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Secret Achievement in Final Fantasy III (WP)

Secret Achievement9 (5)

Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)

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Achievement won on 16 Jan 14
TA Score for this game: 264
Posted on 16 January 14 at 21:32
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This achievement is called "Nose for Treasure" and you get it by Opening 50% of all treasure chests. I've been following a guide on Gamefaqs by Seferaga. This popped for me in the Dragon's Spire in Southwest Saronia when opening the 12 chests at the top.

Here's a link to that awesome guide!
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Shiney Cheese
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Shiney Cheese
Achievement won on 15 Jan 14
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Posted on 21 January 14 at 22:16, Edited on 24 January 14 at 07:27
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This achievement is not missable, but there is an achievement for getting 100% of all chests that is missable.

I used the BradyGames official strategy guide for the DS to get all the chests. All missable areas are included and marked. I will also include items that can be picked up off the ground and those that are given by NPCs that are not in chests just in case those will make a difference. Those items will be underlined.

Here is a World Map in case you need to find a specific location:

I will also include map links via I will mention any missing chests from these guides.

Altar Cave

Floor 1 - Leather Cap, Bronze Bracers (both behind an invisible wall to the east)
Floor 2 - Longsword, Bronze Knuckles, Sleep (spell), Bronze Bracers, Longsword
Floor 3 - Leather Shield, Potion, Longsword
Floor 4 - Antarctic Wind, Potion, Potion, Antarctic Wind


SW corner of town, outside house with blue roof - Phoenix Down (give old man in blue a Potion)
Well (located in the SE corner of town) - Potion, Potion, Potion
NW corner of town, to the east of the other lake - Potion
House in the far NW corner of town -
Floor 1 - Antidote, Antidote
Floor 2 (on Floor 1 interact with the right candle holder to reveal a hidden path) - Longsword, Eye Drops, Cure (spell), Dagger, Phoenix Down
NE corner of town, to the east of the lake - Potion


Inn - Potion (cabinet behind the desk)
Takka's House (North of Inn) - Potion
Lake in West part of town - Staff, Mythril Helm
NW part of town (hidden path to the North of the lake) - Zeus's Wrath
Cave, Floor 2 (NE part of town) - Mythril Sword, Mythril Sword

Castle Sasune

Floor 1 (Gain access to both chests via hidden wall in the SE area of Floor 2) - 1,000 Gil, 1,000 Gil
Floor 2 - Phoenix Down (hidden wall in SW area of room)
Floor 3 (Gain acces via hidden wall in the SE area of Floor 2) - Blizzard (spell), Leather Shield, Bronze Knuckles (through a hidden wall to the East of the previous two chests)
West Tower, Floor 3 - Holy Arrow, Wooden Arrow
West Tower, Floor 4 - Wightslayer (TRAP)
East Tower, Floor 3 - Holy Arrow, Wooden Arrow
East Tower, Floor 4 - Potion, Wooden Arrow, Bow

Sealed Cave

Floor 1 - Potion, Cure (spell)
Floor 2 - 500 Gil
Floor 3 - Antarctic Wind, Eye Drops


House next to the Inn - Mallet, Gold Needle (hidden wall in NW are of house)
Island in SE corner of town (Gain access to the water via the NE area of town) - Elixer
Cid's House (NW corner of town. All treasures are in the basement. Give Elixer to Mrs. Cid to gain access) - Potion, Gnomish Bread, Great Bow, Gnomish Bread, Iron Arrow, Gold Needle, Blind (spell), Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down, 2,000 Gil, Phoenix Down, 2,000 Gil (the later four chests are located via a hidden wall in the SE corner of the basement)

Dragon's Peak

Phoenix Down, Aero (spell), Gold Needle


House in the NW corner of town - Mythril Bracers, Fire Staff, Fira (spell), Cura, (spell)
Tozus Tunnel, Floor 1 - Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down

Vikings' Cove

Floor 1 - Spark Dagger (SE corner via a hidden wall)
Floor 2 (Access the three chests via a hidden wall not far east of the entrance - Blizzara (spell), Thundara (spell), Fira (spell)
Floor 3 (Access via hidden wall in SW corner of Floor 2) - Viking Axe, 3,000 Gil

Nepto Temple

Floor 2 (via left hole on Floor 1) - Shell Armor, Shell Helm
Floor 2 (via right hole on Floor 1) - Serpent Sword


NE area of town, along forest line - Ice Staff
SW area of town, next to house with brown roof - Bacchus's Cider
NW area of town, next to other house with brown roof - Great Bow
NW area of town, next to tree above house with brown roof - Lamia Scale
NW area of town, inside house with blue roof. Go through fireplace to find a hidden room - Serpent Sword, Kenpo Gi, Sonic Knuckles

Village of the Ancients

3rd Platform, NE part - Serpent Sword
2nd Platform, speak to red haired boy next to the stairs. Now, roughly due east of the town there is a Chocobo Forest. Ride a chocobo around the outer perimeter of the World. Speak to red haired boy again. He will give you - Gnomish Bread

Gulgan Gulch

Floor 2 - Toad (spell), Mage Robe, Ice Staff, Fire Staff (later three chests can be found via a hidden wall in the south part of the room)

Tower of Owen

Floor 3 - Echo Herbs
Floor 5 - Spark Dagger
Floor 6 - Echo Herbs
Floor 8 - Echo Herbs, Bomb Fragment
Floor 9 - Sonic Knuckles
Floor 10 - Salamand Sword, Flame Mail, Zeus's Wrath

Dwarven Hollows

Floor 2 (Basement area. Only accessible after completing Molten Cave) - Gauntlets, Echo Herbs, Scholar Robe, Scholar Hat, Knight Armor, Phoenix Down. Heroic Shield, Elixer, Killer Bow, Gold Needle, Book of Fire, Book of Ice, Book of Light, Phoenix Down, Gysahl Greens

NOTE: You will notice that in the treasure room there are only 15 chests in the Windows Phone version. However, the guide for the DS version states that there are 16 chests. The fact that there are only 15 chests in the Windows Phone version does not have an impact on getting 100% of the chests.

Subterranean Lake

Floor 1 - Gold Needle
Floor 3 - Xeus's Wrath, Gold Needle, Zeus's Wrath, Gold Needle
Floor 4 - 3,000 Gil, 3,000 Gil

Molten Cave

Floor 1 - Antarctic Wind, Antarctic Wind
Floor 2 - Freezing Blade, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion
Floor 3 - Impact Claws, Phoenix Down


Floor 1 - Mini (spell)
Floor 2 - Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down, Holy Arrow
Floor 3 - Phoenix Down
Floor 4, Room A - 3,000 Gil, Bomb Fragment
Floor 4, Room B - 3,000 Gil, Antarctic Wind
Floor 4, Room C - 3,000 Gil, Zeus's Wrath
Floor 5 - Royal Sword
Floor 6 - Phoenix Down
Floor 7 - Elixer, Rune Bow

Village of Gysahl
NOTE: In some spots in the game there are doors/chests that can only be opened with Magic Keys. When you are here, buy around 30 of them. They only cost 100 Gil each and that amount will easily last you the rest of the game. An alternative to unlocking Magic doors/chests is to have your lead character pick the Thief Job and they will pick the lock automatically.

Chocobo Barn (center of town) - Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens
SE corner of town (from Chocobo Barn, cross the bridge going east and head south) - Magic Key, Magic Key, Magic Key, Magic Key, Gysahl Greens
Magic Key Shop (North of Chocobo Barn. The East wall is invisible so you can head behind the counter. There is a treasure chest hidden behind a wall out of view) - Shuriken

Castle Argus

Floor 2 (Wall switch in NE corner of room. Keep going to run into a hidden wall with chests - 1,000 Gil, 1,000 Gil, 1,000 Gil
Floor 4, Main Path (via Floor 3, Main Path, walk behind large column next to table) - Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind, Arctic Wind (later is behind hidden wall between the two chests)
Floor 3, Alternate Path - 1,000 Gil, 1,000 Gil, 1,500 Gil, 100 Gil, 1,000 Gil, 100 Gil
Continue along the Alternate Path to reach the inner castle walls:
West Tower - Elixer, Elixer (talk to guy in room and he will give you these iteims), Light Arrow, Killer Bow, Medusa Arrow (for later three chests, interact with cabinet)
East Tower - Ice Arrow, Book of Fire, Scholar Robe, Book of Light, Book of Ice, Fire Arrow


Bottom Deck - Zeus's Wrath, Blood Sword

Cave of Tides

Floor 5 - Blizzaga (spell)


NE island in town - Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens
NW island in town - Black Cowl, Thief Gloves, Black Garb
Sewers, Floor 2 - Cat Claws
Sewers, Floor 4, Room A (before crossing the bridge, move east along the wall to find a hidden room) - Diamond Bell, Hammer
Sewers, Floor 4, Room B (when you cross the bridge, keep moving west to find a hidden room) - Kaiser Knuckles, Poison Dagger, Power Bracers

Goldor Manor

Floor 2 - Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Gold Sword, Wyvern Claws


Upper NW corner - Earthen Drums
Upper NE corner - Earthen Drums


SW corner of town, on the East side of the house - Turtle Shell
NW corner of town, next to the trees - Turtle Shell, Elixer
NE corner of town, next to the trees - Phoenix Down
North house with blue roof (walk behind it to gain entrance. Once inside there is an invisible wall along the east wall - Elixer

Northeast Saronia

Patch of grass. NE of lake - Elixer

Southwest Saronia

House in SE corner of town (hidden wall along the East wall - Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens, Gysahl Greens
After Alus joins the party, speak to the old man in orange in the SW corner of town - Wind Spear

Southeast Saronia

Dragon Spire, Floor 6 - Dragon Mail, Dragon Mail, Dragon Helm, Thunder Spear, Phoenix Down, Dragon Helm, Dragon Mail, Phoenix Down, Dragon Helm, Thunder Spear, Thunder Spear, Dragon Helm

Saronia Castle

Floor 1 (hidden wall along east wall) - Ice Rod, Rusty Mail, Medusa Arrow, Dragon Hammer, Main Gauche, Tome of Fire, Tome of Ice, Golem Staff, Scholar Hat, Boomerang, Selene Bow, Tome of Light
Basement (access from Floor 1 hidden area. Hidden wall on SE wall) - Rusty Mail, Viking Helm, Earthen Bell, Dragon Helm, Gaia Vest, Viking Mail
Main castle gate area, west room with Black Mages (hidden wall along the East wall. Keep following the path down) - Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down

Sunken Cave

Floor 2 - Chakram, Dual Tomahawk, Tiger Claws
Floor 3 - Ancient Sword, Diamond Shield, Metal Knuckles, Diamond Helm, Cognitome, Air Knife, Diamond Bracers, Loki Harp, Diamond Mail, Phoenix Down, Elixer, Diamond Gloves, Aegis Shield (TRAP), Trident (TRAP), Reflect Mail (TRAP), Triton Hammer (TRAP) (later four chests are through a hidden wall to the West of the Phoenix Down chest)

Saronia Catacombs (NOTE: On Floor 5 of the GameFaqs map states that there are two chests containing Phoenix Downs. These chests were already mentioned during the Saronia Castle part of this guide. To avoid confusion, you can ignore these chests since they were already mentioned)

Floor 3 - Golem Staff, Rune Bell, Aegis Shield, Reflect Mail, Holy Lance
Floor 4 (hidden wall along East wall) - Elixer (TRAP), Elixer (TRAP), Elixer (TRAP), Elixer (TRAP), Phoenix Down (TRAP), Phoenix Down (TRAP), Phoenix Down (TRAP), Phoenix Down (TRAP)

Temple of Time

Floor 1, Room A - Diamond Bracers
Floor 1, Room B - Diamond Helm
Floor 2 - Defender
Floor 3, Room A - Diamond Mail
Floor 3, Room B - Diamond Gloves, Behemoth Knife
Floor 5 (from entrance head due East to find hidden room) - Blood Lance, Protect Ring, Lamia Harp
Floor 5, Room A - Diamond Shield

Ancient Ruins

Floor 1, Room A - Reflect Mail
Floor 3, Room A - Black Belt Gi
Floor 3, Room B - Chakra Band
Floor 3, Room C - Rune Bell
Floor 3, Room D - Faerie Claws


Cave (NW corner of town) - Platinum Hammer (after getting this, go through hidden wall to the East), Demon Mail (from chest, go East to find hidden wall), Ashura, Kotetsu
Behind Waterfall (NE corner of town) - Kiku-Ichimonji (fight the old man in orange)
SE island in town (from waterfall cave, go down some stairs to get into the water) - Demon Shield, Demon Mail, Platinum Hammer, Hi-Potion


Floor 1 - Phoenix Down, Heavenly Wrath, Earthen Drums, Arctic Wind, Hi-Potion, Hi-Potion, Hi-Potion, Elixer
Floor 2 - Aegis Shield, Platinum Hammer, Bacchus's Cider, Turtle Shell, White Musk
Floor 3 - Black Musk, Reflect Mail, Platinum Hammer, Black Hole, Lilith's Kiss, Raven's Yawn

Bahamut's Lair

Floor 1 - Heavenly Wrath, Earthen Drums, Phoenix Down, Arctic Wind
Floor 2 - Golem Staff, White Musk, Bacchus's Cider, Turtle Shell, Chocobo's Wrath
Floor 3 - Eurytos Bow, Phoenix Down, Elixer, Kotetsu

Cave of Shadows
NOTE: This area contains many hidden walls and can be quite confusing. Instead of trying to explain how to reach the different chests, just look at the GameFaqs map.

Floor 1 - Black Musk, Dark Claws, Kotetsu (given by dying Dark Knight)
Floor 2 - Tranquilizer, Lilith's Kiss
Floor 4 - Genji Gloves
Floor 6 - Kiku-Ichimonji
Floor 7 - Genji Shield
Floor 8 - Genji Helm
Floor 9 - Genji Armor


Floor 2 - 10,000 Gil, 10,000 Gil
Floor 3, Room A - Rising Sun, Lust Dagger, White Musk
Floor 4 - Chocobo's Wrath
Floor 5 - Phoenix Down, Phoenix Down

Ancient's Maze

Floor 1 - Elixer
Floor 2 - Crystal Shield, Lilith's Kiss, Crystal Mail, White Musk, Crystal Gloves
Floor 3 - Crystal Helm, Break Blade, Phoenix Down, Chocobo's Wrath, Dual Haken
Floor 4 - Phoenix Down, Protect Ring
Floor 5 - Holy Lance, Hellish Claws


Floor 1 - Chocobo's Wrath, Fuma Garb, White Musk, Elixer
Floor 2 - Ribbon (TRAP)
Floor 2, Room A - White Musk
Floor 2, Room B - White Musk, Chocobo's Wrath, Phoenix Down
Floor 2, Room C - Shuriken
Floor 3 - Elixer, Shuriken, Phoenix Down
Floor 4 - Moonring Blade (Amon Boss Fight)
Floor 5 - Omnirod, Masamune (Kunoichi Boss Fight), Phoenix Down
Floor 6 - Excalibur (General Boss Fight)
Floor 7 - Elder Staff (Scyllia Boss Fight), Ragnarok (Guardian Boss Fight)
Floor 8 - Elixer, Elixer, Shuriken, Shuriken

Crystal Tower

Floor 1 - Chocobo's Wrath, Lilith's Kiss, Elven Bow, Chocobo's Wrath, Chocobo's Wrath, White Musk, White Musk, Fuma Garb
Floor 2 - Elixer, Phoenix Down, Elixer
Floor 3 - Elixer, Elixer, Elixer, Phoenix Down
Floor 4 - Phoenix Down, Shuriken
Floor 6 - Phoenix Down, Crystal Mail
Floor 7 - Crystal Gloves, Phoenix Down, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm

World of Darkness

NE Section - Ribbon (TRAP)
SE Section - Ribbon (TRAP)
SW Section - Ribbon (TRAP)
NW Section - Ribbon (TRAP)

If there are any errors, please mention them in the comments
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