Rubbin', Son, Is Racin' achievement in LocoCycle (Xbox 360)

Rubbin', Son, Is Racin'

Find that guns aren't the only way to wreck a car.

Rubbin', Son, Is Racin'0
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Gamer Gamer Date Won
JoeDun JoeDun 05 February 2014
Switzerland PascalMarc PascalMarc 14 February 2014
USA litepink litepinkBack in the 90s, I was in a very famous TV show 14 February 2014
USA Inktoid InktoidI have some loose ends to tie up but otherwise Inktoid is signing off from Xbox permanently, god spe 14 February 2014
USA Flypup Snoopy Flypup SnoopyFinally going back through a HUGE list of games that I havent played or done much with!!! 14 February 2014
USA NutriWhip NutriWhip 14 February 2014
USA Kyotic GBaby Kyotic GBabyHoly poop the new Space Jam controllers are going to be mad expensive 14 February 2014
France Boubakar Boubakar 14 February 2014
USA NemesisEn4cer78 NemesisEn4cer78I don't want to go in the water! Rigth now! 14 February 2014
USA A 2rue LeGacY A 2rue LeGacY 14 February 2014
England SILVERsifDURFER SILVERsifDURFER 14 February 2014
Son of Kyuss Son of Kyuss 14 February 2014
England UnawareBoss UnawareBoss 14 February 2014
SilentPuff SilentPuff 14 February 2014
USA Mr McMuffen Mr McMuffenFar Cry 6 is mostly done except for the timed Insurgent leaders kill. 14 February 2014
England The Dauntless The DauntlessRETIRED: Officially retired from achievement hunting! 14 February 2014
England SonOfStayPuft82 SonOfStayPuft82Ray...when someone asks you if you're a Gamer, you say YES! 14 February 2014
USA snakeeyes367 snakeeyes367Stay frosty. 14 February 2014
USA sirbradenwalker sirbradenwalkerSpent an hour struggling like hell in restless night before I read about the infinite health cheat. 14 February 2014
sevenw1nters sevenw1nters 14 February 2014
Ireland Celtic Force Celtic Force 14 February 2014
DoomZDome DoomZDome 15 February 2014
USA Janewayfan Janewayfan 15 February 2014
That Morris That Morris 15 February 2014
USA sabby boy sabby boyThe future is bright for Xbox! 15 February 2014
USA Groudon199 Groudon19921 months later, "Done! Unlocking..." round 3, rule-of-three edition 15 February 2014
dark computer dark computer 15 February 2014
Morikiyo J Fox Morikiyo J Fox 15 February 2014
Japan OG InsomniA OG InsomniA 15 February 2014
USA Doctor Mandrake Doctor Mandrake 15 February 2014
D4rk Dr4goness D4rk Dr4goness 15 February 2014
USA Zombie4EvilDead Zombie4EvilDead 15 February 2014
Bahrain Riffai Riffai 15 February 2014
Germany IIIDarkmasterII IIIDarkmasterII🧐🧐 15 February 2014
Relow1984 Relow1984 15 February 2014
JTGamer 1984 JTGamer 1984 15 February 2014
Canada Ow Nitram Ow Nitram 15 February 2014
RavenRoxx1337 RavenRoxx1337PayDay Spieler für feste Gruppe? 15 February 2014
USA IRISH PATRIOT x IRISH PATRIOT x230 Hours in Dragon Quest. Just roaming around doing my own thing. Having a ton of fun with it! 15 February 2014
England stordoff stordoffStreak ended due to COVID-19 15 February 2014
worldsdumbest12 worldsdumbest12 15 February 2014
USA Yabraah Yabraah 15 February 2014
TheExplodingMan TheExplodingMan 15 February 2014
USA TAZ98 TAZ98I haven't bought games in awhile but the Black Friday deals look good. I'm going to pick up Wwe 2k20 they finally put that on sale also Resident evil8 15 February 2014
USA Freudianslip99 Freudianslip99 15 February 2014
Germany Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neFortnite : Unspeakable Horrors 8795/20.000 Mist Monsters 16 February 2014
USA OtoGiSan OtoGiSanInside: that was definetly a weird experience! 16 February 2014
England AP 8T8 AP 8T8Carrick’s at the Wheel! 16 February 2014
Scotland Astute Vagabond Astute VagabondTried to make a site goal for 350 XBLA completions but you can't filter by just XBLA, so i'll just say here. 350 XBLA completions by Sep 2023 16 February 2014