Distinguished Service achievement in Halo: Spartan Assault (Xbox 360)

Distinguished Service

Earn all medals in the campaign at least once

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How to unlock the Distinguished Service achievement

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    Reposting my guide from the Xbox One version of this game:

    *NOTE* This is primarily a solution for the Let it Rain medal (though it will cover Grenade Spree and Cluster Bomb as well, as those simply require fewer kills). I got every other medal without ever reading this achievement description just by completing the main campaign the first time. If you have problems with other medals post in the comments and I'll update this solution to include information on good places to get them. *UPDATE* Now with a Swiss Army solution at the end as requested.

    My "Let it Rain" solution:
    I believe I found the easiest way to get 10 grenade kills in a row without being hit. Load up B-1 - it is a one-screen map where you defend against a bunch of suicide grunts and a few grunt minors and elites along the way. You start with 3 incendiary grenades and there are 3 more just left of the middle of the map. Throw them at the suicide guys running at you and the next 2 waves will both run into the fire that is left behind and die (which counts as a grenade kill!). I was able to get 10 kills using only 4 grenades, which left 2 to spare in case a throw is off target or the AI pathing manages to miss the flames.

    Additional Tips for "Let it Rain" from CyberKnight:
    1. You can't shoot anyone. All 10 grenade kills must happen in a row without any other kills. (I don't know why I thought I could mix up some pistol kills too, but that's not allowed.)
    2. Watch out for the Elite that drops in the lower left of the map after about the third wave of suicide grunts. He likes to jump out and shoot. You have to be pretty far right for him not to notice you. (Seems like once he starts shooting the turret, you should be ok.)
    3. If, like me, you don't seem to have enough kills after about four grenades, aim for the Grunt Majors. They tend to drop a plasma grenade, which can give you one more throw.

    "Swiss Army" Solution from DTI April:
    (Swiss Army is for getting 5 kills with 5 different weapons - and it appears grenades don't count) B-4 is easy for swiss army - start with assault rifle and magnum, then use a plasma off the grunts and repeater from elite, then there's a shotty on the floor part way along the level. Did it with four weapons and a grenade and it didn't work for me, think it has to be 5 guns.

    Another "Swiss Army" solution from kHz RazgriZ
    Earliest and also quick way for Swiss Army is on A-5, just to get it out the way to concentrate on others. You start with shotgun(1) as primary and magnum(2) as secondary. Elite's drop repeaters(3), grunts drop plasma pistols(4). You can find assault rifles(5) scattered around the base in pick up pods. Simple

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    XtowersThe grenade tip works on all versions. Thanks! Needed the grenades for my last medal. Got it finally on my phone.
    Posted by Xtowers on 10 Apr 14 at 20:57
    JORAXAwesome, glad it helped (and congrats!)
    Posted by JORAX on 10 Apr 14 at 21:13
    Lord TerentiusJust wanted to add that "117" and "Distinguished Service" may be buggy. I had already completed the Windows Phone version of the game when I started the XBL 360 version up. Both the achievements unlocked straight away.

    Not that I'm complaining though. Just wanted to let you know so others are aware too smile
    Posted by Lord Terentius on 08 Jul 14 at 18:58
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    21 Jun 2014 23 Jun 2014 09 Jul 2014
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    There are 46 medals in the game, but you only need 32 medals for this achievement. These are the first 32 listed on the menu under "medals." If you've previously earned this achievement in another version, this one might be buggy. You can check there to see which ones you are missing.

    1-9: Double kill through Killionaire: kill 10 enemies within 4 seconds of each other.

    10-14: Killing Spree through Untouchable: Kill 20 enemies in a row without being hit.

    15, 16, 17: Rifle Spree, Target practice, and Contact: Kill 10 enemies in a row, with a rifle, without being hit (or killing with another weapon). Does not need to be the same rifle. You can get some kills with an assault rifle and some with a plasma rifle.

    18, 19, 20: Pistol Spree, Pistol Perfect, and Gunslinger: Kill 10 enemies in a row, with a pistol, without being hit (or killing with another weapon).

    21, 22, 23: Grenade Spree, Cluster Bomb, and Let it Rain: Kill 10 enemies in a row, with grenades, without being hit (or killing with another weapon).

    24, 25, 26: Splatter Spree, Road Rage, and Sunday Driver: Kill 10 enemies in a row, with a vehicle without being (Significantly) hit. You can use any of the vehicle's weapons for this.

    27: Assassin: Kill an enemy with a melee attack from behind. If you walk up to a jackal and keep meleeing it, odds are about 50/50 that it'll count as an assassination.

    28: Sentry: Destroy an enemy vehicle with a turret. Easily done on C-3.

    29: Anticipation: Kill an enemy with a charged shot (from a plasma pistol). Kill a grunt, take his weapon, shoot his buddy.

    30: Demolition: Destroy a structure with a grenade. The second turret you destroy in A-2 is a good target for this. The structure must have had an enemy in it recently to count.

    31: Swiss Army: Kill 5 enemy units with 5 different weapons. This doesn't count grenades or vehicles.

    32: Wrecking Ball Destroy an enemy vehicle with a vehicle of your own.
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    EYEHUNTER 42I unlocked this without ever playing multiplayer. Medals 33-46 require multiplayer. Perhaps you encountered a bug?
    Posted by EYEHUNTER 42 on 08 Jan 15 at 14:32
    Purple DinDonoOh, maybe you only need the single player ones.
    Posted by Purple DinDono on 08 Jan 15 at 16:24
    A BANNED CRIBBSentry can be done very easily on B4. When you are driving the enemy vehicle, approach the unmanned turret. Than get out of the enemy vehicle, climb into the turret, and shoot the unmanned enemy vehicle you were just driving.
    Posted by A BANNED CRIBB on 13 Mar 17 at 03:19
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