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Going Strong

Reach Rank 50

Going Strong0
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How to unlock the Going Strong achievement

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    Here, we'll look at how to achieve rank 50 in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

    PvZ doesn't use a traditional experience bar to progress your rank. Rather, it uses challenges that must be completed for each character class. These challenges range from very easy to pretty damn hard. You always have three or less challenges available to you. Once all the challenges in a character's level are complete, you'll rank up.

    Each time a character levels up, your rank increases by 1.

    So, this guide will show you how to accomplish the challenges.

    You can skip any challenge using a Skip Challenge consumable. These are available in the Sticker Store. Your best bet at finding these are by purchasing the 10,000 coin packs; however, I chose to almost exclusively purchase the 20,000 coin packs because of the two character stickers included. Character stickers unlock new characters. These unlocked characters hold significant edges over their "standard" class counterpart. The challenges carry over for each character in the class. For example, if you get the Chomper to level 6 and then unlock Count Chompula, he'll still be level 6 with all the same challenges. 40,000 coin packs will automatically unlock a character, if you want to go that route, but 20,000 coin packs include 2 random character stickers anyway. Note that 1,000 coin packs do rarely contain a single Skip.

    Skip Challenge consumables are VALUABLE. Don't waste them! You won't come across them a whole lot, even when opening high value packs, unless maybe you're lucky.

    *NOTE* If you're not attempting level 50, Skip consumables obviously become a bit more expendable. This guide is assuming you'd like to skip as few as possible and are working toward level 50.

    In earlier levels, there are very few challenges between levels. Every level adds more challenges that must be completed (or skipped) to reach the next level. The challenges are semi-random. There's no guarantee which challenges you will or won't receive. They do get progressively more difficult, but they never feel overwhelming. So, if you're a level 7 Cactus and want to skip a challenge, don't feel like you can't because you're saving it for higher levels. There are simply MORE challenges per level - there are 15 challenges during the last few levels before level 10. Most often, your task count will simply be higher in the later levels, with maybe a suffix added. I can't say for sure which will be harder to you, as they're often more about play style than anything.

    Let's have a look at some of the challenges. The first thing you want to ask yourself is "WHAT MODE should I be in for this challenge?" This is very important, as some challenges are much more difficult in player vs player than Garden Ops (co-op). If a plant challenge doesn't have the word "Player" in it, it can be done in Garden Ops on Easy.

    These will start showing up at the end of the tasks you're asked to do for each challenge to increase the difficulty. Here are the main ones:

    ...in a session
    If something must be done in a session, it must be done in one game. Plant session challenges should quickly make you look toward Garden Ops, if possible. For the rest, you'll want to look toward G&G, since the sessions are typically longer. These start showing up around level 5.

    ...without getting KO'd
    This means it must be done without dying, like get 3 primary weapon vanquishes without being KO'd. These show up in later levels. Sticking close to teammates should help with these. If this makes you uncomfortable, beware that they're coming in later levels if it's something you feel you'd need to skip.

    Let's get into the challenges.

    Use [ability] X times
    Press the button. This one couldn't be easier. You unlock all the abilities by level 3.

    Some challenges are very easy like this one, but not many. We won't detail all those. Also, the ones that are really easy like this do actually show up in late levels.

    Use character for 30 minutes
    This is just a cumulative amount of time you use the character class. No skill involved.

    Vanquish [plant or zombie] X times

    Just get kills. If this is a plant challenge, you can do it in Garden Ops, if it would be easier there. For example, waiting for 5 screen-door zombies would be a pain in Gardens and Graveyards, but it's pretty easy in Garden Ops, so do it there.

    Vanquish [plant or zombie] X times with [ability]

    If it doesn't say "Player," it can be done in Garden Ops on easy. This has a lot to do with play style. Vanquishing 3 Peashooters with Sprint Tackle sounds fun to me. Vanquishing 3 Engineers with Chomp sounds not so fun. However, there are a few of these that pop up that seem absolutely impossible. Getting 3 kills with the Foot Soldier class' stink grenade would take tons of luck and take forever, as the grenade does 3 damage per second and plants clear away from it quickly. Clear these if you can!
    Skip: VARIES

    X critical hits with primary weapon

    This was really easy. Aim for the head. Note that a couple weapons seem to have absolutely no critical hit, like the Tank Commander. Others, like the Peashooter, you'll just need to connect - it doesn't have to be the head.

    Revive X [plants or zombies]

    Look for the crosses above the heads and make sure the path is clear first and these shouldn't be too hard.

    Combine [ability] with [ability] X times

    These are things like Stinkweed + Chomp, or Rocket Jump + ZPG. I never had much problem with these. Remember that some plant challenges can be done in Garden Ops, making them much easier!

    Build a teleporter 3 times

    Must be done in G&G with the Engineer. There's a purple highlighted section only Engineers can see where teleporters can be built near each garden. Build 3.

    Capture 3 objectives in Gardens & Graveyards

    You capture an objective when you're in the circle as the garden is done being taken. Aggressive players will have this in no time. If you're not aggressive, just try sticking with teammates or finding areas of the circle that have some cover.

    While covered in Goo, Vanquish 2 plants

    It's hard to do much of anything while covered in Goo. Typically, if a challenge is RELYING ON ANOTHER PLAYER TO DO SOMETHING SPECIFIC, I'd skip it. You can waste a lot of time waiting for the right opportunity.

    Heal a teammate below 20 health X times

    This is a judgment call. While I hate waiting for someone to drop that low, it's much easier than the next one. I'd recommend giving this one a good effort first. You can heal through some walls, by the way!

    Vanquish 2 [specific plants or zombies] with less than 20 health

    This one's kind of stupid. It's really luck. If you're at less than 20 health, you're probably going to die if you keep shooting. I did not bother with these, although I did manage to do it a few times. It's luck.

    Vanquish X elevated [plants or zombies]
    This is a tricky one. It's not conducive to my play-style, but it may be to yours. I'd prefer to be the one with the height advantage, which is what you have to give up. If you're struggling, let this one go. If it's something you want to do, try getting in some bushes and blending in with the scenery. Make sure you have the headshots lined up and ready to go before popping off. If you're a Cactus or Engineer, the game looks at where your character is, not the drone, so that may help for them.
    Skip: VARIES

    Vanquish X [plants or zombies] while elevated
    This shouldn't be too bad. Even if you're not a foot soldier or a Peashooter, there are usually ways to gain a height advantage on your opponent. In my opinion, it's much easier than getting kills on higher opponents.

    Vanquish 5 drones with a drone
    Cactus and Engineer have drones you can use to attack and drop air strikes. For this one, use the primary attack on unsuspecting opponent drones with your drone. You must be at the same or higher elevation to hit another drone on the field.

    Vanquish 5 plant pots
    You can skip asking yourself what mode is best - this can only be done in G&G. These little bastards can be hard to see. Using something with long range, like the Z1 or cactus spikes should give you a better look at what's available to shoot.

    Plant 5 specific plant pots
    G&G or Garden Ops. If the high-coin packs aren't giving you what you need, try the 1,000 coin pack. It may just be too common for the big packs. Sometimes you'll be asked to plant a rare plant that you don't have. The 1,000 coin packs often have these too!

    Summon 5 specific zombies
    Again, easy if you have the stickers. If you don't, they can be quite expensive to obtain. I did have to skip one of these. I couldn't get screen-door zombie to show up at all in my sticker packs, although I later realized they show up in the 1,000 coin packs as well.

    Finish in the top X in a Competitive Mode
    This really depends on your skill level. While I don't want to get into overall strategy, since there are lots of forums on the subject, I'll just say that if you feel like you can't get into the top 7 or the top 5, go ahead and skip. I do believe everyone can have a good game, though!

    Taunt opponent after vanquishing X times
    You'll have lots of gestures available by the time these challenges show up, but it shouldn't matter which one(s) you use. As soon as you get a kill, press any direction on the d-pad and these will count.

    Earn Master medals in competitive modes
    To be assist master, you need the most assists in a match, to be vanquish master, you need the most vanquishes in a match, and so on. These show up around the last couple levels (maybe just level 10), so you're well familiar with how to grab these by now. The problem is that you may be asked for assist master and work the whole time on it only to get beaten out by one person, costing you a whole match. If this is an early challenge of your 15 challenges, maybe play it out. Otherwise, I find these take too long to get done.

    Collect X coins
    As long as there's no suffix, these are cumulative, so it's just a matter of playing. I haven't seen a suffix on these, but if you see one, these may prove challenging. They don't show up until later, though, so you should have a good feel for the game by now.

    Destroy X Healing Stations
    Like I said, if you're waiting for your opponent, or even AI, to do something specific, I'd prefer to skip it. Healing stations are planted pretty often, though, and so focusing on them may really not take too long. This is your call.
    Skip: VARIES

    Vanquish X summoned zombies
    This sounds like something you should skip, since you're waiting for G&G opponents to summon, and then you'd have to get the kills. But for some reason, this works in Garden Ops!

    Vanquish a nemesis X times
    This has to be in a competitive mode (TV or G&G). A nemesis is an opponent that has killed you 3 times or more in a single match. This may prove troubling, if you're getting owned by someone. If you're really good, the same player probably won't kill you 3 times, though! If you want, find someone that you don't think is very good and let the player kill you a few times. Once the player has 3 kills, go vanquish crazy. This one may or may not be for you. I felt they were too dependent on opponents.

    Play an entire session as [class] X times
    There's really no skill involved here, but it could eat up a chunk of your time if X is a high number (10 is the highest I've seen). I'd treat this one differently if it was a level's early challenge as opposed to a late challenge in the level. In other words, if it's the only challenge holding you back from leveling a character, maybe skip it.
    Skip: VARIES

    Again, the way to rank up is to complete or skip character challenges. That's the only way. You'll likely end up with a bunch of level 7 characters and a couple even higher.

    If you have anything to contribute, leave a comment and I'll get back to you or add something to the guide. Thanks to everyone for feedback and suggestions!
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    Sniff this unitAnother common challenge is vanquish a nemisis x times. I always skip this challenge as i never get nemisis and they can be hard to find if you do get one...however if determind to get it find a character who looks distinct and is alone on the map and let him kill you 3 times..when someone is your nemisis you will almost always see their picture permanetly on your screeb
    Posted by Sniff this unit on 06 Mar 14 at 16:21
    XI AlphaMale IXAh how'd I miss that one! I'll add it, thanks!
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 06 Mar 14 at 17:39
    CounterInsurgntGreat guide but the healing station advice is not good in my opinion....I've destroyed stations as a chomper many times and the sunflower would make it even easier....I wouldnt skip that ever, seems like a waisted skip to me.
    Posted by CounterInsurgnt on 07 Mar 14 at 11:44
    XI AlphaMale IXThanks, CounterInsurgnt, I'll modify that one. It's one I simply never bothered with, since I don't like waiting for others to do something. I guess you find plenty of heal stations out and about, though.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 07 Mar 14 at 17:00
    EmG v SprayZzFelt like such a grind after level 45 IMO. Good guide anyways, thumbs up from me :)
    Posted by EmG v SprayZz on 13 Mar 14 at 14:36
    tajbenderWhat a great guide, respect!
    Posted by tajbender on 02 Apr 14 at 19:44
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