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Cache Dispenser

Use 40,000 gold

Cache Dispenser0
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  • D34dBodyManD34dBodyMan282,584
    14 Mar 2014 16 Mar 2014 05 Dec 2016
    46 5 16
    another way to do this with out losing gold. Buy both trinkets to increase poppies held buy 2 and cost 25% less.

    Then buy poppies from the merchant for 17g and sell them for 18g each time you will make 1g and earn 17 gold for your 40,000g used.

    EDIT: This has to be done one Rouge difficulty to reduce the costs of the poppies. Any higher and the price will be to much.
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,030,697
    20 Sep 2015 20 Sep 2015 20 Sep 2015
    23 1 1
    My solution is simple...

    Do Not Boost this.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you are completing the game dont waste your time with the other solutions.
  • TheNaughtyDwarfTheNaughtyDwarf128,492
    05 Mar 2014 06 Mar 2014
    8 5 7
    Once you have around 15,000 - 20,000 gold simply go to one of the 'tradesmen' and just buy untill your inventory is full then sell all of it and repeate the process. But because you recieve less from selling than the cost of buying you will eventually run out of money just after you spend double what you started with e.g if you start the buying/selling process with 15,00 gold once you've spent around 30,000 gold you will run out of money. So make sure you know how much money left you need for the achievement before starting the process.
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