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One Sword to Slay Them All achievement in Final Fantasy III (WP)

One Sword to Slay Them All


One Sword to Slay Them All0
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How to unlock the One Sword to Slay Them All achievement

  • Shiney CheeseShiney Cheese
    16 Jan 2014 17 Jan 2014 24 Jan 2014
    As far as I know you will only be able to complete this quest line after opening the gateway to Eureka, which is late in the game.

    There are a few quest lines that you will have to to complete through the Mognet mailing system. You can access this by talking to a Moogle that you may find in practically any town. There is also one located in The Invincible. The way in which you receive mail from the different characters in the Windows Phone version is different than in the DS version.

    In order to receive letters in the Windows Phone version from specific characters you will have to move a specific party member to the front of the party when you access the Mognet. This will allow messages to be received by a specific character. Here is a list of party members and their corresponding "pen pal"

    Topapa - Luneth (not 100% sure on this)
    Takka - Refia
    Sara - Ingus
    Cid - As far as I know, this is automatic
    The 4 Old Men - Probably automatic
    Alus - Arc start this quest, put Ingus at the front of your party and use the Mognet. You should receive letters from Sara. The fourth letter that you receive is titled "Help!" and states something about a broken pendant. Go to Castle Sasune and at the top of the East Tower you will find Princess Sara. Talk to her to start this quest.

    Go to Kazus and talk to Takka (Refia's father) and he will mention that he cannot fix the pendant. Use Mognet again with Refia at the front of the party. You should receive messages fro Takka. The fourth message you receive is titled "The Legendary Smith."

    This Legendary Blacksmith is located in Northwestern Saronia. I don't remember the exact location in town, but you will be searching for a woman with short grey hair. Once you have found her she will agree to fix the pendant, but mentions that if you find any Orichalcum that you should give it to her. Return to Castle Sasune and give Sara her pendant.

    Now that this part of the quest is completed, move Refia to the front of the party and use Mognet. You should receive a message from Takka titled "Orichalcum." After reading this, Cid should send you a message titled "Something in the Basement..." stating that a monster is now living in Cid's basement.

    Travel to Canaan and go to Cid's house located in the far northwest corner of town. NOTE: If you have not gained access to Cid's basement earlier in the game I am not sure if this part of the quest will be open for you yet. If that is the case, when you go to Cid's house you will notice that Mrs. Cid is sick in bed. Give her an elixer and she will be cured. Cid will mention something about interacting with the lamp on the wall that will reveal a opening to the basement

    Anyway...go into Cid's basement and the monster Aeon is there. Defeat him (If you are above level 50 this should be no problem) and the monster will drop an "unknown metal." Talk to Cid and he will identify the metal as Orichalcum.

    To find the Legendary Blacksmith once again, travel to Falgabard. She is located east of the Weapon shop. Talk to her and you will give her the Orichalcum and she will give you the Ultima Weapon and you will get the achievement!
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    Xenolith666To add the location of the smith in Northwestern Saronia; as you walk straight up the middle of the zone you'll see a pathway lined with street lamps, turn right here walking behind the buildings and you'll find her standing by the tree line by herself.
    Posted by Xenolith666 on 01 May 14 at 17:08
    Inferno118In order for the smith to appear in falgabard, the door must be opened to Eureka. Progress further into the story if she isn’t there yet
    Posted by Inferno118 on 27 Feb 19 at 03:55
    Shadow KisuragiIn order to trigger the Help message, you need to have Ingus as lead and be holding at least 50,000 gil.
    Posted by Shadow Kisuragi on 18 Nov 20 at 06:06
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