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    18 Mar 2014 16 Mar 2014 18 Mar 2014
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    Once again, it looks like Powerpyx has captured all the locations of the secret areas. Thankfully, it looks like they've been done in the natural order you'd discover them. I haven't finished them all yet, but the comments look pretty positive from others that have,
    A couple of tips.
    - You must play each chapter to its end
    - You must visit them all and get the "chime", even if you think you've been there before.
    I've also included a link to a series of speedrun video's . All credit to Moti Grind, as his commentary is very helpful, but more importantly, he's included how to get back to each chapter start point. Very useful if you've already completed it.

    *** Edit. Can confirm it works, as it's just popped for me.
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    24 Mar 2014 28 Mar 2014 24 Dec 2015
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    In this guide we are mainly going to provide you with a handy guide, to assist in your quest to obtain ALL Collectibles and ALL Secret Areas.

    There are a total of 82 collectibles, These are spread out over ALL of the Single Player missions,Client Jobs and also all around the city. The first is unmissable, as it is part of the Prologue level,and is automatically collected.

    During the first Chapter we will guide you to all the loot locations, this is the only time you will need to collect all loot. For the Obsessive Compulsive achievement, and we will show you how to get the Two Faced achievement too.

    From Chapter 2, we will also add the Secret Areas into the guide, as this is the first time they appear in the game.

    There are 73 Secret Areas in the game, and after finding them all, you will unlock the Finders Keepers achievement. Unfortunately there is no definitive way to track how many or which ones you have found. We recommend starting a fresh save if you have progressed into Chapter 2, This way if you are starting fresh and will know if you have ventured far enough into the location and you will hear the chime.

    Make sure your music is ON, as if not you wont hear the chime, It may be worth turning up the music volume, and turn down Voice and SFX if you wish.

    By the time you get to Chapter 3, you need to have purchased the Wrench, Pliers and Razor, these are available at the traders, The first one you will find is outside the Bar in the square at the Clocktower. If you followed Chapter 1, and did some looting in Chapter 2 you will have enough. These items are needed to access some of the Collectibles and Secret Areas.

    The way I have recorded these guides, I will be going through ALL the single player first, Then we shall be running around the City, at this point we will have ALL secret areas, The we move on to the Client Jobs. Here we will find our last few collectibles!

    I have everything recorded, And my achievements have popped, and you can see on here I have them. It is a work in progress editing, but should be finished soon. Time-Links will be added and the guide polished after ALL are edited

    Chapter 1 : Lockdown
    Chapter 2 : Dust To Dust
    Chapter 3 : Dirty Secrets
    Chapter 4 : A Friend In Need
    Chapter 5 : The Forsaken
    Chapter 6 : A Man Apart
    Chapter 7 :The Hidden City
    Chapter 8 : The Dawns Light

    The City : Part 1 - Central
    The City : Part 2 - Central/North
    The City : Part 3 - Central/Barons Way
    The City : Part 4 - Grandmauden


    The collectibles in the Jobs are all that is needed to get the final collectible achievement
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