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Played for more than 1 hours

Total play time exceeded 1 hours.

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  • Chunkeh MunkehChunkeh Munkeh2,053,594
    08 Feb 2014 08 Feb 2014 23 Mar 2014
    61 0 34
    UPDATE: Johnny Sinister has some good info on this - I can confirm that if you uninstall and redownload (since it is back on the marketplace) the achievement will unlock (at 2 hours played, not one).

    Takes more than one hour but it will pop eventually. Just leave it on a puzzle and go do something fun.

    On a side note, my kids put the PC to sleep and when I turned it on the achievement unlocked and the timer was showing 99 hours =)
  • unattentionunattention22,000
    13 Jul 2014 13 Jul 2014 13 Jul 2014
    9 1 1
    I think i might have found something for this achievement.
    So i left this game the first time running in the background for an hour and the achievement didnt pop. So i got mad and i simply closed the game. i went to play another game and got a 5 point achievement. then about an hour later i reopened this game and it was on a puzzle and the achievement popped. it said 99 hours playtime.
    Thats how it happened. im guess it is some kind of glitch. i have no idea how it happened that way but lucky me.
  • MediennerdMediennerd126,400
    27 Dec 2014 27 Dec 2014
    7 0 1
    I played the Game, all 20 Levels and then 5 Levels in Shuffle Mode in 59,35 Minutes. Then i start a Level for a few seconds to come over 1 hour an no achievement pop, so i start a new level an watch TV for a hour and the achievement will pop, so you have to play a level for 1 hour, easy going...
  • xLarrysxLarrys95,536
    13 Aug 2015 15 Aug 2015
    4 0 0
    This achievement is very weird but can be done with enough time! After you complete every other achievement you should have over an hour of play time, however you most likely won't unlock this achievement. So just leave your game on (has to be in an actual game) for an hour or so and it should pop but may not. If it still hasn't popped then try playing another game and hopefully after about 15mins it will pop! But as I said this achievement is weird and if your really lucky you might get it after an hour.
  • exact0exact0148,445
    23 May 2016 23 May 2016 23 May 2016
    3 0 0
    05-23-2016 - I was working on finishing the "20 games" achievement. I had been averaging about 3~4 mins per game. I started game 18 and shortly afterwards just minimized the whole game and did something else for like 5 mins. As soon as I maximized the game, the achievement popped!! :) Glad it did. I was planning on leaving game 20 idle or re-playing another game for an hour. So, not sure if this was an accumulation of an hour of game play or playing a single game for an hour.
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