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20 Leagues Under the Ground achievement in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)

20 Leagues Under the Ground

Reach the exit on Level 20 in Adventure mode.

20 Leagues Under the Ground0
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How to unlock the 20 Leagues Under the Ground achievement

  • KugareKugare1,934,938
    18 Jan 2014 18 Jan 2014 27 Mar 2014
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    +++ General Info +++
    Like the description say, you have to reach Level 20 in Adventure Mode. If you lose all your hearts, you have to start over. You can reach Level 20 in 1 - 2 hours, but if you need longer... take it slow and do your best to evade traps. Losing the patience is deadly and lead you to mistakes. You can close the game and continue anytime you want.

    As a Minesweeper Premium Member it's much easier, but you can complete it without this membership. It's your decision.

    +++Minesweeper Premium+++
    You can start every Level with 5 Hearts (instead of 3) OR 1 extra Dynamite.
    If you lose all your hearts, you can use something like a "continue" to get "revived" with 1 heart, but you can do this only one time per game! (not per level)

    edit: okay, here is another way to obtain extra hearts:
    Credit goes to KINGvJAMES
    "Sometimes the game will ask you to watch a short clip for more hearts before hand(non-premium) so if it doesn't ask you that from the start just die and restart."

    Now some (hopefully) useful tips for you:

    +++ Items +++
    It's a pretty good idea to collect and keep pickaxes, dynamite and maps for the later levels. Don't waste you stuff to collect gold. If you know how to play Minesweeper, you should be able to figure out the position of the mines/traps most of the time, but you can't evade a risky situation all the time.

    First lose your hearts until you only have one, because you have new hearts in the next level. With only one heart, you should use your items to solve critical situations. Just make sure it's REALLY necessary and keep in mind dying with a bunch of items doesn't help you either.

    The first 10 levels are not THAT hard and you should be able to solve them without items. I had 9 pickaxes, 9 dynamite and 6 maps at the end of level 9!

    +++ Explore +++
    First make sure you clear the path to the exit, but if you have more than 1 heart, don't enter the exit immediately. Go back and make sure you collect every Item. Some of them are a bit hidden and entering the exit with 2 or 1 hearts doesn't make a difference. So you can sacrifice your hearts, until you only have one left.

    +++ Shields +++
    Don't collect Shields immediately. First lose your hearts and clear the path to the exit. Now collect the Shield and enter the exit. The Shield carry over and you can take one more hit in the next level. If you mess up the current level and only have 1 heart, make sure to collect the Shield earlier of course.

    +++ Shortcuts & Dead Ends +++
    You can use your dynamite to create shortcuts. If you are one key/arrow to short and don't wanna go back and risk to lose a heart by searching, you should think about just using it. Sometimes you also see more than only one path. If you choose the wrong way with a trap at the end, maybe you want to use your dynamite to move on.

    +++ Level 20 +++
    Use ALL your Items and pay attention. Maps are really handy, because there are many traps in this stage! Gold can also be surrended by traps... don't let fool you. This level is a bit harder than every other level before (at least it was my experience), but with enough Items you should be able to reach the exit and unlock your achievement.

    Well... that's all for the moment. Good luck everyone!

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    VictimOfDesireThis game is so unresponsive and it's fucked me so many times. I go to mark a mine and instead of marking it, the jerkoff will go over and lose a heart on the mine. So fucking annoying.
    Posted by VictimOfDesire on 05 Jul 15 at 06:23
    FortressGamerDoes gold actually do anything in this game? I got the Greedy achievement already, is there still a point to getting gold?
    Posted by FortressGamer on 14 Jul 15 at 10:12
    Kugarenope... you can ignore the gold after unlocking the greedy achievement, because gold just raise your score and doesn't make anything easier.
    Posted by Kugare on 14 Jul 15 at 11:21
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  • I am JeffRay90I am JeffRay90412,513
    11 Apr 2014 11 Apr 2014 29 Jul 2014
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    This solution is only for those with 2 computers with Windows 8.

    Complete tutorial on both PCs. Decide which PC will be the primary (main) and secondary.

    The primary (main) PC will be the "perfect run" file. You will be using this computer to follow along with your secondary PC.
    The secondary PC will be used to "attempt solve" each level. You will be loading up the cloud storage saved by the primary computer.

    Step 1) Start Level 1 with your primary computer. Complete Level 1.

    Step 2) When the next level begins, DO NOT MAKE ANY MOVES. In other words , your character (adventurer) should be in the same exact spot when the level began.

    If you move or make any progress at the start of the level , this may* prevent you from having the same exact puzzle -- trap locations will be different if you load up your cloud on your 2nd PC.

    Step 3) Use your secondary PC and load up the cloud data. If you followed step 2 correctly , the level should be exactly the same (all traps location the same).

    Step 4)
    Attempt solve the puzzle using your secondary PC. At the same time you should be following (playing) along with your primary PC. It is helpful to keep track of all your mistakes or potential traps by marking them on your primary PC.

    *Do not worry if you lose on your attempt with your secondary PC.
    1. Just go back to the homepage on your secondary PC.
    2. Make one action (move,flag,etc) on your primary PC. This will update the cloud.
    3. Load the cloud on your secondary PC. You will resume where you left off on your primary PC.

    *For the purpose of consistency , complete the level on your main PC before completing it on your secondary PC.

    * If you use any dynamite to blow off any walls or undiscovered traps, this may change the course of level - making the level different for main and secondary PC. Try to avoid using the dynamite when solving the puzzle.

    Step 5) Repeat Steps 2 - 4 until you reach level 20.

    At the same time you will make progress for following achievement below . It's best to finish "20 Leagues Under the Ground" before worrying about the achievements below.

    Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)Which Door Was It?The Which Door Was It? achievement in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8) worth 41 pointsOpen 100 doors in Adventure mode.

    It is best to save up your dynamites. Blowing up doors is the best way to go. (It counts as opening a door).When you find a level with lots of doors (2 to 4+), use your secondary PC to blow up all the doors in the level . Fail the mission on secondary PC. Make one action (move,flag,etc) on primary PC to update cloud. Load up cloud storage from secondary PC. Rinse and repeat.

    Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)Monster HunterThe Monster Hunter achievement in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8) worth 61 pointsDefeat 100 monsters in Adventure mode.

    Again its best to save as many dynamites as you can. When you find a level with lots of monsters (2to 4+) , use your secondary PC to blow up all the monsters in the level.
    Fail the mission on secondary PC. Make one action (move,flag,etc) on primary PC. Load up cloud storage from secondary PC.

    Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)GreedyThe Greedy achievement in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8) worth 26 pointsGather 10,000 gold in Adventure mode.

    This should come naturally as you progress through the game with your main PC. I had over 50k+ coins after I finished level 20.
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    IXI FalcoNMy man, you are a legend! I nabbed all 4 of the achievements detailed here in a couple of hours thanks to this method. It's so easy that you can't screw it up unless you get really careless on the primary PC.

    I would advise anyone doing this to not worry at all about monsters or doors on your way to 20. Just grab whatever gold you get on the way and that will pop around level 15. Stock up on dynamite throughout your play. Finish level 20, and then play levels after that until you find one to grind monsters or doors with. Level 21 spawned 4 monsters for me and level 22 spawned 3 doors. Did both achievements in about 20 mins each after setting up.
    Posted by IXI FalcoN on 11 Oct 14 at 02:24
    TGB70For anyone late to the game like me this also works on Windows 10 (with creators update so at time of writing this the most current Windows). Great find, thumbs up from me all the way!
    Posted by TGB70 on 01 Jul 17 at 06:58
    Ian 1485Thank you so much for this helpful guide compute
    Posted by Ian 1485 on 28 Apr at 06:30
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