Truly awesome! achievement in Rayman Legends

Truly awesome!

Reach the final level of Awesomeness.

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How to unlock the Truly awesome! achievement

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    Edit: I've been told the dailies are visually updating properly again. Thanks for the heads up!

    You need 6000 points from cups to reach Awesomeness level 11 for this achievement. If you complete everything in the game and get all diamond cups on all paintings you will only be just over the 10th level of Awesomeness, with 4184 points.

    To get the other 1816 points you must do daily and weekly challenges. This is where it gets rough because you are competing directly against other players' scores to determine what type of cup you get on the challenges.

    To get Diamond you must be in the top 1% of all players who completed it. That means that on the average daily challenge with 1200 to 2500 players only the top 12 to 25 will get Diamond. Do not pull your hair out trying for these. A LOT of people that are already awesomeness 11 just keep doing challenges. Maybe they just love the game. Maybe they are blocking the top tier so newbies cant get diamonds. I dunno. I've only managed 5 diamond cups in the 3.5 weeks I have been doing challenges.

    For Gold the top 1.01% to 20.00% get it. That is a nineteen fold increase over Diamond and much, MUCH more obtainable. Out of 1000 players, rank 11 to 200 will get gold, 190 players total for every 1000 challengers. Try to get in the top 15% though if you do it earlier on when there are still 5 or more hours left because a lot of folks jump in at the end and can bump you out of gold if you are around the bottom end of the golds (top 18-19%).

    Silver only requires you to be in the top 20.01 to 50.00%. Out of 1000 players that would be rank 201 to rank 500. Extremely easy to do, especially if you have finished the main game and gained mad skillz.

    Bronze is from 50.01% to 90.00%. If you cant get into the top 90 out of every 100 players to do a challenge then you probably can't finish the single player achievements anyway and probably aren't going for this one.

    A Diamond cup is worth 50 points; Gold is worth 10; Silver is 5; and Bronze is a whopping 1 point.

    There are two daily challenges each day and two weeklies, for a total of 16 challenges a week. So the max points per week is as follows:

    Diamond every challenge: 50 x 16 = 800 ppw (points per week) or 2.27 weeks of doing every challenge

    Gold every challenge: 10 x 16 = 160ppw or 11.35 weeks of doing every challenge

    Silver every challenge: 5 x 16 = 80ppw or 22.7 weeks of doing every challenge

    Bronze every challenge: 1 x 16 = 16ppw or 113.5 weeks of doing every challenge (that is just over 2 years!).

    A more realistic goal for most gamers will be getting Gold on most challenges, with maybe 2 or 3 diamond cups on a "Go as far as you can" weekly as these are easier to get diamonds on since you have a week to keep practicing and memorizing the obstacles, with a handful of silver medals on the occassional daily challenge you just cant seem to nail down.

    Assuming you gold everything, with 4 diamond cups total by the time you are done and 3 silver cups a week on a harder daily challenge or two, you're looking at still finishing the game right around the same time frame as doing all gold medals, or 11.5 weeks-ish.

    If you do all golds, no diamonds, and three silvers a week it only stretches it to 12.52 weeks to finish. What does that mean? Don't stress out and get carpal tunnel trying to get diamonds. Just try to get solidly in gold territory and finish the game around the 12 to 13 week time frame.

    Lastly, there are various types of challenges:

    Get them quickly! - If this shows up as the Regular daily or weekly it is your best chance for a Diamond because you can bring in a co op buddy (local only). Having two players grabbing lums is much faster than solo, although its pretty cheap. The goal is to meet a specified lum total as fast as you can. You cannot bring a buddy into the Extreme daily or Extreme weekly, however.

    Get there quickly! - This is your basic speed run. Either fall down the infinite pit, climb the infinite tower, smash through the dojo, or sprint through a horizontal level as fast as you can.

    Go as far as you can! - whether pit, tower, dojo, or horizontal you just have to go as far as you can without dying. The horizontal and tower versions have a death wall that chases behind you, but it seems to stall for a second if you do. Just don't stop too long. The dojo version of this is "as many as you can" where you keep going from one room to the next smashing plates and balloons to get lums. The rooms get progessively trickier, to an extent, but the basic layout repeats often so you can get pretty good at this one.

    I suggest looking at youtube video tutorials on how to gain a lot of speed for the speedrun challenges, because these are by far the hardest to get gold on. Good luck!

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    Burty JrI can’t get my head around the notion that so many people are still playing this to cock block the achievement, it’s absurd. Only other reason I can think of is that there’s been no new game since this one so they won’t move on.

    Do they know what they’re doing? Is there a community behind it? Do they laugh at us with their Rayman plushies? Questions that’ll never be answered. It would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying.
    Posted by Burty Jr on 24 Sep 20 at 22:12
    Burty JrFinally. 80 days later, or over 11 weeks as the guide says, I am done. Managed to get all golds every day bar one. Definitely no point going for diamonds, since they’re made almost unattainable by the god-like players who still hang around and can pull off the advanced movement.

    It really helps if you enjoy the game.
    Posted by Burty Jr on 13 Dec 20 at 12:57
    VOODOO85Just about finished the rest of this game and have this one left to do with around 1800pts to get. Confident I can get silver for each challenge but gold is hard to come by. Those that are still playing have been doing so for years for the most part and definitely have an edge
    Posted by VOODOO85 on 22 Feb at 20:57
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    Took me exactly 4 weeks of grinding the challenges after I completed the main game.

    About 1/2 of my total trophies were Diamond with the rest being Gold.

    I really had no choice but to force myself to get better at this game b/c there are much less people playing the game now than at the game's peak making it much harder to break into the top 1%.

    Make sure to turn ghosts on once you've played your best to see how better players are doing the same areas. There are some tricks you could learn from watching their ghosts.

    The best chance getting Diamond trophies for the average player is the distance challenges where you have to get as far as possible. Every course has a section where it separates the Gold players from the Diamond players. If you can just make it past that part then you can safely secure Diamond. These are easier to do b/c all you need is practice to get past some tricky parts.

    The speed run challenges are extremely difficult as they require using tricks to increase your speed that the average player will not have the skill or dexterity to execute effectively. When it comes to these challenges be prepared to restart over and over and over until you get a perfect run if you plan on going for Diamond.

    There is a trick where if you spin attack and jump while letting go of directional input will give you more speed than if you were to keep pressing forward. Executing this trick puts you into a state called a "Neutral Slide". There is a follow up trick to preserve your momentum once you go into a neutral slide where you press down and jump at the same time. This is tricky b/c it also gives you a higher and longer jump depending on the timing of your execution which will result in a different path which you must adapt to.

    The challenges where you are in the Dojo are by far the most hopeless of them all if you do not have a second player to help you. The top 1% ALWAYS have a co-op partner help them with the score so dont ever expect to get Diamond on these challenges without one.

    All in all, this is a very time consuming achievement that requires sufficient amount of skill to achieve in a timely fashion. Quite honestly the trophy points are completely unbalanced with Diamond being the only real practical reward. Had the Gold trophy been worth 25 points then this achievement would not be so insane especially given that as time goes on it will be harder and harder to get Diamond when less people are playing.
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    xMANNY FRE5HxJust got this achievement today. Decided to jump back on it a few weeks ago since it was a free game and figured there would be tons of players so getting diamonds might be a possibility. That was exactly the case. I got diamonds on 95% of the challenges. The only reason I didn't get it was cause I just didn't have enough time that day.

    Believe it or not the most annoying one for me was the go as far as you can ones. I know I'm in the minority here lol

    The easiest for me were the speed ones and collecting the lums. While not a pro at it I moderately used the tactic you described. I also got diamonds with out even using it. The sheer amount of players made this a possibility.

    Now the dojo.. This is the only point I would have disagree with you. I got diamonds on all of them, solo. It's not easy but doable. You just need to memorize the rooms, get the lums quickly and turn on ghosts. Ghosts help tremendously here. Again this only possible cause of the massive influx of players since it was a free game.

    Hopefully my comment further helps anyone currently going for diamonds. It's still highly skill based and not all will be able to get diamonds. But If you wanted to give it a shot. Now is the time.

    Overall a great solution and a + vote from me.

    Gratz on the achievement its a beauty. smile
    Posted by xMANNY FRE5Hx on 15 Apr 15 at 17:28
    PrezesmaksHave to agree with you,m8. Most games I got diamond for was speed runs. I do not know the tricks of how to break boost from stand alone position but I know how to use environment to get boost - that is the key. And yes, as xMANNY FRE5Hx mentioned above, key is a ghost of better person so you can find a trick or just one particular area/moment where you are loosing 1sec or 0,5 of it
    In my opinion a lot easier than "go as far as you can" - I just could not be bothered to learn and memorising obstacles - focus on what you think you get diamond. It is worth 5x more that gold so its well worth your time. Even if you have got just bronze on one challenge and you know you can get diamond on the other, just focus on diamond one. Its 51pts rather than 20pts ( two golds ) - over two times more.
    Dojo - I'm shit here as well :D. Got diamond once or twice- Thats it. I could not be asked anymore.
    Find something you are good at and train :). Seriously. You've got diamond - try and get better time/go further/grab more lumes by watching ghosts. When similar challenge appears , you're at home.
    Currently I'm at 5674. Got diamond today for quick drop and gold for dojo (played 2 min for gold) so +60. Hopefully tomorrow quick drop will be as an extreme daily challenge so I can get 50 pts closer to 6k :). Fingers crossed by the end of next weekend I will be done!!! HaHaha (evil laugh :P )
    As previously said -it is crucial to step up and try and get diamond just in one discipline. Just one will get you to your "beloved" achievement :D a LOT faster. Unless you've got time to play for the next 3-5 months everyday :).
    I've started game exactly on the 1st of March but I've not played challenges since day one. Give or take I'm on 5,5 week straight. Got bronze,silver,gold but also Ive got diamonds :).
    Good solution - kudos from me:) And to all of you - good luck folks - Diamond cup is your ultimate goal! :)
    Posted by Prezesmaks on 23 Apr 15 at 20:17
    NINja277Thank you for explaining that speed trick, im nearly done with this but ive gotten about half platinums and watching the top guys replays they always seemed to move faster than i could ever go on level ground and now i know why. Thumbs up
    Posted by NINja277 on 07 May 15 at 04:56
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    26 May 2015
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    /!\ Even though I haven't won the achievement yet, I unlocked it on November 12, 2013 on the Xbox 360 copy so I know what I am talking about :] /!\

    Hello Rayman players !
    In this solution I will try to give you the best advices and explainations on how to get this achievement. I'll do many updates in the future, including tricks videos. I'm french and if you find any mistakes (because I will do some), please tell me and I'll correct them.
    I used -spoilers- because I think it's easier to navigate between the different sections of the solution this way ; but of course there isn't spoiler in the solution.

    If you already know how this achievement works and you are only here for advices, go directly to the "3- Challenges Mode: Diamond Cup !" section. Let's go !



    To get this achievement, you have to reach the level 11 of awesomeness. The first thing you'll have to do is complete the story and get all the (700) Teensies. This way you'll already have a certain number of cups.
    "Okay, I have fully completed the game, so what now ?"

    1- Challenges Mode: Introduction !
    Basic informations about the challenges mode and the achievement
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    2- Challenges Mode: Cups !
    Basic informations about cups and points

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Yep, that sounds insane. But hey, we're on Trueachievements, let's see if someone has any advices to help us go faster !

    3- Challenges Mode: Diamond Cup !
    How do I get a Diamond cup ? How does the system works ?

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The following sections are all about explaining how the different challenges works and giving you tricks to do better scores. Even if you don't plan on getting Diamond cups, you should read it as it'll help you getting gold easily.

    4- Challenges Mode: The different challenges !
    There are different kind of challenges. I'll try to describe them and give some advices.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    5- Challenges Mode: The different maps !
    A résumé of the different maps in the challenges mode - with tips.

    Challenges mode includes 4 very different map. What you have to know is that the maps are always using the same patterns that are set up together randomly to create a challenge. So after several challenges, you'll start to recognize some patterns and you'll be able to go through challenges easier and easier.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Okay, now I'll share tips and tricks which may help you improve your scores on Rayman legends !

    6 - TIPS AND TRICKS: Use Ghosts !
    How ghosts are the best way to improve your skills ?
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    7 - TIPS AND TRICKS: Cooperation !
    How can cooperation help you to get on top of the leaderboards ?

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    8 - TIPS AND TRICKS: Maximize your speed !
    Here I'll make a list of different tricks to help you go fast. I'll try to update it if I find any new one and I'll try to make videos to show them ingame because it's hard to explain some of them with just words.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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