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    Defeat Vendrick

    Vendrick is the giant you walk past to get the King's Ring after defeating Velstadt The Royal Aegis in the Undead Crypt. Don't attempt to fight him though, beat the game first then come back.
    (New Game + does not automatically start after beating the final boss)

    Vendrick has very high defense so he will take some time to kill, additionally his attacks are likely to kill you in a single hit. However it is possible to lower his defense by having the unique items "Soul of a Giant" in your inventory (DO NOT use Soul of a Giant for the souls). Three Giant souls can be obtained from killing the giants in the giant memories and the one under Black Gulch.

    For the fight I highly recommend a fully upgraded weapon and using a 100% block greatshield with high stability. A good shield will allow you to take a hit now and then. Surviving a hit is much better than the damage two handing gives you as this is very long fight.
    For reference I used a lightning mastodon greatsword +10, with 40 strength 35 faith and was doing 260 damage a hit while two handing.

    Patience is key for this fight so take your time and don't get greedy.
    Once the fight starts sprint right to him (you might need to dodge through an attack) and hug the back of his left leg (opposite the side he holds his sword). This sweet spot is where you should stay for the entire fight, if you're lucky. If you strafe counterclockwise he shouldn't be able to hit you. Wait for him to attack then land a few hits and continue strafing. Keep in the middle of the area, stay calm and you should be fine.
    In the event he jumps away or starts to hug a wall, sprint away, wait for an opening or for him to get into the middle, then sprint right back

    The Achievement unlocks once you beat him.

    If you want his soul and armor it's located behind a locked door a bit passed the second bonfire in Shrine of Amana. You have to have beaten him and be in human form for the door to open.
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    danwood11 Good tactic. Spells were taking too long so switched to +10 Enchanted Falchion with 40 Faith. Took 5 to 10 minutes of hitting him in the back and dodging. Beat him with 1 more hit left on my Falchion before it would have broken :)
    Posted by danwood11 on 20 Aug 14 at 19:23
    LegionOblivion Just did this last night - best strategy for me was to equip the red tearstone ring, get hit by the knights before his fog door so the ring activated, double hand my +10 lighting longsword (he has low lighting resist) and hug his legs. When you are in close combat his attacks are limited and easy to predict. If he wanders close to a wall and doesnt jump back start rolling back towards the middle of the area while keeping a lock on him so he walks towards you (he might throw a spell at you, just roll left or right then run in close to his legs again) . Goodluck all!!
    Posted by LegionOblivion on 03 Nov 14 at 17:30
    EdOrAm05 An easy way to finish him is always stay behind him, then he will attack with his sword to the front, once he does you hit him with attacks of mele or magic
    Posted by EdOrAm05 on 12 Sep 19 at 15:10
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