 May 17 at 05:00
    ChiveTheLizardStill works as of 17/05/2020. Also works towards the achievements in the dlc and without owning the dlc you can net both of the achievements for the same objective (210 and 240)
    Posted by ChiveTheLizard on 17 May 20 at 11:52
    HellAlex92still working as of 12/31/2020.

    you sir saved me a lot of headache. thank you! <3
    Posted by HellAlex92 on 01 Jan at 01:46
  • Madrid418Madrid418227,049
    22 Dec 2013 22 Dec 2013 19 Mar 2014
    39 2 20
    My brief solution to obtaining this achievement and 100% the game.

    Clearing all Pegs I found Gnorman to be very efficient in taking out a vast majority of the pegs in each stage due to his uber volt ability (take note that its one shot). If for some reason Gnorman doesn't seem like the one that is the most suitable for the current stage then pick Berg as he is just as good and able to take out multiple round pegs if they are hitting each other with his special ability, deep freeze (which activates when a green peg is taken out and will last until the end of the next turn). It's all about trial and error, find out the angles and learn how to take one peg out at a time and get it into the free ball tube. Also make sure you stay away from the last orange peg as you don't want to accidentally hit and have to start all over. Trust me it happens a lot.

    Getting the Ace score. I didn't even realize this method until I came across this in the end. I thought Luna was a useless character meant to rack up some points with her ability but no she is broken lol what you have to do is in each stage that you are having difficulty getting the top score in, is that you have to take out all of the orange pegs first while leaving 1 orange peg remaining. Also make sure you have 1 green peg available for access to Luna's broken ability. When you are at this point of the stage the point multiplier is set at 10 and taking out the orange peg with her special gives the ball the opportunity to take out each individual shadow peg that your ball runs through, after the final orange peg is hit. This will give you 1000 points for each shadow peg hit plus it being the final shot you will just be overloaded with points for an easy clear on the ace score.

    3rd objective is usually very simple and doesn't require much effort.

    The video below is an example of what Luna can do with getting the ace score. Its just an example of how she racks up points.
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    Taco BobWow, thanks for the Luna tip! Was finally able to get my last ace score on Spider Loves Square. Now if only I could clear all pegs on Fancy Pansty Hat.
    Posted by Taco Bob on 09 Jan 14 at 05:21
    FF7 BryanThis is a really good tip, thanks a lot.
    Posted by FF7 Bryan on 19 Mar 14 at 04:41
    Panthera oncaLuna is a lousy option. The success rate of this is astronomically small. Setting this up is time consuming and chances are you are going to accidentally hit both green pegs before you get down to one or two orange pegs. Even when I did manage to set this up, I didn't get enough points to get the Ace score (except on one level). My ball would either bounce right into the bucket or would only go through a few blue pegs, not near enough to give you the Ace score. Basically, setting this up requires a lot of skill and if you have a lot of skill, you don't need to use this method.
    Posted by Panthera onca on 16 Apr 14 at 15:46
  • SuckGasEvilDoerSuckGasEvilDoer219,308
    23 Mar 2014 23 Mar 2014
    27 6 18
    I found myself stuck with a few objectives in the end I thought I would never complete. While Seripha's tips helped tremendously, I still thought I would never finish. Peggle has a way of making you want to....well, I am sure you have played it. However, I found that if you delete your game save data, your achievement progress does not clear as well. My achievement unlocked as I was replaying and obtaining objectives the second time through.

    To delete your game save data, highlight the Peggle 2 app and click the Menu/Start button on your controller and select manage game. You should see a list of gamertags with save data to the far right. Select whichever gamertag is going for the achievement and delete save data. I first chose "delete from console" and opted out of the sync when starting the game but it still loaded my past objectives, so I ended up choosing "delete from everything."
  • DantesqueDantesque474,473
    27 Apr 2014 26 Apr 2014
    26 6 3
    Here is an easy way to complete all challenges. It just takes some time to complete. This works for all challenges, including the dlc. I hope this helped.
  • IVIr IVIeNsAIVIr IVIeNsA868,275
    25 Dec 2019 25 Dec 2019 25 Dec 2019
    3 0 1
    Welcome to my unnecessarily long, long past its sell by date slight modification of the perfectly serviceable guides above.

    It's possible to streamline the process, so for anyone needing 30 plus challenges, it will actually make a reasonable difference in time required, and there is no need to lose you hard earned save data either. This explanation is longer than perhaps it needs to be, the detail is there for clarity. I can promise you this is the quickest way to work through your remaining challenges. This description will take much longer to read than the process itself once you get going. You'll be clocking up to and above the dizzying heights of around 1 challenge per minute with this method.

    1 - The first step is to ensure you are online and that your game is synced to the cloud. Now close the game. Then disconnect your internet via ' Network' in Settings. Next, delete your Peggle 2 save data via the 'Manage Game and Ad ons' option accessible by pressing start on the Peggle 2 Icon.

    2 - Now load up the game and create a new save file. DO NOT EVER SELECT CLOUD DATA, and aside from this first time where you will create a new save file, DO NOT EVER SELECT CONSOLE DATA - ALWAYS PRESS A ON CANCEL. Do not worry whenever 'Syncing data' pops up, as long as you do not manually chose a save file each subsequent time you load, your old save is safe on the cloud.

    3 - On your shiny new save file, play through until the the end of the first stage. Then close the game again and reestablish your XBL connection.

    4 - Once you're back online, firstly go into your achievements and put the tracker on for the 240 challenges achievement. This means you can see exactly when the progress has been tracked and instantly back out of the game, if you're doing a lot of challenges it will save you a lot of time. Now relaunch the game and PRESS CANCEL when asked to chose a save file. Now play through until the 4th Stage of the Peggle Institute. This level has the easiest and quickest challenge in the game: 'Get 1 Free Ball Skillz Style Shot'.

    4 - There is a group of 4 Pegs at the bottom directly beneath your phallic device. Carefully use the D-Pad to target the second ball from the bottom, on the left side of this group of four - so the top left peg of the 4. You want to hit it on the very edge, anything else won't work. Wait for the Bowl (actual Peggle terminology is beyond my remit) to approach and time the shot so that it goes in off the peg via a glancing touch, without touching anything else. Once will be enough to get the timing down.

    5 - As soon as you pull the shot off watch the tracker. The instant the tracker moves, hit the guide button, press down twice, press start on Peggle 2, press quit, as soon as the dashboard pops up press 'A'.

    6 - When the game loads Select 'Cancel', ignore the sync, and repeat from Step 4 until you have the achievement.

    7 - When you pop your achievement, close the game and then relaunch it, chose your Cloud Save data, and you have your old records back again.

    I'm sure this is all obvious, but not everyone is confident navigating menus, and if I save one person 15 minutes with the 10 minutes I took to write this, then humanity is up by 1/12th of a man hour. Job done.
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