Gaining Recognition achievement in Microsoft Mahjong (WP)

Gaining Recognition

Earn 10 Medals total across a Windows 8 device and your phone.

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How to unlock the Gaining Recognition achievement

  • sider incsider incThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    29 Dec 2013 09 Jul 2015
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    Update: UliUdo told me he got the medals without any problems. So maybe there has been an update.

    "I believe that both the 10 and 20 medal achievements have been fixed now. I had more than 10 on my PC before starting the game on my phone and the 10 popped immediately or after one game, then as soon as I had 20 on the phone, that one popped too."

    I can't confirm or deny this so if it works, great(!), if not or you are still glitched use the method below :).

    The achievement is simple, get 10 medals but can glitch on you if you go from 9 to 11 medals without stopping at 10 first. The game won't see it as 10 medals earned and therefore the game will screw you over. Most of the time it will do this if you already have win8 medals.

    So if you are like me and your game glitched here is how i fixed it. After I got all my achievements out of the way, including the 20 medals , same glitch is known for this one, i deleted the game from my mobile.

    The I installed it again, but before you start the game go in to settings and turn flight mode on or your data connection off. This prefends the game from linking with the cloudsave, and therefore the win8 version. Now you can do it again with everything at 0. After I got my tenth medal the achievement poped.

    For it to count go back to settings and turn flight mode off, relaunch the game and let it sync with the cloud, it can take a few seconds but worked like a charm.

    I completed these ten they are the easiest in my opnion some of them you can get at the same time.

    Castle Crasher
    Space Train
    The Real Tail End
    Dragon Slayer
    Well Travelled
    Little Wingman
    Might Matchmaker
    True Expertise
    Quick Thinker
    Master Scuba Diver

    Complete list of challenges from the WP version:
    Castle Crasher
    -Completed the Castle puzzle without using undo and where your first move is a reshuffle

    Space Train
    -Complete the Train puzzle using teh Cosmos theme 5 times

    Climbing the foodchain
    -Complete the following puzzles in sequence: Butterfly, Turtle, Ray, Dragon

    All the Right Moves
    -Complete 10 puzzles on Hard difficulty without using a reshuffle or undo

    Can't Win
    -Reach "No More Moves" three games in a row on three different puzzles

    The Real Tail End
    -Complete the Nautilus puzzle where the last match you make contains a tile from the tail end of the spiral.

    Dragon Slayer
    -Complete the Dragon puzzle without using a reshuffle or undo

    Photo Finish
    -Complete a puzzle within 3 turns of using a reshuffle

    Go Wild
    -Made three consecutive matches with wild tiles

    Well Travelled
    -Complete a puzzle while using each of four different themes.

    Little Wingman
    -Made 100 matches

    Might Matchmaker
    -Make 1,000 matches

    You're Basically Cupid
    -Make 10,000 matches

    True Expertise
    -Complete four different puzzles on expert difficulty

    Super Speed Runner
    -Complete 25 puzzles in under 3 minutes each

    Quick Thinker
    -Made 5 matches in under 15 seconds

    Master Scuba Diver
    -Complete one of each of the 4 expert puzzles using the underwater theme

    Man of the Hour
    -Acquire at least 60 minutes total play time on each difficulty

    Wind Waker
    -Using the Tranquilty theme, match the following tiles in sequence: N, E, S, W

    Pro Landscaper
    -Complete the Bramble puzzle 20 times

    A shout out to Musquito for giving me the tip to try it in flight mode, and als WinMo Kirby for letting us know you can turn of data connection so you can keep on getting calls :). Thanks for UliUdo that came to me with the knowledge for the update!
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    rocking23nfit appears to be counting any new medals I get on win 8, not old ones, likely because I have the win8 version installed before win8 hit retail. I wondor if theres a way to delete my progress on win 8
    Posted by rocking23nf on 29 Mar 14 at 15:16
    sider incRemove and reinstall maybe ? :)
    Posted by sider inc on 29 Mar 14 at 15:24
    rocking23nfreinstall didn't work, but its all good, was able to get both achievements anyway by earning other medals.
    Posted by rocking23nf on 29 Mar 14 at 22:13
    sider incHope you make it without problems :)
    Posted by sider inc on 29 Mar 14 at 22:15
    MooMooCowFarmI got the achievement. I have synced between win8 and WP. I also landed on exactly 10 metals. I dont remember if I had any metals on win8 before I started playing it on WP. IDK if this will help at all but I thought I would share my experience.
    Posted by MooMooCowFarm on 12 Aug 14 at 01:02
    UliUdoHeads up, I believe that both the 10 and 20 medal achievements have been fixed now. I had more than 10 on my PC before starting the game on my phone and the 10 popped immediately or after one game, then as soon as I had 20 on the phone, that one popped too.
    Posted by UliUdo on 09 Jul 15 at 18:21
    romisthebestI got exactly 10 medals by playing on WP only and the achievement popped :)
    Posted by romisthebest on 04 Oct 16 at 07:59
    EverStoned77can others confirm that you now can get this without ever playing on win.8 ???
    Posted by EverStoned77 on 03 Nov 17 at 20:56
    VisibleRaptor5Yes, you can get 10 medals without using the Win 8 version. 12 are shared across both actually.
    Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 13 Oct at 03:40
    EverStoned77Took 4yrs but finally got an answer,thanks VisibleRaptor5 toast
    Posted by EverStoned77 on 19 Oct at 09:18
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