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Race in 50 Multiplayer Hopper Tag events.

02 Jan 2014 until 31 Mar 2014

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    UPDATE: I finally got some time and finished off this challenge. This will be a major edit, but I feel confident I've figured out the best way to go about this challenge.

    Tag events are kind of fun. I'm rather horrible at these "true-to-life" racing sims, so this was a breath of fresh air. There are three types of Hopper Tag events. There's Virus, Pass the It, and Keep the It. All of them involve some sort of ramming your car in to others, just as if you were playing tag with your childhood chums.

    How to find the tag events: Go to the multiplayer menu, press RB three times to get to special events. The first three events are colored red and three are tag events. At first I thought this challenge referred only to the Virus type, but all three work.

    FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO before anything else is from the lobby turn off all assists. You can keep on automatic transmission if you like, but turning everything else off will get you a 40% increase to credits earned. Assists are useful for keeping your car on the track during a race, but these are not races. These are demolition derby type events and you're going to be doing 50 of them. 50! Might as well earn some extra money while you do them. This could get you an extra 50,000+ credits by the time you are done! It is also pretty good practice for weaning yourself off the assists to earn more cash in your other races. I've actually got pretty good at driving without assists and I'm now getting gold medals in races without assists on a Drivatar difficulty of Above Average (and I pretty much just started this game!!).

    For the purposes of this challenge I recommend going about it one of two ways: Boosting or also doing the Civic Challenges at the same time. I'll go over the latter first.

    1) 2014 CIVIC SI Challenges done in Tag events

    So first I should point out the challenges:

    Forza Motorsport 5Civic Si CenturyThe Civic Si Century challenge in Forza Motorsport 5Drive 100 miles in a 2014 Honda Civic Si.

    Forza Motorsport 5Civic Si 300The Civic Si 300 challenge in Forza Motorsport 5Drive 300 miles in a 2014 Honda Civic Si.

    You must drive in a Honda Civic 2014 SI if you want to work on these challenges at the same time. I've got solutions up for those challenges if you need help unlocking the 2014 Civic (just a free add-on from the store). The object of these other challenges is to just accumulate miles driven in the 2014 Honda Civic.

    For this you'll want to choose the Pass the It tag event. Why? Well, first there's a time limit of 5 minutes. If you try the Virus event there's no time limit and some events can take literally 30 minutes to complete (see glitch warning below). Second, you can just focus on driving. You'll want to pick bigger maps (stay away from the Terminal and Cargo area; vote for the full map or warehouse area) so you can just drive around in circles. I was accumulating about 5-10 miles each event depending on the map size and a handful of other variables. Third, you only need an A class Civic to participate in the Keep or Pass the It events. You can use quick upgrade and it is fairly cheap. Finally, I preferred the Pass the It event over the Keep the It event because I found collisions to be more prevalent in Keep the It. More collisions means less miles driven, but if you get bored don't be afraid to mix it up. All the tag events can be pretty fun.

    Each event took right around 7.5 minutes (5 minutes for the event and 2.5 minutes for voting, intermission, and pre/post loading screens). If you can average 6 miles driven each event (very easy) you'll have 300 miles driven in a 2014 by the time you finish 50 tag events this way. Total estimated time: 6.5 hours

    2) Boosting Tag Events with one other player

    If you're going to boost tag events challenge then you're going to cut down on the time by a lot. How? You'll be using the Virus tag event. Grab one other person and make sure both of you have an S-Class car. You may even want to get a Track Toy to boost up the other concurrent challenge (Posted a solution on that challenge with details on getting a Track Toy):

    Forza Motorsport 5Toying AroundThe Toying Around challenge in Forza Motorsport 5Earn 25 Gold Medals in a Track Toy.

    Boosting in the Virus event is so much quicker because as soon as you collide in to the one other car the event is over. There's no time limit. One person can even be idling; it makes no difference. Again, I don't recommend the Virus event if you're just hopping in to a random match precisely because there is no time limit (see glitch warning below).

    Matches will take about 3 minutes each for a grand total estimated time of 2.5 hours.

    You might also want to use a 2014 Honda Civic if you've already got the Track Toy challenge done, but it is a bit trickier upgrading it to S-Class. I'll outline how to do that below.


    There seems to be some people glitching or hacking on these events. I've encountered people who cannot be tagged (even when hit by an 'IT' or infected player), which makes the Virus event impossible to complete in a timely manner. I've also seen people glitching over walls into areas the other 'infected' people cannot get to. Understandably this is quite annoying without a time limit like on the Virus tag events. I don't know of a good workaround right now, but probably the best thing to do is report/block them so you don't have to encounter them again. If you get stuck in a Virus event with hackers or glitchers, simply press your home button and bring up your friends menu. Press the start button and do a search on their gamertag. When you find their profile you can report them to inform xbox of their bad deeds. You can then block them so they won't be matched with you in future multi-player events. You can also open their gamertag directly (without searching) from the lobby menu.

    Upgrading your 2014 Honda Civic SI to S-class

    So you want to upgrade your Civic so you can race in the Virus events? You can do one of 3 things:

    a. Manually upgrade/tune it - First quick upgrade to A-class then go to conversion and put in an alternate drivetrain to bump yourself up to S-class.
    b. Search for an S-class user-created tune. There's plenty good ones out there.
    c. Help a brother out and use my tune! Search 'xt5' in the description field for my tunes. I've also got a simple paint job under the same description if you feel so inclined. :)

    Hope that helps! Be sure to get it done before the end of March 2014! Leave your questions and comments below. And a thumbs up will always warm my heart. :)
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