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Wins At Your Back achievement in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)

Wins At Your Back

Log in each day of an entire month and complete at least one Daily Challenge.

Wins At Your Back0
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How to unlock the Wins At Your Back achievement

  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead544,528
    30 Oct 2013 07 Mar 2014 01 Feb 2017
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    Log in each day of an entire month and complete (win) at least one Daily Challenge (per day).

    Extra Content Required: These achievements require content beyond a copy of the game it belongs to
    You need Windows 8.1 to get this Title Update. If you have Windows 8.0 you can install the free upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 from the Store app.

    Buggy - : These achievements may unlock after the requirements have been met
    If you don't get the achievement after completing a challenge on the last day of the month, try playing another challenge. If you still don't get the achievement, you should try changing your computers date to the last day of the previous month and completing a challenge, and then changing the date back and playing another challenge. I am guessing this is to do with time zones such that the last day of the previous month is being counted as the first day of the current month.

    Decide on a month that you know you will be able to play Minesweeper every day. Complete a daily challenge on the 1st of that Month and continue completing at least one of the three daily challenges each day until the last day of the month, which will either be the 28th/29th/30th/31st depending on which month you picked. However since this is buggy for some people, I recommend starting this on the last day of the previous month.

    Make sure you stop the Minesweeper app from running as a background task every day
    - On a tablet drag the Minesweeper app from the top of the screen to the very bottom.
    - On a PC press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select Task Manager. Click the Processes tab and under Apps find Microsoft Minesweeper, right click on it and select End Task.
    If you power off your PC/tablet everyday (not just sleep/suspend/hibernate) then you will not need to do this.

    If you miss a day it is possible to change the date on your PC/tablet to the day you missed and complete a daily challenge and it will still count. Again, make sure you stop the Minesweeper app from running before you change the date and stop the Minesweeper app again after completing a daily challenge before setting the date back to the correct date. Using this method you can actually move the date forward and back to every day of the current month in any order you want and get the achievement in a couple of hours.

    To be clear, if you don't start on the 1st of the month, for example you first log in on the 5th and you complete a daily challenge from the previous days and then log in each day and complete a daily challenge every day until the last day of the month you will NOT get this achievement. What you will need to do at the end of the month is change your date to the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, log in and complete/recomplete a daily challenge and then change your date back to the last day of the month and then log in and play another daily challenge on the last day of the month for the achievement to unlock. You can only get this achievement when your date is set to the last day of the month. Just take a look at when other people got this achievement, but remember TA doesn't take into account time zones and XBL doesn't record the date correctly for achievements won in the future ;)

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    SavageBarkingGot the exact same issues this month. Went back and did 30th/31st october with the clock de-synced. (I did the 30th as there's only 30 days this month).

    Achievement didn't pop when I did another challenge but i've since retried todays easy challenge and re enbled the clock and i now have the achievement. Weirdly I didn't get the pop on my laptop or phone but the xbox app says I have it. Might have played a couple more games than i needed
    Posted by SavageBarking on 30 Nov 18 at 10:31
    Bishop Brenan5 million thumbs up Holy I met the requirements 3 times and I was about to launch my laptop against the wall in frustration, thank you!
    Posted by Bishop Brenan on 29 Feb at 01:32
    JKSullivanThank you for this! Got all the way through August logging in every day and no achievement - doing a second challenge on 8/31 didn't work, so I followed your recommendation to change my PC date to July 31st to complete a challenge and back to August 31st, and it popped.
    Posted by JKSullivan on 31 Aug at 12:31
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  • CashinCashin403,768
    31 Oct 2018 27 Dec 2018 12 Jun 2020
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    Credit to Cosminiion, who posted this as a comment in the primary solution. I wanted to write a concise guide for future use for other players

    **EDIT 6/09/2020**
    KingyOwl in the comments has confirmed that this method works on the Windows 10 Version as well!!
    **Original Solution Below**


    There is a clear way to do this and reliably unlock the achievement. You may be able to shed some steps off of this process, but i'm just sharing what worked reliably for myself. I didn't do this "legit" as I have far too busy of a schedule to even attempt such a thing. So I started this with zero progress towards the achievement.

    Keep Task Manager and Windows Time Setting pages open, you'll be using them a lot.

    1) Disable "Set Time Automatically" and reset your clock to the first of any given month at 12:00 PM (I used October 2018)

    2) Open Minesweeper, and play an easy challenge from the first day. Allow all of the animations to play out. Don't skip any.

    3) Open Task Manager. Once the coins finish collecting, wait between 5-10 seconds, and then close Minesweeper through the task manager.

    4) Once "Microsoft Minesweeper" Disappears from the task list. Change your date to the following day. If you are doing this in one setting, you will not have to change the time at all (Thus why I set it to Noon) and you won't have to worry about the time of day disrupting your progress. It’s also been said that changing the TIME (but not the date) could affect the achievement unlocking.

    5) Open Minesweeper, and play the next Easy challenge on the 2nd of the month. Once again allowing all of the animations to play out, wait 10 seconds, and close minesweeper through the task manager. Go back to your settings, and move the date forward to the 3rd now.

    6) Continue playing 1 daily challenge and moving the date forward in this manner all the way through the entire month.

    7) Once you've completed 1 challenge for each day of the entire month. Close minesweeper like you have been doing through the task manager.

    8) Now Reset your date to the LAST DAY OF THE PRIOR MONTH. In my case it was September 30th. Complete a single challenge on that day, and close minesweeper through the task manager.

    9) Move your date back another day, to the 29th, and complete another challenge. Close minesweeper through the manager.

    10) Now reset your date to the LAST day of the month you are attempting the achievement on (In my case, October 31st 2018).

    11) Open Minesweeper and complete the challenge that you already completed.

    12) Upon finishing the challenge (I actually failed on mine) the achievement will unlock.


    -The prevailing theory seems to be that you need to complete the last day from the prior month in order to count a full month for some reason. So playing the 29th MAY be unnecessary. But you do you.

    -Others have said you need to fail on the last day to unlock, I don't know if that's true. I meant to succeed in my last challenge, but out of sheer coincidence I failed. So I wasn't able to test that, but it unlocked. So you may want to fail it to be safe. Similarly, you might still unlock it by doing a different challenge rather than repeating the same one. Again, you do you.

    -The whole thing will take between 60-90 minutes. I didn't even finish a single podcast episode.

    -And as you noticed on my name, your time stamp will be distorted based on how you manipulated the calendar. So if you're a stickler for that sort of thing, be sure to attempt this on the last day of any given month so it's at least close to the correct date.

    -Again, NOT my solution, but it seemed like it took me an hour just to collect everyone's theories and compile it into a successful (and single) attempt. I just want to make sure others can unlock this reliably!
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    PJBThis worked perfectly first time on the new Windows 10 version.
    Posted by PJB on 08 Jun at 11:17
    CashinIf you guys are referring to the new version I can’t help very much, this was written with the older version of Minesweeper.

    But I never had issues changing the date on either this game or other casual games, just make sure you’re connected to Internet would be my only tip.
    Posted by Cashin on 09 Jun at 19:39
    KingyOwlWhen I change the date to the past, I can't sign into Xbox Live, so the method is working but I'm getting no credit for it because I'm not signed in. @PJB did that not happen for you?

    EDIT: If I changed the date but left the time alone, it works. So can confirm this guide works perfectly on the Win10 version of Minesweeper. I also only had to go back one day into the previous month and purposely failed the final replayed challenge. Unfortunately I had an ad every time so it took me slightly longer than the guide says, perhaps 2.5 hours but still a great method.
    Posted by KingyOwl on 10 Jun at 07:12
  • SambawebSambaweb604,548
    31 Mar 2015 08 Apr 2015 19 May 2016
    7 3 6
    This solution did not work with Windows 10!

    THX to brydgesr he found a glitchi solution for this Achievement.

    This works for all those Marathon achievements like

    Taptiles (Win 8)MarathonThe Marathon achievement in Taptiles (Win 8) worth 34 pointsLog in each day of an entire month and complete at least one Daily Challenge.

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 8)MarathonThe Marathon achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 8) worth 58 pointsCome back each day of an entire month and complete at least one Daily Challenge

    Microsoft Sudoku (Win 8)MarathonThe Marathon achievement in Microsoft Sudoku (Win 8) worth 32 pointsLog in each day of an entire month and complete at least one Daily Challenge

    1. Set the Windows-Clock on the 1. of an month but an earlier month (like January wen its February or March wen its April)

    2. Sign Out of your Windows Microsoft Profile an sign back in

    3. Play the daily challenge of the 1st of the month.

    4. Push STRG+ALT+DEL go to you Task Manager and kill the game tasks

    5. Change the System Date to the 2nd of the month then repeat the steps 2. - 5. from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month.

    Make sure wen you start the game that in the top corner you be signed in to Xbox live and after the last day of the month the chevo should pop.

    You only need to finished and least ONE DAILY Challenge

    in my run i did not look if i was signed in correctly so i get glitched wile i'm glitching and i need some few more days to get the Achievement. Be sure that your Gamertag is shown on the top right.

    This works with all Marathon in the same way and you can do them all together. I do this for Taptiles, Sudoku, Solitair and Minesweeper at the same time.

    Your achievement get the time stamp from your last daily challenge you finished!

    If you have questions use the comments.
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    Temple JonesDoes not work on wins 10, followed directions to the letter. still did not pop
    Posted by Temple Jones on 03 Apr 16 at 17:41
    The Ol n DeGuys, this solution is for Win8 game !
    Easy way to kill application in Win8.1: go to top of screen, click on the top bar of the app and dragh to bottom of screen. keep at bottom of screen until the little window flip over, release. You can have the task manager open at the same time to test it, but you will see the app removed from the task list.
    Posted by The Ol n De on 18 May 16 at 23:24
    Sambawebi ad this to the solution
    Posted by Sambaweb on 19 May 16 at 07:02
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