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MP Characters Pack #1 Blackbeard’s Wrath

Sacred Land achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Sacred Land

Playing as The Jaguar, be the highest scoring player of a Domination game session.

Sacred Land+1.6
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How to unlock the Sacred Land achievement

  • Vein 666Vein 666640,481
    20 Dec 2013 20 Dec 2013
    72 7 24
    Doing this in public was absolutely awful, so we attempted to do this in a Clan v Clan match. It worked! We had 2 people create a clan and 2 others create another. Send invites and search. There was no one else even doing matches so we matched up perfectly.

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    ColumnedJet9But i’ll have the next 4 days to try get the ranks to do the black beard and orchid one. Thought these were supposed to stack over from the 360 versions
    Posted by ColumnedJet9 on 24 Apr at 23:38
    FosterJag15Some advice for anyone looking to boost this one now. The create-a-clan feature didn't work when we tried, so our group did public searches simultaneously for domination. We would always get paired up, but even 9 years later there were still a lot of randoms. When we would get into the game, we would coordinate a point AWAY from any of the capture zones (the randoms tend to go to the zones, so that's how we would avoid them). The person getting the achievement would have the others run up to them and get killed. This made it pretty painless even with having to deal with public lobbies
    Posted by FosterJag15 on 30 Apr at 13:13
    JakeuhpUnlocked 5-8-22
    Was able to do clan vs clan
    Seeing that people were having trouble with it

    My boost party would switch the hosts around and it eventually worked
    Posted by Jakeuhp on 08 May at 07:05
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  • II The Beard IIII The Beard II981,996
    08 Nov 2014 09 Nov 2014 10 Nov 2014
    52 1 4
    I made a video below, here's the text version as well:

    Warning: the AC4 matchmaking/party system is literally the worst I've ever seen in my entire life. A convoluted process with constant bugs. Between the AC4 "party" and the XB1 "party" it will often confuse where you are, or if you're even there at all. Sometimes this will cause it to crash, sometimes it won't, so it may still look like you're connected when you're not. So remember to hold down your Xbox power button for 5 seconds to hard reboot it, or unplugging it for 10 seconds is even better (yes, it makes a difference). Remember that trick, you're going to need it.

    So here's a guide on how to actually match up! (clan v clan method, definitely the best)

    1) Start/join a clan.

    Once you're into the multiplayer section hit RB once to get to "Abstergo Network" tab (group of 3 people icon). Go down to "Clan" and start a clan, then go to "invite friends". To invite someone to your clan they must be on your friends list and they must have played at least 1 multiplayer game already.

    2) Two separate clans, two separate Xbox Live parties.

    We'll come back to this, but if you go back to the center (Abstergo icon) and go to "Custom Match", choose "Adversarial", "Clan", and "Domination". Notice the 3 panes, and the top right one that has the spaces for 8 player icons (with 4 blocked out) - this is the first level of the AC4 party system. The only icons you want there are those in your clan. The game will often automatically put players here and refuse to drop them, even after a soft restart, so do a hard reboot if you need to. If non-clan members are there they'll have a red ring around their icon and you won't be able to start. So get each clan into their own Xbox Live party, then into their own AC4 party where all their icons show at the top.

    3) AC4 party stage 2, Player List game lobby

    Below "Mode Preference" where you chose "Domination" should now be blue and say "Play with party", hit it and you'll be in what looks like a game lobby. This should have automatically sent an invite to anyone in your AC4 party: it will tell YOU that invites were sent, THEY can accept by pressing RB once to go to the "Abstergo Network" tab again and go to the new 5th row on the bottom that says "invites" or something. Once they accept that YOU will receive an Xbox message saying they were added to the game, and they should show up shortly on the player list below your name. If none of that happened then back out and hit the blue "Play with party" button again to try and get it to send an invite. If that still doesn't work then both of you have to hard reboot and start over. Isn't this great?

    4) Hit X to play with party, and cross your fingers

    If you made it to the Player List/Lobby you'll see a prompt below that says to press X to play with party. This is where both clans/parties will want to do it at the same time so you'll match up. Then hope you find each other. Then hope it doesn't drop the other team, if it even NOTICES that it dropped the other team. If something doesn't work you can try going back to step 3 but if something's funky just hard reboot. Again.

    5) You're in the game!

    One achievement per person per game, have that person defend a point, get on a roof so you're easy to spot, and have the other team just keep running to you. Once the bar goes fully red or white it's game over. Press A to skip the results screens, vote on a map, and hit ready. Do all that and you won't have to wait out the clock between matches.

    Congrats, that may be the hardest achievement you've ever received!
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    LazyBarbarianTook us 30 mins to setup because the matchmaking system was just plain awful. But I can confirm everyone going for the achievement can be in the same party chat even when they are creating the two separate clans.
    Posted by LazyBarbarian on 24 Apr 18 at 16:38
    Erutaerc1: You can all be in the same XBL party, as long as when you invite players to a game, you only invite those that are in your clan.

    2: You only need 4 players minimum, 2 v 2 for this to work. Let the person who is getting the achievement capture all three locations and do nothing for the remaining time, the game will end in about 4:30 minutes max.

    3: Make sure at the end of every round every one votes for domination again, else the game may pick another game mode.

    4: From my experience, multiple people cannot get the achievement in the same game, it has to be one at a time.

    Upvote anyway, massively helpful!
    Posted by Erutaerc on 18 Jun 20 at 16:06
    ShadyShallTHANK YOU for taking the time to type this out. it just took 4 of us 90 minutes to get this. we had many of the problems indicated above. though no one had to do a hard reboot, we had to restart the game many times, many crashes, many "ghost" party members... We were never able to connect as clans, but your very detailed explanation helped provide a blueprint on getting us all in the same game. thank you!
    Posted by ShadyShall on 10 Sep 20 at 01:18
  • Trish RulzTrish Rulz245,721
    06 Feb 2014 26 Jun 2014
    13 0 0
    I have had this Video up for a while now so I though I'd share how I got this achievement. This Achievement is a pain to get by yourself. As I am also one of those people who didn't have friends who had this game, so I couldn't boost it. I got lucky with this. I came pretty close to not getting this, but at the end just made it.
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