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Ranked Number 1!

You did it. You are the number one skater on Project 8.

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How to unlock the Ranked Number 1! achievement

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    You need 95% sick goals to get to the final chalenge, which is a get there goal called Animal Chin. Once you beat that, you achieve the number 1 spot.

    Depending on how many gaps and secret spots you have found, the number of goals you can omit changes. If you have found allof the secret spots and gaps the number of goals you can omit is about 6 (credit l306l PoRkRoAsT)

    If you need help on any goal contact me and I will try to explain how to get through it on sick.

    *Note: The video is not mine, it is K4rn4ge's but this is the strategy I found most useful for finishing the final goal.*

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    l306l PoRkRoAsTJust in case anybody is wondering you can have 6 goals at pro and the rest have to be at sick.
    Posted by l306l PoRkRoAsT on 07 Aug 12 at 06:35
    DeadlyCarpetWell I'm not ever completing this game, thanks Neversoft
    Posted by DeadlyCarpet#245 on 18 Mar 20 at 19:11
    crashkursI remember when I did this several years ago, I didn't know about that door in the corner of the skate park, so I did this through actually grinding up that whole hill up to the theme park. Man, did I make this even harder for me laugh
    Posted by crashkurs on 05 Sep 20 at 11:55
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  • ScramblesDKScramblesDK773,192
    22 Apr 2012 22 Apr 2012 19 Jun 2012
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    When this goal had finally unlocked for me I had 95% sick goals and 5% pro goals. Apparently the other 5% goals do not need to be done, according to a comment made to this solution by DarkxMaterials.

    The guide that DarkxMaterials has posted is a great guide, and I used it as a basis for mine. While his shows a strategy video uploaded by K4rn4ge that works well I do have a few points to add.

    - Just because your line doesn't match up with the video doesn't mean that you won't make it. I ended up deviating from the video quite heavily in the early stages of this goal. This leads to me second point:

    - Even if you hit something NOT in the line you have planned DO NOT RESTART. See it through, and keep the flow of the line (unless it sends you careening in a completely wrong direction) because when I finally beat this goal, I missed 2 wallrides and 2 grinds that I usually put into my line. Doing this can also help you find a different way to make the line go that works better for you.

    - As any good Tony Hawk veteran knows, keep an eye on your balance meter all the time! Always anticipate where it is going to slide next. To make things easier, before you jump out of a grind or manual try and make sure that the arrow is centered in your balance meter. This normally makes it shift a little slower and will give you more time to react.

    - Do not stiffen up! Keep loose! The last thing you need is to enter the fun park and jolt your joystick too far thus making you bail.

    - Simple is better. Remember that this goal does not require a set amount of points to win, you just have to keep the combo alive without touching ground with 4 wheels or your feet (don't try any quick cavemans either the game will fail you out of the goal). When I say this, I mean don't try doing too many tricks, there were many times that I attempted a flip trick where my skater would flip trick late, causing a bail.

    - Patience, patience, patience! This is the most grueling goal I can remember from any skating game. This will frustrate you to no end but you will still go back for more. To put it bluntly, I consider myself a THPS veteran and when I finally achieved this goal a few minutes ago it was my 344th attempt.

    Have lots of patience and practice with this goal, and if you really want it, then keep going at it, and it will come in due time.
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    ScramblesDKThanks for the feedback, I wasn't aware the other 5% didn't need to be done, I've updated the solution :)
    Posted by ScramblesDK on 19 Jun 12 at 22:05
  • NyllonNyllon473,814
    07 Jan 2014 09 Jan 2014 13 Jan 2014
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    With recently earning this achievement I wanted to try and help others that are struggling just like I did. I will mention great tips, reference websites I used and which 6 goals I chose to omit at the end when I finally unlocked the final challenge. I hope this guide helps. I wanted to write more of a guide than the previous ones who really just tell you what you have to do rather than explain how you do it. I also give a few tips that helped me on the last challenge.

    Remember you need 95% of challenges completed at sick.
    That leaves 6 challenges you can omit to unlock the final challenge. The other 6 need be done at PRO. You can check your progress by pressing the start button and going to the skater options.

    1. Classic Goals

    Focus heavily on completing all the CLASSIC GOALS at sick level first. This can really prepare you for all other challenges at sick. In my opinion if you can do those you have this game in the bag. Now with saying that that doesn't mean this is at all easy. You will get frustrated at how glitchy this game can be and how unreliable it is but STICK with it! You can do it! Be sure to check the achievement guides for each of those cause they have YouTube videos that will show you the best line in getting them completed.

    2. If You're Stuck

    If ever you get so frustrated or just can't beat one of the challenges then move on to another one and come back to it another day.

    3. Focus

    Don't ever forget about FOCUS (slow mo) cause seriously it is your only friend in this game. Slow mo comes in real handy in all challenges so always use it! It will save time on timed missions and help with those hard to get gaps/tricks.

    4. Best Advice on Each Type of Challenge

    Turf Wars: Before you start be sure to do the math on what is required for the sick goal. For instance if the goal is that you need 1 million points you need to have at least 30 tricks times 33,500 points or a similar variation. Second your three friends in these types of challenges is slow-mo, getting off your board (if needed) and the 900 to easily rack up your points.

    Films: For these types of challenges it is good to know that you should activate slow mo as much as you can for it will slow down the clock a lot! Also remember get yourself set up with each trick before you try it and risk falling. If you fall you will lose the line you were currently working on causing your number to go down. While doing these I learned the best spots to be at for each specific trick. Practice makes perfect seriously.

    Get There: To me these are easy with the exception of the Fun park one. The best advice I can give for these is find a line that works the best at getting to each checkpoint and start slow-mo when you see that you need it. Congrats to you if you can get the Fun Park one! Remember no walking in these.

    Nail the Trick: Boneless is your friend with these and remember to rotate with RB or LB.

    Battles: These are the ones where you compete with other skaters. The only hard one of these for me was the City Park. It is just a bad skating area but still doable with grinds, slo- mo and one 900. All other ones use a couple 900's and you should be good.

    Competitions: There are only a few of these and with the 900 and slow-zombie they are easy to sick. If you bail though start over and try to land some cleans.

    Races: You just need to have a lot of speed with each of these. After a few tries and seeing which route the main winner takes you will get it.

    Bails: With these you want to just keep at it! Almost none of them require any skill it comes down to luck and dedication. Especially with Break Yar Bones in the Fun Park. Just keep at it!

    5. Websites

    YouTube has videos for some specific challenges so be sure to always check in case you're stuck on specific goals.


    ^ This has a mini guide for completing each goal in each area of the game. It helped me a quite a bit.

    6. The 6 Challenges I Omitted

    I chose to not do these 6 challenges:
    -Fun Park Get There.
    -Fun Park Vacation Footage
    -Capital Statehouse Turf War (actually not that hard not sure why I didn't do this one)
    -Skate Park Clip
    -Skate Park New Ground Turf War
    -Slums Smokestack Turf War

    I know a lot of people chose to omit the break your bone challenges but let me tell you those are ones you can't have skill for, it just happens so I continued the try those every so often cause you only have to do it once. Eventually you will get it, it just takes time. The reason I chose to omit the others is because I tried every one of them multiple times then moved on. The only two on that list I would say were the hardest is the Slums Turf war cause of it needing you to score 3 Million points and the other would be the Fun Park get there. It really made me mad. I would even say it's harder to do than the final challenge, no joke. For me at least.

    7. The Last Challenge

    The last challenge will frustrate you to no end but remember what you've been through to get here. Don't let it phase you. You can do it!

    I highly recommend following this guys YouTube video who also recently completed this game. It helped me out a lot. Make key note on the start of the video and also to the wall rides. I chose to change it up a bit at the second marker within the skate park. My manual would always be too hard to control at that point so I chose to head to the right wall located directly to the right at the second marker and jumped into a grind which I can control much easier. Once it wrapped around to the power lines I started slow mo and followed the guys video for the rest of the line.

    ****I will be adding more to this guide soon****
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    NyllonYou're welcome man! Good Luck!
    Posted by Nyllon on 18 Feb 14 at 21:14
    FEAR EPIDEMICThe ones you don't get sick don't even have to be completed.
    Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 01 Feb 16 at 06:53
    NyllonHmm strange. Ill change that part. Thank you.
    Posted by Nyllon on 02 Feb 16 at 05:27
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