Shopaholic achievement in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition


Buy every upgrade and character in multiplayer.

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How to unlock the Shopaholic achievement

  • Irondan316Irondan316764,189
    13 Feb 2014 13 Feb 2014 17 Apr 2014
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    In order to unlock this achievement, you'll need to reach level 60 & spend a total of 226,500 total salvage on characters & weapon attachments. The difference between the 360 version & this one is you also need to purchase the "Hitman Absolution" attachments as well. There are many methods for salvage grinding, but I preferred using Private Rescue on the Beach map. The video shown here gives the best route to farm that salvage (Video is not my own, but is owned by Orxnge).

    Edit: Gizmo2k reminded me to include the fact that the General character is not necessary for this achievement.

    Edit 2: I should include the fact that any online progress from the 360 version won't transfer to the One version or vice versa (unless a patch or update was released since this was unlocked for me).

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    Failure Onlineseems more like $260K+ to buy everything, don't have an exact number unfortunately
    Posted by Failure Online on 30 Dec 16 at 07:35
    IMKevin117Would you be able to edit this solution to say "DO NOT PRESTIGE" so people know you can get this achievement without the prestige Solari character? I don't want people making that mistake and you have the highest solution on the website. Thank you.
    Posted by IMKevin117 on 31 Jul 19 at 05:17
    JosueTorquato73Existe um glitch no PS4 para obter esse troféu! Ao atingir o lvl 60, fecha se o jogo. E em seguida, abre se o jogo novamente e o troféu pinga na hora! Eu fiz o procedimento aqui no Xbox One e não pingou o troféu! Estou achando que esse glitch não funciona nessa plataforma Xbox One! Alguém aqui me confirma isso?
    Posted by JosueTorquato73 on 24 Feb at 15:05
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  • CortanaramaCortanarama1,049,070
    30 Mar 2015 01 Apr 2015
    76 3 15
    Like most, I ended up my multiplayer achievement run needing exp. and salvage. While the Beach salvage boosting method is still very good, I did find a slightly better alternative on the Lost Fleet map as it offers 7 boxes as opposed to Beach's 5. There is also less running and climbing on this map.

    Here's a video we made detailing the route. For a 20-min match, we got about 30k salvage and 3k exp:

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    Segendary TyThis is the guide for salvage. Doing Solo XP runs I'd suggest this:

    Takes more than 3 times as long as with having 1 partner!
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 25 Jan 16 at 01:24
    CLARION 85THX best way
    Posted by CLARION 85 on 05 Feb 18 at 21:18
    SeitzzI just wanted to add a couple comments for a tad bit quicker finish.

    2 comments on the route in the video: 1. When dropping from box 2 to 3 you can just jump straight down to 3. Fall damage won't kill you. You want to miss the ledges barely so you don't grab them and land right next to the box. Mash x and you skip the recovery fall animation if you're close enough. 2. After box 6, run towards the center of the map and jump down those stairs and go to 7. It's faster than the brief backtrack to the stairs.

    Additionally, it seems there is a salvage cap per match (30k-31k). You will notice if you are quick enough, that the game will stop giving you any salvage once you hit this cap even though you have 2-3 mins left in the match. I was able to reach this in about 16 min matches. Overall it isn't much, but it's still slightly faster, it'll probably save you 30-40mins overall as you can finish this in 8 matches getting max salvage each time.
    Posted by Seitzz on 25 May 18 at 19:53
  • TazwazTazwaz480,225
    19 Feb 2016 09 Jan 2016 07 Feb 2016
    12 0 0
    In order to unlock this achievement you will need to reach level 60 & spend a total of 226,500 total salvage on characters & weapon attachments. My video explains everything else you need to know!

    When you start the match be sure you select a character from the SOLARII group because if you pick a character from the SURVIVOR group you will NOT be able to use the rope ascendor used to travel fast up ropes rather than climb them!

    click the link below and look/search for MY achievement guide for the "True Commitment" achievement (as described in video above)

    Tomb Raider - Definitive EditionTrue CommitmentThe True Commitment achievement in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition worth 182 pointsReach level 60 in multiplayer.
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