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Spinal's Searing Skull

Curse an opponent with Spinal's Searing Skull while in Instinct Mode

Spinal's Searing Skull+0.3
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Achievement Guide for Spinal's Searing Skull

  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles893,738
    31 Jan 2014 31 Jan 2014 26 Jun 2016
    71 2 11
    This can be done in Practice Mode.

    The achievement description is misleading after the Season 3 update. Rather than cursing an opponent with Searing Skull, you specifically need to land an Instinct Curse, which is the shadow variant.

    Spinal uses skulls as part of his special moves; activating Instinct Mode will give you the maximum amount of skulls and constantly regenerate them. Pause, hit cn_RB or cn_LB twice to get to Practice Options, set Instinct Meter to Infinite or Refill.

    Activate Instinct Mode and facing right, use cn_downcn_downrightcn_right+cn_Xcn_Y with default controls, or any two punches. Once it hits, achievement unlocked.
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity504,732
    27 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014
    13 6 0
    Go to Local Play > Practice. Then choose Spinal as your main character, and any character as a dummy.

    At the start of the match, press Start (menu button) and then press LB or RB twice to get to Practice options. Go down 4 options to Instinct Meter, and press right on the d-pad twice and it will be set to Infinite. You do this so that you can last in the mode forever, in case you mess up a few times.

    Then just press RB and RT (heavy kick and punch) at the same time to activate Instinct Mode (might take a few tries if you are bad at the game like I am). Then just input quarter-circle forward and any punch (I chose to use the left stick for the quarter circle, but some PS3 / Tekken fans might like to use the D-pad). Quarter-circle forward is moving your left stick down, and then in a continuous motion sweeping it in a circular way to the right (or left if your character is on the left side) and then press X, Y, or RB (defaults for punch).

    Might take a few tries to land it (if you suck at the game like I do). Once it lands though, you will get the achievement.

    Here is a video below to demonstrate it in a simple way.
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