True Commitment achievement in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition

True Commitment

Reach level 60 in multiplayer.

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How to unlock the True Commitment achievement

  • SpecOp3SpecOp3145,342
    15 Feb 2014 17 Feb 2014 29 Sep 2015
    140 10 25
    This achievement is also solo-able.

    *Simply start a Private Rescue Match.
    *Make sure your a survivor, not Solarii.
    *Put the Number of Medkits to Retrieve to 20 instead of 5.
    You can adjust the round time limit as well, but 10 minutes is just enough time to retrieve all 20 Medkits on the Beach map.
    *A soon as you get all 20 Medkits and the round is over. Wait until the post game lobby comes up. You can now leave and re make the lobby and start over.

    "Make sure your loadout includes the Second Wind offensive skill and then hold cn_B to sprint when you head out to find the kit, which will speed thing up somewhat. Unfortunately, you can't sprint once you have the kit." ~~ Runner7922

    This method can also be used to get tons of salvage on the Beach map. I averaged 30,000 exp when retrieving 20 Medkits as a Survivor in under 10 minutes and I averaged 26,000 salvage every 20 minutes as a Solarii ( rope ascender makes it stupid fast ).

    This method will take a little over 10 hours to achieve Level 60. (Thanks Uncle BAZINGA )

    I'll post a video soon on my actual game play. NOPE

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    Koolay87I’m looking for help with achievements if anyone is available. Need 4 people to do the ranked match achievement.
    Posted by Koolay87 on 19 Sep 20 at 17:52
    GalgaldrNeed players for multiplayer achievements. Msg on xbox if interested.
    Posted by Galgaldr on 04 Jan at 01:16
    J The AltruistNeed this

    Gt; J The Altruist
    Posted by J The Altruist on 13 Feb at 01:38
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  • Ahzid Onik KroAhzid Onik Kro16,252
    04 Jul 2014 24 Jun 2014 24 Jun 2014
    59 0 15
    Since I haven't seen this posted here I will post it to help others as it seems the fastest way to earn this achievement. Note I haven't earned the achievement yet but using this method nets 74-78 thousand exp per match so I should be done soon enough laugh.Also I didn't invent this solution I heard about it while boosting other achievements.

    First off this solution will require two people so find yourself a boosting partner. Then set up a match with the following parameters.

    Type- Free for All
    Map - Underground
    Time - 20 Minutes
    Kills - 100
    Character - Any of the survivors as the Solarii do not get a grenade launcher.

    During the match you will both want to run onto the ship in the middle and stand in front of the sandbags opposite each other and ready your grenade launcher then fire it at each other this should kill you both within seconds of each other netting you 600 exp for the double kill plus 300 for revenge and another 150 + 75 for the explosive and kill doing this for 20 minutes will net you 70k-78k maybe more if you manage more kills. Doing this I average between 55-65 kills a match. When the match ends exit to the lobby and recreate the room rinse and repeat for some quick and easy exp.

    Again I take no credit for this method I just wanted to post it to help others out.
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    FEAR EPIDEMICNot really luck based. Every game we kept doing better. I started to average over 80 kills every game.
    Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 03 Aug 19 at 22:52
    Segendary TyYeah like I said, It's after warming up, even then still luck based dependent op spawn
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 04 Aug 19 at 01:50
    FEAR EPIDEMICJust wanted you to know that it isn't impossible and you asked for pics. lol.
    Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 04 Aug 19 at 01:58
  • ToxicTechnetiumToxicTechnetium49,635
    17 Apr 2014 17 Apr 2014
    66 9 1
    Just wanted to add something to the above solutions. It will net you 3,000 XP more per run; which isn`t much, but it will add up. I made a video which explains everything. smile
    This is the first solution that I have posted on TA, so any advice would be much appreciated! wave
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    Z Squared91Good call! I am able to get a medium + long carry for all medkit spawns on the Beach. Which brings in an extra 4,000 XP per run if you are going for 20 medkits in a round! I like to just make sure I get a long carry before dropping the medkit close to the drop zone for the medium carry. You can pull the cn_LT to aim with your weapon and you'll drop the medkit where you stand.
    Posted by Z Squared91 on 23 Aug 17 at 12:06
  • Tecstar70Tecstar70206,525
    18 Sep 2015 18 Sep 2015
    19 1 2
    Here's the method I used to get over 30K XP per match (about 15mins) as well as salvage.

    NOTE: You HAVE to finish the round you are playing or progress will be lost.

  • CTM AudiRS6CTM AudiRS6413,085
    03 May 2014 06 Apr 2014
    18 6 0
    This is the best method I could find to work towards Shopaholic and True Commitment at the same time. Once you have enough salvage for Shopaholic, switch to the free for all grenade method for XP.
  • TazwazTazwaz491,766
    19 Feb 2016 09 Jan 2016 07 Feb 2016
    12 2 0
    The Setup

    Start a Private Match from the Multiplayer menu with the following settings:

    Game Type: Rescue

    Map: Beach

    Character Selection: pick any SURVIVOR

    Time Limit: 20min

    Number of Rounds: Best of 3

    Medkits to Retrieve: 20

    Survivors to Kill: 20

    The Method

    this method is the best way to combine gaining at least ~40 000+ exp. toward ranking up (depending on how good you are with bonuses) ,AND to also gain at least ~5000+ salvage in ONE 20 minute round. (depending how fast you can collect 19 med kits while also doing Medium Carry bonuses.) Use my video guide it shows the location of each med kit and the ALL the proper places to STOP and drop the med kit in order to maximize the amount of "medium Carry 200 EXP" bonuses for EVERY med kit location.

    important to know you are only doing ONE round in a match (a match consists of 3 rounds.) once your ONE round is over it will take you back to a menu where it gives you a summary of your stats for the round and a 30 second timer before the next round starts. When you are in the menu described above click cn_B to return to the main menu, and then you are able to start a new mach with all the same parameters. Rince, wash, and repeat.

    It is important to note that when my video reaches the guide for the LAST med kit this is also the start of another guide showing you how the BOOSTING WILL CHANGE once you have collected 19 of 20 med kits, and how the boosting changes is explained in my video.

    Important NOTES:

    Hold the cn_B button to run (simple as this sounds It took me a while to figure it out lol)

    Make sure your loadout includes the Second Wind offensive skill (unlocked at level 27)

    Always try to drop the med kit in front of the capture point and get a "Medium Carry" bonus then pick up the med kit and run around the back before running into the capture point to get the an extra "Short Carry" bonus resulting in the following score:

    200XP For short carry when you drop the med kit in front and get "Medium Carry"
    75XP For when you pick up the med kit and walk around back then walk in capture point

    KEEP IN MIND the following: When approaching a capture point if you feel like you haven't run far enough to achieve a "Medium Carry" bonus by dropping the med kit outside the circle be sure to change your strategy by running around the back of the capture point and just run into the circle WITHOUT dropping the med kit to try and receive a "Medium Carry" bonus to get 200XP, otherwise if you drop it in front and only receive a "Short Carry" bonus you will only get the following score:

    75XP For short carry when you drop the med kit in front and receive "Short Carry" bonus
    75XP For when you pick up the med kit and walk around back then walk in capture point

    Once you reach level 60 use the following video to get the shopaholic achievement.

    Tomb Raider - Definitive EditionShopaholicThe Shopaholic achievement in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition worth 125 pointsBuy every upgrade and character in multiplayer.

    14 Oct 2015 14 Oct 2015
    11 5 0
    Ok so to get this achievement you need 1,771,100 xp, the best way is to create a private match of Rescue, on either beach or monastery, Beach is quicker my best was 8 minutes but you don't get much salvage towards Shopoholic achievement average 1500 whereas monastery average 9-10 mins with around 4000 salvage, obviously you need to be a survivor, and set time to 20 mins and medi kits to 20, its more of a grind than hard hope this helps Thanks
  • Afr Geo BlazeAfr Geo Blaze291,314
    10 Jun 2019 15 Jun 2019
    5 0 0
    If you have a friend or a dummy account, you can use this solution.

    I made my own solution that can reward you over 40k+ in LESS than 10 min (loading times aside) in 1 match on maps, most efficient on Beach or Underground. However, it's way less efficient on map that have the recovery area far away from the spawn, so avoid the others maps.

    You can improve it at your own, but those are the specifications I played with. It is a little different than the usual other solutions.

    Game mode : Rescue

    Time round : 10 min (no need to change)

    Number of Medikits : 3 (Yes, only)

    Number of Kills : 15 (No need for more, but you can if you adjust the time round)

    Survivor ability : Steph / -Any- (You can keep Advanced looting if you're aiming for salvages)

    Solarii ability : Accomplished killer / Advanced looting

    1st round : You're the survivor. Same tactic as usual : Collect all 3 Medikit as fast as possible while improving carrying distance bonus. You can also have some little bonus if you kill your boosting friend/dummy account by a headshot while you and him are close to the recovery area. You can get around 7200-8000 for 2 or 2.30 min if you kill your opponent.

    2nd round : That where the magic occur. Make your opponent to collect a Medikit fast while you're running to the recovery area. When your opponent is around 3 meters or less from the recovery area, shoot him in the head, and finish him off when he's down. You'll get :

    50xp by putting him down
    75xp headshot
    150xp for putting down a medi-carrier near the recovery area
    150xp for the kill
    200xp for the execution

    1000xp (!) for killing an opponent around the 3 meters I mentionned (750xp if more than 3 meters, so this one depend on how close the opponent is from the recovery area when you kill him)

    + bonus at 3 - 5 - 10 - 15 headshots (no bonus for more)
    + bonus for killing spree, the medi-carrier killing spree and the "putting down" spree
    + bonus for the "nemesis" statut, the win, CC kill (the executions count as CC), ...

    Well, you got the picture.
    Most bonus rewards can be obtained by 15 kills. You can be granted 34-37k xp for 6-8 min that way, and it's not a real pain like the Medikit one.

    Using this method, you can have 40k-45k for 10 min of playing (usually less if that's one of the 2 best maps).
    You can also put 4 round to win, so you can skip the return to the lobby half of the time and keep up with the exp and bonus (you just will have the 3000 point bonus for the win on the last round, but the reduction of loading time worth it).

    Restart the lobby if the map selection after the match isn't good enough.
  • ChameleonNinjaXChameleonNinjaX280,530
    09 Jan 2016 07 Jan 2016
    7 2 0
    Just wanted to add this video about dropping it frequently timed around 4-5 secs or paces etc and getting +200 medium carries about 3-4 times per pick up so:

    +800 * 20 = 16'000xp from just the quick pick-up and drop en route
    then plus the extra bonuses and collection rewards net you around
    30'000 to 35'000 xp maybe more but aimed for under 10 mins for efficiency

    i managed to average around 32'000 xp per 10 mins and around 1700 salvage per game
    so just under 200'000 xp per hour and just over 10'000 salvage per hour
  • SpirantCrayon22SpirantCrayon22118,982
    20 Oct 2020 20 Oct 2020 22 Oct 2020
    2 0 0
    A modified version of the good one that Afr Geo Blaze wrote (as well as stuff from others). Minimum 70875 xp in about 15 minutes. Can be done from level 1.

    This works if you have a second Xbox with a dummy account and can multitask between two controllers (simultaneous control of both is NOT needed though). Dummy account goes on home Xbox, main account on second Xbox.

    Private match for two. Rescue. Beach. Match options - 15 minutes, 3 rounds, 3 medkits, 30 kills.

    Dummy account loadouts - default settings, just make sure there's no damage reduction.

    Main account Survivor loadout - default settings, Second Wind saves a couple of seconds but is not needed.

    Main account Solarii loadout.
    1. Makeshift or Recurve Bow (presumably Compound works but not tried it).
    1a. Damage NOT Napalm (Damage not needed but possibly helps a little - Napalm stops some XP awards and makes life harder for the Solarii).
    1b. Draw Time (not needed, helps a little with speed).
    2. Accomplished Killer (increases XP).
    3. Advanced Looting (not needed but default anyway, it can't hurt and might give the salvage).
    4. Others are irrelevant, choose defaults.

    First round.
    Start with main account as Survivor, dummy as Solarii.
    Run the Survivor around to get the three medkits, as per other guides. Just remember to move the controller on the dummy account regularly so it doesn't get kicked.
    Around 2 minutes for 5400 xp.

    Second round.
    1. Main account - move the Solarii to the underground bit right by the medkit drop-off and stand on the ammo crate closest to the drop-off zone, by the pillar.
    2. Dummy account - get the Survivor to pick up the medkit and run to the drop-off area, then stand between the Solarii and the drop-off, a little closer to the drop-off.
    3. Main account - headshot with the bow (does not need to be charged) then immediately hit Y for the execution, then back off slightly to the ammo crate.
    4. Dummy account - respawn the moment it's available, drop down the hole that is right by the drop-off, pick up the medkit, checking position is as before. Go back to 3.

    With this method, the location sorts out ammo for the Solarii, the medkit never leaves the right place, the controllers never time out and the location's right for the bonuses.

    This gets 65475 xp for this round and finishes the match. I could do the round in about 12 minutes.

    List of scores for the second round:
    30 Flag Carrier for 30000 (thirty thousand - didn't even know this was a thing, Afr Geo mentions it)
    30 Execution for 6000
    30 Kill for 4500
    30 Give It Back for 4500
    1 Winning Team for 3000
    6 Warrior for 3000 (didn't realise it worked for finishers)
    3 Assassin for 3000 (this stacks!)
    2 Headhunter for 3000 (this stacks!)
    30 Headshot for 2250
    30 Downed for 1500
    1 My House for 1000
    1 Simply Stunning for 800
    1 Sharpshooter for 500
    1 Roadblock for 450
    1 Archenemy for 350
    1 Deadeye for 350
    1 Repo Man for 300
    1 Relentless for 250
    1 Siege for 225 (looks like the game's note that it's 150 is wrong)
    1 First Blood for 200
    1 Nemesis for 150
    1 Slow Down for 150

    For the record it was 1338 salvage during one run (that's around 45 per kill but not sure what the average is supposed to be) and the dummy account got to around level 15.
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