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Crimson Dragon
Crimson Dragon

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Blackbone Expert

Single player: Earn "A" rank 15 times using Blackbone.

14 Feb 2014 until 16 Mar 2014

Blackbone Expert
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Challenge Guide for Blackbone Expert

  • TopherionTopherion561,920
    14 Feb 2014 14 Feb 2014
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    Somewhat contrary to the challenge description, you need to get an "A" rank or better. This is the total rank for a mission, rather than for the individual mission objectives.

    A Blackbone at any evolution with a max-level wingman, preferably a Blackbone Radiance or a Silvertail Radiance, can easily "S" rank the Lava Lake stage "Thinning the Herd". This level contains nothing but fire-elemental enemies, so the Blackbone and Silvertail's lightning attacks deal extra damage.

    It can be helpful to feed the Blackbone to teach it a vision attack, such as "Roar Photon".
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