Something to Prove achievement in THIEF (Xbox 360)

Something to Prove

Finish the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more

Something to Prove+0.6
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How to unlock the Something to Prove achievement

  • SR1 DanSR1 Dan307,528
    28 Feb 2014 28 Feb 2014 13 Sep 2014
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    The achievement requires you to create a custome difficulty using a list of modifiers that make the game increasingly difficult. Heres the list that I used to give me the best chance, as well as tackle the "A Moral Victory" achievement and "Clear Headed"

    Chapter Saves Only - OFF (save EVERYWHERE to avoid annoying restarts or mistakes)
    No Focus - ON
    Stealth Takedowns Only - ON
    No Reticle - OFF (For the sake of 30pts just makes it easier to set up ropes and water arrows)

    Speciality Arrows Only - ON (No lethal arrows needed for this run)
    No Food or Poppies - ON (No damage should be taken or focus used)
    Zero Damage - ON (Again, same as before, no damage should be taken anyway)
    Expensive Rescources - OFF (Restock arrows for cheaper is a must)
    Slowed Movement - OFF (Just no)

    Iron Man - OFF (We dont want to be restarting the game now do we)
    No Upgrades - ON (You can still buy the wrench for 1000g and the wire cutter for 450g which is all you really need to stay stealthy)
    No Kills or Knockouts - ON (Helps with the achievements, and we dont need to be seen anyway)
    No Alerts - ON (Same as above, its not needed to be seen, just be wary of birds and dogs and be mindful of where the guards are)

    This should give you a rating of 725 which will net you the chievo at the end of the chapters. The most important thing to remember is to save often, the guards can seem to have varying levels of wariness, so if youre unsure of a route, save, try it and if you fail, reload. The game isnt difficult to beat with these parameters, patience is just key. Try to amass as much money in chapter 1 so you can buy the wrench and wire cutters asap, these will help you navigate maps a little easier. Chapter 4 provides an area of difficulty, when going to save basso the keep will be on fire, the smoke does damage to you if you stay in the area too long, you will have to sprint to the wheel and open the gate as fast as possible, it can be done, just dont hang around

    EDIT: For the thief taker general, you have to be quick and mindful of your moved. First off, dodge and swoop left to the crank, turn it as fast as you can to open the first set of bars covering the door. Watch as he is firing fire arrows around, making sure to stay out of his view continue left around to the other side. There will be another crank that you need to open. just be mindful of his actions, he tends to just stay in the centre, but his firing can be random. Once both cranks are open, from where you are, fire a water arrow at the torch above the exit door and swoop over. It is a five tumbler lock, so be patient because if you miss one, the general will hear you and give you a nice fire arrow in the back. Once opened, get out of there! It can be frustrating but it can be done, you just need to be efficient and dont panic.

    Good Luck!

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    Angels Kill Too

    Very useful guide
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 27 Jan 16 at 01:41
    Angels Kill TooRazorPriest Obviously there is a way to do it, if you look at my comment smile I used that, took me a few tries but it's so rewarding when you do it.
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 27 Jan 16 at 01:48
    JayD101I think it's much easier and quicker to not turn on "No Alerts". Without this and knowing the levels from a previous play through you should be able to run through the game very easily. If you get seen either load or run around the corner. All you need are the screwdriver and wirecutters. You could also buy some upgrades but that's up to you. Using Iron Man is much better than No Alerts if you back up your save every couple of levels and load if you can't get away from the enemies when alerted. If you are get hit once just load!
    Posted by JayD101 on 23 Dec 16 at 13:25
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  • Seeker74Seeker74212,799
    06 Aug 2015 28 Jul 2015 11 Jan 2016
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    My setup was: No Focus 50, Takedowns From Hiding 50, Only Special Arrows 50, No Food and Poppy 100, Expensive Equipment 70, No Upgrades 100, No Killing and Stunning 170, No Alarms 145. The total was 735.

    So, you cannot kill or knock out anyone and you can't be detected or you fail the mission.

    With these settings, the biggest expense is the wrench to get you through fast from mission 2 onward. That costs 1000 gold. You'll need to do some Basso jobs (nothing requiring rope arrows, though) and a little city exploring to get the money before you start the second mission.
    Thankfully, most arrows are still pretty affordable. Rope arrows cost 600 Gold, so use them sparingly. I'll make a list of what arrows and tools you need for each chapter to get through the fastest way. Getting all loot can wait.
    1. None.
    2. Wrench: to open up vents to avoid a lot of enemies.
    3. Wirecutters: to open a fast path into the building.
    4. Blunt 1: to lower the ladder on the right side of the courtyard that gets you past most of the guards.
    5. None.
    6. Water 1: In the beginning area to put out a torch where you need to cross to enter the sewers after the water is shut down.
    Blunt 2: Near the end to free the boat and later in that sequence to hit a pulley that helps you get out faster.
    7. Water 4: To put out torches during the last fight.
    Rope 5: In the area with the elevator, two rope arrow targets to get to the bridge. One used to avoid freaks later in the level. One more in the area leading to the rotunda to get across the rope anchor beam.
    8. None.

    Don't forget that you have to set the difficulty to Master or the game majorly messes with your points. Rogue only gives you 10% of what you chose and Thief gives you 50%. I'm going to have to do another playthrough on Master Custom because I changed the difficulty.
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    Drummin003So... no hints as to where to use these arrows to get around?
    Posted by Drummin003 on 04 Jan 16 at 23:50
    Seeker74Sorry, I wrote that list based on my FAQ to Gamefaqs.
    I'll edit it.
    Posted by Seeker74 on 09 Jan 16 at 01:42
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