Second Assault

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Second Assault

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Blind Bomber

In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman

Blind Bomber0
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How to unlock the Blind Bomber achievement

  • Foxfire49Foxfire49211,182
    19 Feb 2014 19 Feb 2014
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    Might be a little hard considering the sandstorm and every time you even think about getting in the chopper you have 500 stingers/igla's trained on you.

    Let someone else worry about the flying unless you actually want to. Then your best bet would be to go after any ground vehicle's especially Tanks and LAV's.

    I got this by being the secondary gunner. I had all the chopper unlocks already. But I highly suggest you get unlocks all the way up to the gunner IRNV. Then use said IRNV, even during the sandstorm as long as you have a good pilot that flies about medium height from the ground foot soldiers will light up like a christmas tree. (Ended up getting around 11 kills doing it that way). And if you don't get 5 kills in your first go just wait for the chopper to respawn, get in and then switch to the gunner seat and wait for a pilot.

    If your doing normal-core I would suggest CTF, and hard-core Conquest.
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    h3ng3 No chain-gun. I also got 7 kills, no pop. Dice should write their chieve-instructions proper. Annoying.
    Posted by h3ng3 on 29 May 14 at 12:07
    AverageZombie90 I got mine by using the AC-130. If you are lucky enough to have a commander that can spawn a gunship. I was in the first seat with the big shot. RB to spot targets on the ground and then fire away.
    Posted by AverageZombie90 on 10 Aug 14 at 18:09
    WoodenCoaster Got mine in the gunner seat of the viper, using the thermal cam. Had a hell of a time getting anywhere close with this achievement, then switched to thermal. Not only did I get the achievement in one run, I got probably 7 kills in one run with all of the bodies glowing so brightly.
    Posted by WoodenCoaster on 25 Jun 15 at 19:02
  • SkarviTSkarviT123,014
    05 Aug 2018 11 Feb 2020 11 Feb 2020
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    As the description of the conquest already says, you have to kill 5 enemies with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman, which can be an attack helicopter or a jet.

    -I recommend doing it with the helicopter because it is easier to fly
    -Try to fight enemies on the floor and especially against tanks that can have up to 2 players together
    -Go to the flags that are being captured, sometimes there are enemies on foot, which makes it much easier.
    -Receive a shot from Stinger, it seems strange but when you don't know where the enemy is, you can put the camera in 3rd person and see where the shot came from.
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