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Falling Down

Kill an enemy with a ceiling collapse in Operation Metro

Falling Down0
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How to unlock the Falling Down achievement

  • dancin dalekdancin dalek128,896
    04 May 2014 05 May 2014 08 May 2014
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    This is not a particularly difficult achievement if you are specifically *trying* for it, but if you are struggling for whatever reason then I suggest the following.

    A good, early possibility can be had when starting a Metro conquest game. Between Capture Points 'A' and 'B' are the roof supports at the top of some escalators, just past the glass ticket barriers, if heading from from outside (Nearest 'A') -or the last set of escalators if your team started in the subway. In either case, head straight for that particular non-functional 'moving stairway', don't try to capture 'A' or 'C' at the start, speed is of the essence here. As you approach the escalator in question, hang back a little when you see the roof support struts at the top end of the stairs and then try the following; depending from which way you started from:

    If you started near capture point A, then simply wait in reasonable cover around the ticket office or along the exterior of locker room wall until you spot or otherwise detect that *inevitable* someone coming up the escalator to try and flank your team. Shoot at the top of any one of the yellow support struts to collapse the ceiling on the enemy soldier when they are underneath, hopefully nabbing the kill.

    If approaching from the direction of Capture Point 'C', then stay near the bottom of the escalator and wait for someone to appear at the top and again destroy the support beam:- although you are more exposed to enemy fire here. A less risky option is to stay back somewhat and wait for the team fight to capture 'B' heats up a little. Hopefully a few enemies will appear on your minimap due to all the shooting and friendly 'spotting', choose your moment, dart out and shoot the pillars - I find that an enemy support guy sporting a LMG will often set up shop around here in the defence of 'B', who should be caught in the collapse.

    In either case, use of a motion sensor like the TUGS or Motion Grenades can greatly improve your chance of detecting an enemy in enough time to strategise accordingly. In addition, a pre-wounded enemy is far more likely to die under the ceiling tiles than a fully fit soldier with cat-like reflexes, due to the damage from a ceiling collapse being attrition based over a short amount of time, rather than being a instant kill. So, use grenades, other area-based damage munitions or a couple of rounds from your less damaging weapons beforehand to sweeten your chances if the opportunity presents itself.
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    willow ve I don't know about anyone else - but this seems impossible to get. At this point in the game it seems like virtually everyone shoots down the ceiling pieces as they advance through the map.
    Posted by willow ve on 26 Oct 14 at 13:11
    dancin dalek True enough to a degree- you best chance is within the first 5 mins of a match, during the initial scrap for 'B'. Keep trying and I promise you will get it eventually...
    Posted by dancin dalek on 22 Nov 14 at 15:21
  • SkarviTSkarviT122,875
    11 Jul 2017 13 Feb 2020 13 Feb 2020
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    In certain locations on the Operation Metro 2014 map, you will see some wooden columns that are supporting the ceiling, you just have to shoot them when an enemy passes by, killed him.

    There is one from flag A to B on the left, just be on the opposite side and wait for the enemy to run there.
    There is a video that will help you understand what you should do:

    Credits: ObliviousWorld
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