Civic Si Century achievement in Forza Motorsport 5

Civic Si Century

Drive 100 miles in a 2014 Honda Civic Si.

26 Feb 2014 until 31 Mar 2014

Civic Si Century
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How to unlock the Civic Si Century challenge

  • Chiken BiscuitChiken Biscuit395,298
    29 Mar 2014 30 Mar 2014
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    If you're like me, and really don't want to race the 2014 Honda Civic Si, but want to get entered in the sweepstakes and get the challenge, this is YOUR solution.

    1. Purchase your 2014 Honda Civic Si (I didn't rent, so I don't know if this will work for a rental)
    2. Upgrade your car to a 400 D class (not necessary, but better handling will help you here)
    3. Go to Rivals and select the D class, picking the Indy Oval.
    4. Set your Assists to : No Line, Assisted Braking ON, Assisted Steering ON, TCS/STM ON, Shifting AUTOMATIC, Damage COSMETIC.
    5. Rubber band your right trigger.
    6. Plug in your controller to your Xbox (it doesn't have to be the standard MS cable, any of those mini USB cables that fit in the top of your controller will keep the battery charged and will keep your controller from idling.)
    7. Start the race.
    8. After 120 laps you will have gone 300 miles (1 lap Indy = 2.5 miles) I had an average lap time of 1.5 minutes, so about 3 hours.
    9. After the 120 laps, you can pause it, and select exit. It will now save your game, and your challenges will unlock after.

    Doing it this way makes it less of an actual grind because you can play your 360 or go do errands like I did. The assisted braking and steering keep your car on the road, and since you're not going too fast, you're not going to drive up the walls.

    I didn't receive any credits or XP from the race, so if you were looking for that, you're out of luck I guess.
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  • XtowersXtowers616,515
    04 Mar 2014 27 Feb 2014 16 Mar 2014
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    This should be rather easy to get. First, you need the Honda Legends Car Pack which is a FREE add-on. This gets you three cars: the 1984 Honda Civic CRX Mugen, the 1994 Honda Prelude Si, and most importantly the 2014 Honda Civic Si.

    You'll still need to buy (or rent) the car with your credits, the add-on just adds it for purchase in your game. When you buy it you just need to drive it for 100 and 300 miles before March 31, 2014 to unlock the two related challenges. As far as I know these miles can be driven in ANY mode, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    The 2014 Honda Civic SI can be upgraded to D, C, B, and A class through quick upgrade. You'll need to do some special tuning, but you can get your Civic to S and even higher. This opens up a lot of events in the Class Competition leagues in Single Player. I also found the 2014 Honda Civic SI available for the Modern Hot Hatch in the Sport Compact League.

    In Multiplayer, you can tune your car to A- or S-class and even drive in the Tag events for the other concurrent challenge:

    Forza Motorsport 5TaggedThe Tagged challenge in Forza Motorsport 5Race in 50 Multiplayer Hopper Tag events.

    You can use the quick upgrade option to get to A-class for the Pass/Keep the It tag events, but not S-class for the Virus tag events. Here's a quick guide to tuning your Civic to S-class. You can do one of 3 things:

    a. Manually tune it - First quick upgrade to A-class then go to conversion and put in an alternate drivetrain to bump yourself up to S-class.
    b. Search for an S-class user-created tune. There's plenty good ones out there.
    c. Help a brother out and use my tune! Search 'xt5' in the description field for my tunes. I think I've got tunes up for all classes. I've also got a paint job under the same description if you feel so inclined.

    If you were wondering about the special prize associated with the challenges, 10 people will win a $50 Xbox Gift card for completing the 100 mile challenge, and for completing the 300 mile challenge you are entered to win the grand prize of a trip for two to a performance driving school in Ohio and a Honda Mad Catz Xbox One Racing Wheel, of which there will be four winners.

    Just for the sake of completeness, I'll be posting this solution on the other related challenge, so if you've read this you could skip reading the other one.
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    BBIAJI would just like to add, that you don't have to buy the Civic Si, you can just rent it.

    To try this out for myself first, I rented the Civic Si, did a lap of the longest version of the Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Full Circuit (8.48 MI), and the Century Challenge is currently at 8%, the 300 Challenge is at 2%.

    I hope this helps someone!
    Posted by BBIAJ on 28 Feb 14 at 02:30
    XtowersWant to pop in and say I got this one after playing a couple more Tag (virus) events last night. Making steady progress on the 300 mile achievement. Also, thanks to those using my tunes.
    Posted by Xtowers on 04 Mar 14 at 15:02
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