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All Normal Cleared (Fencer) in Earth Defense Force 2025

All Normal Cleared (Fencer)55 (15)

Cleared all stages on Normal difficulty as a Fencer.

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Achievement won on 24 Mar 14
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Posted on 25 March 14 at 05:20, Edited on 03 April 14 at 03:32
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This achievement is for completing all 85 missions while playing as the Fencer class on Normal difficulty. While this is pretty self-explanatory, below you will find a list of helpful strategies and tips to make this much easier. Even on Normal difficulty, this game is no cakewalk so check out the solution below to make this a bit easier.

Online mode vs. Offline mode
The easiest way to complete all the missions is obviously to play Online co-op with three other friends. The bad part about Online mode is that there are caps on the weapon levels that vary by difficulty, and slowly increase as you advance in the missions. Once you've completed all the missions in Online mode, you can manually remove the level cap on weapons, but that probably isn't the case for you yet if you are reading this. Also, enemies have more health in Online mode.
1 or 4 players - enemy health is x3 (yes 1 player is as hard as 4 players)
2 players - enemy health is x1.875
3 players - enemy health is x2.5
If you are doing this by yourself, or with one other person, Offline mode is definitely the way to go, since there are no weapon level caps and enemies are also easier in Offline mode.

Use split-screen mode!
Split-screen mode, while limiting your view a bit, will make your life about 1000% better in this game. Just sign in a second controller as a guest account and you can put it down and ignore it while you play. Even battery-powered controllers are okay for the second controller, because the game will not pause even if the second controller times out and shuts off. Here are some of the benefits:
- While playing in split-screen mode, both players get credit for armor crate pick-ups. For example, if Player 1 is a Ranger and Player 2 is set to Wing Diver, both the Ranger and the Wing Diver will get credit for the armor crates you pick up with Player 1. In addition, if you use two of the same class (i.e. two Fencers) you will get double credit for the armor pickups. Weapon crates, however, will only count for Player 1. Note, if you play Online mode, weapon pickups will count for both players, even if they are different classes.
- You can complete the campaign for one character class using a different character class. The game is much easier to complete with the Ranger and Wing Diver classes, and more difficult with the Fencer and especially the Air Raider. What you can do, for example, is set Player 1 to Ranger class and set Player 2 to Air Raider class. Now play through a mission using the Ranger, and the Air Raider will get credit for playing that mission at that difficulty as well. Completing all the missions will unlock the achievement for the Ranger class. Once you complete all the missions in this fashion, change Player 1 to Air Raider class and complete any mission, even Level 1, and the achievement will pop for completing all missions as the Air Raider. In this manner, you can complete all the missions for two separate classes in a single playthrough. To check which mission each class has played, and at what difficulty, press the "Y" button on the mission selection screen.
- If you're having a hard time with a particular mission, use your second controller to make your life easier. If your Wing Diver isn't cutting it on a mission, put a Ranger on your second controller and go blaze away at some bugs, or put an Air Raider on the second controller and call in some airstrikes or drop in a tank. Your second controller is also handy for reviving you if you go down.

I need a better gun!
As you advance through the missions, they will become more and more difficult until eventually you will not be able to progress. When you start getting to the point that you are dying a lot, it's time to get some better weapons. The game is structured so that you can only get weapons up to a certain level on any particular difficulty level. To get higher level weapons, you need to play on higher difficulties.

What you need to do now is go back and play some of the early levels on Hard difficulty and grab some weapon drops. You still may get some weapons that you already have, but you'll also score some higher level weapons too. If you feel comfortable on Hard, then go ahead and play some on Hardest, or even Inferno difficulty. If you can manage to score some Inferno level weapons, you can easily use them to beat the entire campaign on Normal difficulty.

Here are some good levels to grind some high level weapons:
Level 1 - Reconvene: pretty straight forward. Stay back and pick off ants from a distance.
Level 28 - Brute Force: Lots of hectors. Hang back and don't engage the AI troops to follow you. Run away and let the hectors focus on the AI troops while you pick them apart from a distance.
Level 11 - Air Force: Run away and let the superpowered AI troops in this mission thin out the gunships, then come in and clean up.

After obtaining some good high level weapons, you're ready to go back to the lower difficulty level and lay waste to everything with your new overpowered guns.

Loot everything!
At the end of a mission, you want to pick up every armor and weapon crate that you possibly can. The best way to accomplish this is to advance through the mission until there are only 2 or 3 enemies left. Once you are at that point, you have the leisure to run around and loot every crate that you can get your hands on. If you find that the AI troops are killing the last enemies before you can grab everything you want, you can turn traitor and shoot and kill all of the AI troops to stop them from killing the last enemies.

Note that there is a limit to how much health you can gain in a single mission. For Wing Divers you can pick up armor crates equivalent to 200HP in a single mission. After that, it will do you no good to pick up any more armor crates. For Air Raiders and Rangers the maximum is 400HP, and for Fencers it is 500HP. However, there is no maximum level to which you can raise your health. You can grind your health up past a million, if you want to put the time into it. Armor crates are not, unfortunately, a 1-to-1 conversion from crates to HP. The conversion rates vary by class and are listed below:
Wing Diver - 0.232-to-1
Air Raider and Ranger - 0.464-to-1
Fencer - 0.58-to-1
So, for example, as a Wing Diver you can pick up approximately 862 armor crates before they cease to do you any good.

A few other tips
- On missions where you encounter Eartheaters (the huge hexagonal sections that block out the sky) you need to take out the red/orange glowing sections as quickly as you can. Destroying one of the glowing sections will cause it to explode, taking out all the sections surrounding it as well. This will vastly reduce the number off cannons shooting down at you from the Eartheaters. While they don't do a lot of damage individually, their vast numbers can quickly wear away your health bar.
- Also when encountering Eartheaters, take out the hatchs that drop drones and gunships (and even hectors and deroys) as soon as you can. Shoot them when they open.
- Always carry a balance of weapons. Normally, you want to make sure you have one close quarters weapon and one powerful, long range weapon at all times. On some missions you will want to change this up, depending on the types of enemies you encounter in the mission. If you're having a hard time with a particular mission, try using a different combination of weapons.
- AI troops will follow you around and fight with you if you enlist them. If you see a soldier with a red triangle over his head, you can approach him and he will join you, and the triangle will turn blue. If he is a squad leader, the entire squad will join you. While this is pretty cool, it's generally a bad idea. AI troops make excellent decoys for the insects. AI troops are best used by leaving them in place and letting the enemies focus on them, as opposed to coming after you. This way you can stand off at a distance and whittle down the enemies while they are attacking someone other than you.
- Try to keep your distance from larger enemies like hectors, retiarius, and deroys. Stand off and let them focus their attention on the AI troops while you pick them apart from a distance. Don't be afraid to run away.
- Mobility is life! Keep an eye on your radar and be aware of where the large groups of enemies are coming from. Keep moving and position yourself so as not to be surrounded or swarmed. Use missiles and rocket to whittle down large groups of enemies before they get close. Running backward and shooting forward is a great tactic. I like to call "advancing to the rear". This causes the enemies to close with you more slowly, giving you more time to wear them down before you get swarmed.
- When getting swarmed by dragons, the "advance to the rear" technique works wonders. The dive-bombing dragons will keep crashing into the ground in front of you as you run backwards, allowing you to blast them with near impunity.
- This may be elementary to some players, but don't pick up health crates that you don't need. If you are at full health and there are a couple of health crates laying around, leave them there. Thirty seconds from now you may take a hard hit from a hector, or get swarmed by spiders, and you'll be wishing you still had those health crates back there. Save those health crates for when you really need them.
- You can check the progress for each character class for each difficulty in the Battle History tab from the mission preparation screen, as well as a wealth of other stats.
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