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Egg-stra XP! achievement in Call of Duty®: Ghosts

Egg-stra XP!

Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then destroy a hive in the Onslaught DLC package.

Egg-stra XP!0
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How to unlock the Egg-stra XP! achievement

  • AntonysjAntonysj267,252
    04 Feb 2014 28 Jan 2014 30 Apr 2014
    50 5 21
    For this achievement, you must locate and shoot four alien hives (one for each Onslaught DLC multiplayer map) in public Multiplayer. You will know you have achieved one when a challenge counter appears on your screen. 

    The locations for the hives are as follows:

    Ignition - In the underground section, you will see the hive on the wall. Underground is accessible by going through the broken plane shell and down the ramp. Alternatively there is a bunker type entrance near the 'Federation' spawn directly underneath the giant digital countdown clock. Run down the steps and to the right and the hive is on the wall.

    BayView - Just outside the map underneath the pier. Go to the bottom right corner of the of the map and look straight across. (On the minimap you should be standing by the three diagonal lines, just off to the right of the tram tracks) You'll just see the hive hanging from the bottom of the pier.

    Containment: Just outside the map. Go to the most northern point of the map, at the very top. Just off to the right on top of the white building that has barred windows. Climb on top of the green dumpster for a better shot.

    Fog: In the cave at the centre of the map. You'll see a waterfall (a dark blue circle on the minimap) Look slightly down and to the left of the water and you'll see the hive through some foliage.

    When you have shot all four go to Extinction mode and load Nightfall. Play until you've destroyed an alien hive. Upon doing this you'll get your achievement and 10,000 XP for your Extinction character. 

    Thanks to 'Th3 Replicant' and 'PuRe Pretzel' for confirming that you can actually earn this on multiple consoles. If you've already earned this on the 360 you can also earn it on the One by destroying a hive in Extinction. The eggs in the multiplayer maps won't register, however destroying a hive in Extinction will. This can also be done the other way around.

    If there's something that you feel needs changing in this guide please let me know and I'll change it. If anyone would like any help, again please let me know and I'll do all that I can to help.

    I would ask that if you vote negatively, would you kindly take the time to state as to why. I appreciate feedback of all kinds as it helps me to write better, more coherent guides.

    Many Thanks. Happy Gaming!

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    PiCkLE SQU1DWent to earn this in public MP and someone was cheating. Upon quitting the game, I had max prestige and my Exctinction Rank + Intel got reset back to 0. I found all the eggs in Solo Safeguard and I saw the progress meter pop up on my screen. When I went into Nightfall and destroyed a hive, the achievement didn't pop. I think I'm fucked.
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 06 Jul 18 at 15:25
    INSTINCT H410You can no longer find online games on dlc maps. Does this mean the achievement is now impossible?
    Posted by INSTINCT H410 on 24 Oct 18 at 13:00
    MargieIaaMadmanMight be unobtainable now.. servers are dead
    Posted by MargieIaaMadman on 17 Apr at 18:32
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  • TaxableRegent1TaxableRegent1350,791
    22 Mar 2014 20 Apr 2014
    53 10 32
    Easiest way, load up safeguard mode and just shoot the eggs. To get specific maps just back out from the loading screen. You should be able to pop the eggs before the first wave arrives. Once you do just back out and rinse and repeat. After all eggs have been shot back out load up extinction and complete one hive. That's how I got mine in less than 10 minutes.
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    Zerstuca@TaxableRegent1 Thank you for posting this, I was able to deduct where the eggs were at from other sources, don't need to be spoon fed everything.
    Posted by Zerstuca on 05 Feb 18 at 06:17
    RulkyExcellent solution! Thumbs up for me 👍
    Posted by Rulky on 02 Aug 19 at 05:54
    Shadow 00 FoxI can't believe this is top solution considering that it just looks like a helpful comment on another solution, especially considering TaxableRegent1 has ignored the helpful comments in the comments completely.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 02 Aug 19 at 22:16
  • Maka91Maka911,128,296
    29 Jan 2014
    28 5 1
    For this achievement you must shoot all 4 hive locations located in the 4 new multiplayer maps that are a part of the Onslaught DLC. You can quit the game once you shoot the hive and the notice pops up. These MUST be done in public matches.

    [0:06] - Ignition
    This hive is located underground near the middle of the map. You have to find the container that leads into a small underground hallway. In this hallway, you'll find a hive on the wall.

    [0:29] - Fog
    Use the in-game mini-map for this. First, you'll want to make your way to the middle of the map, inside the cave system marked light blue on the mini-map. Inside the cave system, there will be a waterfall, marked by a dark blue circle on your map. Go up to the waterfall, aim inside to find the hive.

    [0:55] - Bayview
    Make your way to the side of the map with the lighthouse. Looking at the lighthouse, follow the boardwalk to the left, and aim off the side to find the hive under the pier across the water. You may need a long distance weapon for this hive.

    [1:15] - Containment
    On one side of the long street that runs through the entire map, you will find a gas station that is identified with a large circular sign. Jump onto the green dumpster in front of the gas station, aim across the street and to the left. You will find the hive on the roof of the small building next to the large green building.

    After completing all 4 of these hives, you will need to go into an extinction game of either Nightfall or Point of Contact and then destroy a hive using the drill to unlock the achievement.
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    RadioFishMust be in Nightfall, not Point of Contact
    Posted by RadioFish on 09 Feb 14 at 17:04
    28 Jan 2014 28 Jan 2014
    5 3 0
    I used what Antonysj said and it worked here is a video with the locations and then the achievement popping at the end you have to be in the new maps for this to work
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