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Great Instincts

Instinct Cancel 2 Times in one Match

21 Feb 2014 until 28 Feb 2014

Great Instincts
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Challenge Guide for Great Instincts

  • LavindatharLavindathar1,321,996
    21 Feb 2014 21 Feb 2014 22 Feb 2014
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    New challenge just up:

    Great Instincts - Instinct cancel twice in one match.

    Popped no problems after my first game. Really easy challenge, and should only take you a minute or so.

    Pick a character you like/comfortable with, and play a versus match on n00b difficulty versus Thunder. Use Thunder as he does more damage, hence filling your meter quicker.

    Let him beat you up until your instinct bar is full. Then just start a combo, for instance with Jago I'd use :

    Heavy Wind Kick,auto, Shadow Laser Sword, NOW HIT HP+HK

    That will cancel your combo by doing your instinct special, in Jagos case, the little pose then his yellow glow with health regen.

    You can continue your combo, or let it drop.

    Now just let Thunder beat up on you again, fill your instinct meter then repeat.

    The challenge pops after the match, as long as you successfully cancelled a combo twice by using your instinct.
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