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Go for the Gold achievement in Microsoft Minesweeper (Windows 8)

Go for the Gold

Win 8 gold Daily Challenge badges.

Go for the Gold0
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How to unlock the Go for the Gold achievement

  • Edward HyenaEdward Hyena467,939
    05 Jul 2014 14 Jan 2014 04 Mar 2014
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    In order to unlock a Gold Daily Challenge badge, you need to earn between 11000-12000 coins in Daily Challenge mode (the goal will vary by month). Coins can be earned in 4 ways.

    Easy challenge (100 coins)
    Medium challenge (150 coins)
    Hard challenge (200 coins)
    Complete all 3 Daily Challenges (150 coins)

    In other words, play every challenge for roughly 20 days in each of 8 months.

    There are occasionally Expert challenges. These are worth 300 coins, and will speed things up a little, but they are not occurring every day. If you have Minesweeper Premium (the paid version, which is $1.49 a month or $9.99 a year), coins can be earned at double the rate for challenges, but the bonus will not increase.

    Sometime in September 2013, an update was made to the game that downloads the Daily Challenges for each month. However, this will only occur if you have entered that month while the challenges were still on the server. You are able to set your PC clock back and retrieve old challenges. At present, it seems February 2014 is the furthest back you can go. If you have entered daily challenge mode during any month and downloaded the challenges, however, you can go back whenever you like. This is why some people can still play challenges as far back as September, while some are stuck with more recent months. This appears to be true for all of the Microsoft Arkadium releases.

    This achievement appears to be retroactive. Minesweeper has been tracking medals earned since the release so it is possible to have this already from 2012 and 2013.

    (Thanks to Ironspleen for info on the system clock. Credit to RadicalSniper99 for pointing out the Expert challenges, and Kugare for the Premium info.)

    (EDIT: Updated in March 2014 to reflect testing on the "set your clock back" methods)

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    SaltyTONThis popped randomly today when I failed a challenge, I don't have bronze or silver yet though...
    Posted by SaltyTON on 01 Sep 14 at 20:59
    ChucklestyleAs an fyi to those who are setting their clocks back to get early medals:

    I did this on nov 30 and was only able to get challenges from may, after having been able to load challenges from april before, so I'm guessing only 6 months back is possible.

    Also when I finished May's challenges and fixed my clock, it said I was only at 1 on progress for the cheevo when i should have been at 5, going to "prize history" forced a re-count and fixed it.
    Posted by Chucklestyle on 01 Dec 14 at 07:30
    ns welshDoes a diamond badge count for the gold achievement?
    Posted by ns welsh on 31 Mar 17 at 17:40
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  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN1,556,276
    04 Apr 2018 04 Apr 2018
    7 0 2
    You can knock this achievement out in about 8 hours total from scratch following my method.

    It seems that you can now roll back the clock as far back as you want, at least on Windows 10. I was able to go back to May of 2017 to finish all my badges. I have not loaded the game up since 2014.

    First, buy 1 month of premium for $1.50 (or regional equivalent) at the current present date. Even though you're rolling the clock backwards, the premium purchase will still be in effect for the next 30 real-time days. Premium is worth every penny; no ads and it doubles the coin payout, cutting the time down in more than half.

    Manually set your clock back to the last day of any month you don't have a gold badge in. I worked backwards 1 month at a time (EX: It is April 2018 as of this time, go back to March 2018, get a gold, then go to Feb and so on).

    To maximize your coin earning efficiency, only play the following challenges:

    Treasure Hunt: Easy, Hard, Expert
    Taps: Med, Hard, Expert

    Yes, we're skipping Taps Easy and Treasure Hunt Med. Taps Easy has a very small board, making it harder to find safe squares to tap on than the larger boards of the upper tiers. Since it only pays 200 coins with premium, it simply isn't worth the time to do. Treasure Hunt has a luck factor and med difficulty requires 2 wins to finish the challenge. On the easy and med settings, you have fewer lives and no blank squares to open the board up. Treasure Hunt med difficulty ends up being too luck dependent and therefore a waste of time.

    The gist of the strategy is to blow through all the challenges I listed above for the month as quick as possible. Doing all of these should net you around 9000-9500 coins (with premium). Finish off the remaining coins with any mixture of easier challenges that you skipped.

    Treasure Hunt Strategy

    In this mode, you have to find the hidden treasure chest that is surrounded completely by mines. It must be 8 mines, so it cannot be found on the side walls, corners, or any other square that is not surrounded by 8 other squares. This is how you narrow done its location and it's pretty easy to guess where it is when you get the hang of it. Sometimes you will get unlucky and not find the chest even if you made well educated guesses. With the exception of med difficulty, I never had to play a treasure hunt more than 3 times.

    For easy difficulty, start by clicking the 4 corners. Hopefully this opens up the board enough to start making good guesses. Keep an eye out for #4 or higher squares as the treasure is likely nearby those. Remember to only guess a square if it can be surrounded by 8 mines! If a numbered square is touching your guess square, it's not it and you're wasting a guess. Eventually you'll be able to narrow it down, with a little luck on your side of course.

    The hard and expert difficulties are actually easier. You are provided blank squares on the board to start. Make sure you click every square that a blank white square is touching; these will never have mines. That should open the board up quite a bit with no risk at all and finding the chest should be quite simple after this point. You have more lives to play with than the lower difficulties, so better odds at finding the chest. Hard difficulty requires only 1 win, while expert takes 2.

    Taps Strategy

    Taps is even easier because it isn't as luck dependent. Start by tapping all squares touching the blank white squares. If you get lucky, you can get quite a few free taps this way. Once you've used those up, start tapping near around any isolated #1 squares. If you hit a mine, don't worry. Tap anything the #1 is touching; since you found the mine already, all of those are safe. If you find more #1s, keep tapping. If you start finding higher numbers, move on to more isolated #1s. Using this simple strategy got me through almost every taps challenge on the first try. I only lost when I got careless and tried to rush things. Med difficulty requires 2 wins, 15 taps each. Hard is 3 wins, 10 taps each. Expert is 3 wins, 15 taps each.

    Make sure you close Minesweeper before any clock changes. When you hit 8 gold badges, reset to present day time and log back in. Check the achievement progress page and it should sync and pop the achievement within a few seconds. Do the same for 10 silver and 12 bronze badge achievements.

    Once you get the hang of treasure hunt and taps you can knock out a gold badge in about an hour or less.
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    Sky OO6Thank you very much for the contribution, it is a reasonable price and it works perfectly. clap +1
    Posted by Sky OO6 on 05 Oct 18 at 22:55
    JuifThanks it works well, I would also suggest to do Flags, they are quick and easy to complete too
    Posted by Juif on 27 Dec 18 at 21:28
  • No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy337,848
    02 Nov 2014 02 Nov 2014
    7 0 0
    In addition to the solution above, you can also set your clock forward in the current month. Eg, today is 2nd of November, I set the calender to 30th of November, which has unlocked all the challenges for this month.

    Of benefit to those (like me) that would sooner spend a 90 minutes at a time grinding out a month of puzzles rather than a daily trickle.
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